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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 6th September 2021 Written Episode Update Mandar exposed

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 6th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pallavi walks out of her room with the drive, Milind and Vijay walks in and ask why did you call us urgently, Pallavi says I have to show you something important, Sulochana says if you are showing us any movie tell me right away I will get popcorn, Amruta says Mom its serious, Milind says Sulochana quiet, Raghav looks ar Pallavi and nods.
Pallavi plays Akshat’s video, Akshat Vlogging his day, and while showing around he records Sharda hugging Mandar and then Mandar push her down, all shocked seeing that, Milind asks what all is this, Pallavi tells him Akshat is neighbour and he got this on cam and since then he was black mailing Mandar, I knew about this long back but didn’t have any proof, Milind says Vahini was pushed, Mansi says why would Mandar do it, Sulochana says I saw Mandar unconscious on floor, Pallavi says how is he in the video then, Vijay says this is wrong video, I don’t believe it, why would he do this, Pallavi says because Aai learnt the truth that Mandar has his memory back, Mansi says why would he push kaku down, Vijay says Pallavi, my son is innocent, Sulochana says you are right, Pallavi says to win me, Mansi says don’t give yourself importance, Pallavi says Mandar isnt what we think, Vijay says enough not a word against him, Pallavi says you will have to hear because your son is a psycho criminal, he is mad about me and stalking me since college, it was Mandar’s set up, he did all the set up to make me stay here, Aai found about this so he pushed her.

Mandar walks in says Pallavi is lying, Raghav signs Rama. Mandar sees the video and says don’t believe her she wants to defame me, baba I didn’t do anything not my Aai atleast, this video is fordged, please believe me, Vijay says I trust you, Mandar says why are you doing this Pallavi, if you don’t want to marry tell me but don’t separate me from my family I will die if that happens, Pallavi says you are exposed and now you can’t scare me, Milind asks why were you scared of Mandar, Pallavi says yes because he had warned me if I step out or tell anyone he will kill Aai, and so I was trapped here, Mandar says enough Pallavi, and you doing this because of Raghav, Mandar whispers Pallavi, you will repay for this, if you can’t be mine, you cant be anyone’s, Raghav holds his hand and says leave Pallavi.

Mandar says how are you talking, Raghav removes his mask, all surprised to see Raghav, Raghav says sorry I was here like this, how could I leave Pallavi and you all alone liie this, Mandar says Baba he is goon he is trying to trap me, and who will support them other than them, Sunny walks in and says me, Sharda trying to get up, Sunny says all is correct and true, I am sorry for past, I had to support this cheap man, but love can make someone so mad, he had promised me Kirti and so I supported him and then I realise someone who can kill his mom what will he support me, he told me ge pushed Sharda aunty and that is recorded, and he blackmailed Pallavi to stay here, Mandar attacks Sunny says you were a scoundrel, you left me to die and I won’t spare you, Raghav stops Mandar from hitting Sunny

Raghav says dare you hit him, Sunny things that is great, Milind slaps Mandar, Sharda starts crawling, Milind says enough Mandar we have seen your truth, Mandar about to attack him, Pallavi steps in and says dare you or else you will regret it, Pallavi says let me tell you his one more secret, he also killed my best friend Devyani and I was so depressed, Mansi says I remember she met with an accident on her way to temple, Pallavi says it was him, Mandar says you are talking too much, Pallavi slaps him, Mandar tries to attack, Raghav steps in and both start fighting.
Mandar picks a knife and holds it on Pallavi’s neck, Raghav points gun, Pallavi asks Raghav to lower gun, Mandar says I will kill her if you don’t put your gun down, Raghav says leave her, Mandar says are you mad to think that I will leave her, I did all this for her, Devyani and Aai came in between us, I warned them but they didn’t listen and so killed them, Devyani is dead but Aai, and Pallavi is my madness I can’t live without her and no one can separate us, she is mine and always will be but till you are here she won’t accept me so Raghav you will have to go, and makes a slight cut on her neck, Raghav says leave her I will keep gun down, Mandar says no, shoot yourself. Milind says are you mad, Mandar says shut up or I will kill you first.
Raghav says okay and points gun at himself, Pallavi says don’t Raghav, Milind says stop Raghav don’t do this, Amruta and Mansi ask Raghav to keep gun down, Milind says stop Raghav.

Pre cap:Vijay says Raghav put your gun down. Raghav shoots.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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