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Kkb episode 50 (Love of Life)

So guys our fan fiction completed 50 episodes and it’s just unbelievable. 🥳🥳🥳🥳. Thank you so much for your love and support 🥺❤❤. Today I am so so so so so much happy  and I wish that you guys were with me then we would just have a party, I have made something at home though I can’t give it to you people, Aree yaar kuch special nhi only cake.(author ko kuch aate nhi hai iske alava 😂😅). So once again thank you to each of my beloved readers, stay safe and stay happy😁.
So let’s start today’s episode.

The same day.
In the Mehra mansion.
At night.
Today everything was silent, no noise and complete darkness in the Hall as no one was sitting there. Nobody came to have even the dinner because of the incident which took place they didn’t know what to say, most of them were feeling guilty and with their head bent they were sitting in their respective rooms. Abhigya were still lost in Kiara’s words but still they allowed their ego to overpower their love and concern for each other, they acted as if whatever Kiara said was for their respective partners not for them, though they knew that it was for both of them but they acted. Prachi and Ranbir had a little smile on their face now Prachi wasn’t that angry on Ranbir but still she didn’t know the real reason behind his and Rhea’s engagement.While Ranbir had a smile for the reason that today Prachi herself came to talk to him and that was for the first time after their met in Mumbai, he saw the love in her eyes which was lost but today he saw it, his happiness know knew bound, he was smiling like idiots and dancing in joy.

While on the other side Shahana comes out of her room to have water, she was passing through the corridors when she sees someone and stops right there, unknowingly she got tears in her eyes,the person standing in front of her had tears in the eyes and was shivering but for what not known. The person wasn’t able to have an eye contact with Shahana. She starts walking in the opposite direction but stops as Shahana calls out her name, she freezes at her place and turns when Shahana seizes her hand on her shoulder.

“Look at me Rhea.” says Shahana emotionally.

Rhea slowly and steadily looks up ,but wasn’t able to have an eye contact with Shahana. Rhea closes her eyes tightly and opens it again , a lone tear flows down her cheek. Shahana notices it. She immediately hugs her which shocks Rhea but she also reciprocates doing the same. They both share an emotional hug which was broken by Shahana, she looks at Rhea, caresses her face and wipes her tears. Rhea looks at her, she wasn’t able to think how to react, what to say but was just staring at Shahana with her teary eyes.

“Aren’t you angry on me?” asks Rhea with a great courage.

“You give any reason to be angry?” asks Shahana.

“I..I did so wrong with you.” says Rhea in a shattered tone.

“Hmm.but you made it right also by accepting your crimes in front of everyone.” says Shahana.

Rhea looks at her with surprise .

“Did you forgive me ?” asks Rhea while stuttering.

“Do I need to say it. You are like my sister indeed your are my sister. And I ain’t that egoistic that I will not talk to my sister.” says Shahana emotionally.

Rhea was left speechless, she didn’t know what to do ,she just hugs Shahana and cries bitterly while repeating the statement “I am sorry.” Shahana consoles her and assures that very soon everything will be fine. After which she leaves while Rhea emotionally looks at her. She was little relieved on knowing that Shahana forgave her but she didn’t know anything about Prachi. She leaves for her room with a heavy heart.

The days pass by , Prachi didn’t talk to anyone except Arhana and Kiara in the Mehra mansion, Rhea had locked herself in her room and on getting no response from Prachi ,decided the punishment for herself, it was difficult but she had to do it. Kiara was still angry on Abhigya but they somehow managed to convince her and decided to solve their issues and this time truly. The Kohlis were in guilt ,Ranbir was trying to clear the misunderstanding but everytime something would happen which would stop him from revealing the truth. Aliya was busy in planning and executing her evil plans as it was the best time because Abhigya were totally indulge in solving their family problems. While Ishaan pretended to be happy but he wasn’t in real, he kept himself busy in work so as to avoid thinking about Rhea but everytime she came in his thoughts , he wanted to meet her but couldn’t as he felt that he won’t be able to see her in that state which was purely the truth but one day he makes his mind and decides to meet her. Sunny had gone to Bengaluru for some office work so it was Kiara who often went to meet Disha in his absence. In order to lighten the heavy hearts Kiara decides to have a get together for the family members to which she calls Disha also. Everyone was present there as Kiara was the one to whom nobody could say no.

