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KKB (You are so special) Part 3

(note_ parchi hates her father for leaving her and mother)

Morning in arora mansion
Pragya- parchi beta get up its 8
Prachi- maa two mins
Pragya- no it’s already late
Sahana- Massi 5 mins please
Pragya- no no get up it’s late
Prachi/sahana- ok
Pragya- thats like my daughter’s ok get ready fast and go to college
Prachi/sahana- means where are you going now???????
Pragya- I am going to office
Prachi- NO!!!!!!
Pragya- why are you shouting like parchi wait No means
Sahana- means massi you not are going to office
Pragya- what why I am not office tell me reason
Parchi- because nowadays you are working so much that’s why today you are not going to office
Pragya- princess please today and tomorrow I will work please after that I will take rest please
(making sad face for which parchi will melt)
Prachi- okkk
Parchi hugs Pragya
Sahana- you both are hugging without me too bad
Prachi- maa I think someone is burning I can smell
Pragya- yes I too
Sahana- you both are teasing me I will not talk you go and enjoy
Prachi- achaa baba sorry
Sahana- ok this time i will forgive you but next time i won’t
Pragya/Prachi- ok meri maa
Trio laughs and hug

Pragya- okk you both take bath are have breakfast ok i am leaving
After Pragya left to kholi mansion
Parchi- why maa is going this much early
Sahana- aree buddhu yesterday Massi told know she have so much work that’s it’s
Parchi- I don’t think she is hiding something from us
Sahana- I think you are thinking so much
Parchi’s pov- I know she is hiding something don’t know what’s that I should find out what if she met him
Sahana- prachi were you l lost we are getting late Ranbir will be waiting for you
Parchi blushed
After sometime both went to college while coming
Sahana and parchi misses the balance they were about to kiss the ground but Ranbir and Aryan caught both Ranbir can feel love for him in her eyes
Same thing happens with arhana but did not express
(Song plays subhanallah)

There eye like was broken by college bell
Aryan/Ranbir- are you alright
Sahana/Prachi- yes
Ranbir- come let’s go to class is late
Both couples went class

(note- all Mehra’s and kohl’s are living together for one day some renovation was going in Mehra Mannsion
Pragya was talking in phone and she triped she was about to fell down but two arms held her (guess who is it) tell me in comment section
It was
. Yes It was our hero abhi
She opened her eyes and saw his eyes staring at her eyes

Song plays tum hi ho and their memories flash’s in their eyes

after sometime there eye lock was broken by vikram
Vikram- are you alright Pragya ji
Pragya- yes
Abhi whisperes to Pragya- are you alright
Pragya nods in yes
Pragya sat in sofa and started to do work
After sometime two pair of eyes was watching Pragya
Pragya felt someone was watching her she truned back finds no one she saw front abhi was staring at her but she ignores him and she goes back to work
At night she finds every one in hall but abhi was missing
Pragya’s pov- this is right time to escape of he comes he will ask about our daughter which I don’t want to answer
Pragya- vikarm ji i will go Home it’s pretty late
Pragya went two home
After sometime abhi came to hall he saw Pragya was missing
Abhi’s pov- today also you escaped from me it’s ok but tomorrow I will definitely talk with you you should tell about our daughter
End of abhi’s pov
Pragya came to home and she sat on sofa
Pragya’s pov- today i escaped but tomorrow
Her thoughts was broken by prachi
Prachi- maa were you are lost i am calling from two mins
Pragya- no… Nothing i was just thinking about the designs which I have give tomorrow
Prachi- hoo… That one you told yesterday know
Pragya- yes will you and sahana help me
Prachi/sahana- Yes
Trio did the work and slept

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