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Lamp of Love Episode-18: Bondita reveals the incident to Anirudh

The episode starts with Bondita screaming leave her in sleep and gets up, Anirudh goes to her and says Bondita I am here only, I think you had bad dream, don’t worry I am here Bondita. Anirudh asks Bondita to fresh up, she takes bath and come out, Anirudh brings her breakfast and asks her to sit. Bondita sits and keeps her hand in plate, Anirudh asks her to stop. Bondita looks at him, he feeds her. Bondita smiles with tears in her eyes. Thakumaa and Som comes to haveli, KSj asks them is everything fine now, and Thakumaa nods and goes inside without speaking anything.

Anirudh takes Bondita hand and keeps in his lap with his hands over her and says, Bondita don’t panic I am here with you, relax yourself and tell me what exactly happened. Bondita shivers but Anirudh holds her and she closes her eyes and breathes and says I will tell you Sakha babu.

(Flashback Yesterday)

Bondita tells Tapur that she is going to Krishna nagar as its emergency and asks her to inform Anirudh and others, she leaves. Tupur begs to villagers to not support this. Villagers tells they can’t help her as they can punish if we stand against them, Chandrachur lifts his hand but Mr. Basu comes there and pushes him, he orders his men to tie him. Bondita reaches there and sees that place and gets shocked, she goes there and ask them to stop this. Everyone turns and see her. Vibha sees Bondita and cries. Bondita step forward but Mr. Basu holds her hand and tells today I cannot lose and grips his force. Bondita asks him to not bring enmity here and asks them to leave Vibha. Mr. Basu tells the first case I lost, it’s because of you and Anirudh. Mr. Basu says” Barrister Bondita das what you thought if her sasural people is jailed then there is no harm for this woman right”, but I will make that worse now and signals his men. Bondita screams stop this Mr. Basu, I beg you please leave her. Mr. Basu twists her hand and whispers in her ear that don’t worry I will not kill her, Bondita gets relived. Mr. Basu continues don’t get happy Miss. Das I said I won’t kill her but I am going to kill her baby. Bondita says, No Mr. Basu please don’t do this or else you will face consequence. Mr. Basu laughs, what consequences? Here no one will be against me or will present themselves as witness, Bondita gets stunned. Bondita tells him not to do this, Mr. Basu signals his men they bring a medicine, Bondita tries to free herself but Mr. Basu tightens her, Chandrachur shouts not be harsh or else he will be thrashed. Mr. Basu shows the medicine to Bondita and says, “Miss Das if she consumes this than her child will die slowly”. Vibha screams no, I can’t lose my child and falls down crying and becomes unconscious.  Bondita, Tupur and Chandrachur gets emotional and cries seeing her state. Mr. Basu orders his men to pour the medicine into Vibha’s mouth and they do the same. Bondita shouts Vibha’s name and says, Vibha get up your unconsciousness is danger and cries but she remain still in ground. They pour medicine into her mouth and throws the empty box down. Mr. Basu leaves Bondita’s hand she falls down without speaking anything, Tupur runs towards Vibha. Mr. Basu leaves with his men. Tupur tries to wake up Vibha, she runs to Chandrachur and unties him and asks him to get vehicle. Tupur goes to Bondita and asks her to speak something but she remains still, Tupur shakes her Bondita sees Tupur and comes back to reality and runs towards Vibha and tries to wake her up. Chandrachur comes there with jeep, they lift Vibha, Bondita asks Tupur to go home and call Somnath and inform about this that they are heading to hospital, Tupur wipes her tears and nods yes and they rush to hospital.

Tupur calls Hospital and asks to give phone to Dr. Roy Chaudhary, they pass to him, and Tupur tells everything that happened to him, he gets shocked and assures her that he will keep everything ready. Chandrachur and Bondita reach hospital, Chandrachur lifts Vibha and they take her inside, Som asks them to wait. Bondita stands outside and cries, Chandrachur consoles her. Bondita says, Jamai babu the child has not seen this world, yet these people are trying to kill the baby, Chandrachur asks her to not lose hope and tells that nothing wrong will happen.

(Flashback ends)

Anirudh sheds tears after hearing this. Bondita says, Sakha babu I cannot save the child and put herself in his chest and cries. Anirudh don’t know how to calm her and caress her. Bondita keeps repeating that she failed to save the child. Thakumaa comes there and asks her to calm down. Bondita asks Sakha babu is Vibha fine now? Yesterday after that I came to haveli as your friend Kabir is arriving but everything got messed, Bondita with tears in her eyes tells that I haven’t seen Vibha after admitting her in hospital and tells she cannot see her in this condition. Bondita says, Sakha babu I assured her that, I will always be with her but today I cannot save her child and cries.

Kabir types something related to his work in type writer but his mind is thinking about that girl. Anirudh comes there and asks what he is doing, Kabir tells that he is collating the points of every barrister working on this as it will be easy for them to further proceeding. Kabir asks about Bondita. Anirudh tells that she is fine now and will meet him now. Kabir smiles and tells finally I am going to meet mithi. Bondita comes there, Anirudh sees her and tells here she comes Barrister Bondita das, Kabir gets shocked seeing her.

To be continued…

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