That Day.
Everyone was present in the main hall except the young generation as they were busy in getting ready. The Arhana was the first couple among the young generation to come . They both settle down and just have a normal conversation with the oldies.

While upstairs .
Prachi was getting ready and hurriedly leaves from her room as it was already late, she was rushing through the corridors when she slips and was about to fall down but two strong arms protect her and hold her in their embrace, she looks at the person and was lost in the brown eyes who were staring her with love and care which was clearly visible. A smile creeps on her face ,the person also smiles on seeing her. They remain in the same position lost in each others eyes for a long time. After sometimes getting back to the normal position .

“How many times do I need to tell you that walk slowly else you will fall.When you will improve?” says Ranbir while sweetly scolding Prachi.

Prachi looks at him and smiles and says something which Ranbir didn’t expect.

“Never,  I will never improve as I know you will never let me fall, you will  always be there to protect me no matter what happens, then why should I be careful when I know there is someone who will never let me fall.” says Prachi with a smile on her face and without realising what she said.

Ranbir smiles on hearing what Prachi said.

“I promise I will be with you, to protect you and will never let you fall.” says Ranbir while placing his hand in Prachi’s hand. Hearing this Prachi gets into reality , she looks at him and smiles.

“Will you be there with me ?” asks Ranbir with a hopeful smile.

Prachi looks at him and nods in affirmation, seeing which Ranbir hugs her tightly and she also reciprocates doing the same. Rhea watches them secretly from her room and smiles on seeing them together. After sometimes they go downstairs, Rhea was also about to leave but someone pulls her back which makes her loose her balance and she falls on that person, they both have an eyelock ,she gets teary eyes. She gets back to normal position and wipes her tears. She looks at the person.

“Ishaan you ?” asks Rhea with a little surprise.

“Yes me.”  says Ishaan cheerfully while hiding his pain and acting as if he knew nothing about her confession.

” But from where did you come and why? ” asks a surprised Rhea.

“From the window and just tell me can’t I come to meet my friend, you forgot me I guess, no call , no message, not done okay. ” says Ishaan while lying on her bed.

Rhea looks at him.

“Wo… Actually. Just leave this all and tell me why did you come from window if my house has a door. ” says Rhea in order to divert the topic.

” Because I wanted to meet you only.” says Ishaan.

“But why? ” asks a surprised Rhea.

“I was worried for you. ” says Ishaan feebly.

“I didn’t get that. ” says Rhea while raising her eye brow.

“Nothing just come here. ” says Ishaan.

Rhea goes near him and sits beside him. She looks at him.

“Didn’t you miss me? ” asks Ishaan.

“I missed you Ishaan but what happened you look sad. ” says Rhea.

“Nothing, I think I should leave now. ” says Ishaan. And saying this he turns to leave.

“Wait Ishaan I have to tell you something. ” says Rhea.

Ishaan turns around and starts walking towards Rhea.

“Ishaan I am very bad, now what I am going to say I think after that you may break our friendship but that’s okay, you have the right to know the truth. I can’t lie to you and the truth is that… ” says Rhea incompletely as Ishaan interrupts her in between.

“You tried to kill Prachi. ” says Ishaan with tears flowing from his eyes.

Rhea gets shocked on knowing that Ishaan knew the truth.She looks at him with teary eyes.

“How do you know this? ” asks Rhea with teary eyes.

“The day you were apologising to Prachi and Shahana, I was there only, I came to meet you but heard something unexpected. ” says Ishaan while staring at Rhea with teary eyes.

“I am sorry. ” says Rhea while falling on her knees and crying.

Ishaan goes near her and bents on his knees, he looks at Rhea and hugs her tightly to which Rhea also responds doing the same.

“Don’t worry everything will be fine. ” says Ishaan while consoling Rhea.

“No Ishaan everything will not be fine unless I leave. First I need to unite Prachi and Ranbir, then I will leave forever. ” thinks Rhea while still hugging Ishaan.

They both remain in each other’s embrace for a few minutes but  this moment was disturbed as someone knocks at Rhea’s door

“Rhea come fast. ” says Shahana.

Rhea and Ishaan get back to their normal position. They both look at each other, Rhea wipes her tears and clears her throat.

