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Love for Each other (Episode 14)

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   Young Clans Nightout Plan

“Crazy nights make the memorable moments “

Riddhima held vansh’s hand and both went to the hall room leaving Ishaange shocked.

Ishani : What just happened?

Angre : even I don’t know Ishaani . But I am sure Riddhu is the one who is going to bring back our old vansh .

Ishani: Yes Angre .I am sure she is the medicine for vansh bhai’s past.

Angre : Acha come let’s go . Even I am hungry

Ishani : ya come .

While they both were walking towards the hall . Ishani stopped and asked Angre

Ishani : Angre it has been a long time since we both we all went out why can’t we all go for a movie tonight . And even the dinner we can have in hotel . And a long car drive .

Angre : If you are fine with that then I will ask the others .

Ishani : then why to wait .come

Saying so she pulled Angre out of her excitement.

When they came Aryan , Kabir , Sejal and Siya had returned . So they went and joined the group .

Ishani : bhai can we go out for a movie tonight + dinner and a long ride and after that we can stay in our farm house and will return tomorrow

Vansh : If you want you guys can you why are you asking the permission.

Ishani : bhai I am talking about all the whole family .

Uma : beta you guys go we elders will stay at home .

Ishani : ok then myself Angre , Aryan bhai , Kabir bhai , Siya bhabi , Sejal Riddhu and vansh bhai will go

Vansh : no Ishani I am not coming you guys carry on

Ridhima :vansh you to come please it will be fun na please vansh please please 🥺

Vansh : ok I will come . All should get ready by 7 p.m so that we can have dinner and will go for a night show movie.

All you clans (except vansh ): Yes boss (saying this all burst into laughter )

Vansh : ma can you please send some snacks for me to study room . And Aryan , Kabir come and meet me in the study room .

Saying so he left to the study room .

Aryan : bhai it’s seems like we are going to step into the lion’s den .

Kabir : I am there na come lets face the lion together.

Saying so both left while the others were eating their snacks in dinning hall .

Study Room

Vansh : Did something happen while myself and Angre were in office

Aryan : (Stammering ) : …b…bha..bhai . Nothing happened

Vansh : if nothing happened then why are you Stammering. Just split the beans orelse you guys know what I will do .

Kabir : vo actually he came bhai .

Aryan: And warned us that he will take revenge for want happened to him 3 years bhai

Vansh : and you guys left him just like that . Am I right

Kabir : If I would have got the chance I would have killed him with my bare hands . But that bastard came with police protection.

Vansh : So he has got that much guts To enter into VR mansion . I will make him regret for. What he had done to Aahana . I will make sure he will regret to live . You guys leave I will see that bastard .

At 7

All got ready and settled in the hall while Ishani and Angre were Missing

Vansh : what are they both doing till now . Siya can you please go and check on them .

Siya : Haan bhai I will go .

Aryan : I will show you their room . Come (Saying so he held Siya’s wrist )

Sejal :vaise bhi Aryan you can even say her the way na . Why to waste your energy by accompanying her .

Riddhima : Better Aryan you go and call them instead of Siya seaching the room .

Siya : vaise bhi Aryan I know the room.So I will go by myself

Hearing this all burst into laught leaving Aryan embarassed .

Aryan : it’s you go and call them I will go to my room as I think I left my wallet.

Saying so he pulled Siya and went .

Kabir : Seems we need to fix the marriage soon .

Vansh : yes Kabir . I will talk to mom , dad , and dadi about it tomorrow . Orelse he will go mad it seems

Riddhima : vansh we can go first let them finish their romance and come later .

Vansh : even I was thinking about the same . Come lets go

Kabir , Sejal , Riddhima and Vansh let in the first car . Not before informing the servants to inform the couple to come soon to XYZ resturant before it gets late.

Soon after few minutes the duo couple arrived and got the information and started to the restaurant

 Riddhima , Sejal , Kabir and vansh were waiting for duo couple in the resturant. While vansh notice around the restaurant he caught something which triggered his anger . Following the gaze of vansh Kabir saw someone and even he got angry . But still both the brothers maintained their calm face for the sake of their girls .

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