“Yes Shahana I am coming. ” says Rhea.

“Okay I am leaving you come fast. ” says Shahana.

After which she leaves. Rhea looks at Ishaan.

“Okay now leave. ” says Rhea while pushing him slightly towards the window.

“From here? ” asks a surprised Ishaan.

“Yes, you came from here and now leave from here only. ” says Rhea.

“But? ” says Ishaan while making puppy eyes.

Rhea melts on seeing them and understands what Ishaan meant.

“Okay follow me. ” says Rhea while looking at Ishaan.

Ishaan gets happy.

“Come let’s go. ” says Rhea.

They were on their way walking carefully with Ishaan was hiding behind Rhea. Rhea was blabbering and scolding Ishaan for doing such things. While Ishaan was lost in her beauty and was staring her like idiots.

While downstairs.
Everyone was sitting and having chit-chat when Pranbir enter there. They both settle themselves, the only person who was missing was  Rhea. All of them including Disha were sitting happily but someone was staring at her continuously, it wasn’t Purab, it was Aryan, he was wondering over the talks which he has heard. Shahana looks at him and notices that he was staring Disha, she gives an impossible look.

“Massi hai vo meri. ” says Shahana feebly to Aryan. (Who understood what I meant, do comment below).

Aryan looks at her and was about to say something when Kiara comes there and and starts speaking.

“So let’s start and Shahana did you call Rhea? ” asks Kiara.

“Yes dii, she said there that she is coming. ” says Shahana.

As soon as Shahana finishes her statement, Rhea enters there, everyone looks at her with a shocked expression. Not at her but at the person standing next to her.

“Ishaan” says Prachi with a surprise.

“When did you come and from where?” asks Pragya.

“Actually aunty.. ” he manages to say while stammering.

Rhea looks at him.

“Actually mom I was coming, then someone knocked at the back door and when I opened it, Ishaan was standing there so I asked him to join us.” says Rhea sweetly but giving a death glare to Ishaan.

Ishaan looks at her and smiles.

Ishaan’s POV.
Good job Ishaan, you chose the perfect girl for you. After all my choice.

His chain of thoughts was broken by Rhea who pulls him down to make him sit.

“Okay so let’s start. ” says Kiara.

“You saved me. ” says Ishaan feebly to Rhea.

“I saved myself . ” says Rhea looking at Ishaan .

“Rhea and Ishaan stop gossiping, so just tell what can we do. ” says Kiara while looking at them.

“Dii we can sing a song. ” suggests Ishaan.

“Do you know how to sing? ” asks a surprised Rhea.

“Better than you. ” says Ishaan.

“Stop fighting. ” says everyone in a unison.

“Okay so we can sing, Ishaan you start. ” says Kiara.

“Me dii no… Ranbir.. Ranbir can sing.” says Ishaan while stuttering.

“Okay if you don’t want sing then Ranbir will sing. ” says Kiara while Rhea chuckles.

“Fenku.” says Rhea to Ishaan.

“Should I start or listen to your fights.” says Ranbir.

“No you start. ” says Rhea and Ishaan in a unison .

Ranbir takes a deep breath and then looks at Prachi, he then starts singing.

~~~ the one in bold is the song and below that is Ranbir’s expressions and desires.(pics are above and  below it are the lines for which they are meant) (

Tadpaye Mujhe Teri Sabhi Baatein,

Ek Baar Ae Deewani Jhootha Hi Sahi Pyaar To Karks

(He looks at Prachi and sighs a little.)

Main Bhoola Nahin Haseen Mulakaatein Bechain Karke Mujhko Mujhse Yun Na Pher Nazar

(He recalls their first meeting and all there moments . )

Roothega Na Mujhse Mere Saathiyan Yeh Vaada Kar

(Indirectly asking her to forgive him and asking to make a promise to never leave him alone. )

Tere Bina Mushkil Hai Jeena Mera Mere Dilbar

(Telling about his situation to her whenever she is not with him.)

Zara Zara Bahekta Hain Mehekta Hain Aaj To Mera Tan Badan Main Pyaasa Hoon Mujhe Bhar Le Apni Baahon Mein

(He looks at her and expresses his desires to be in her embrace forever.)

Zara Zara Bahekta Hain Mehekta Hain Aaj To Mera Tan Badan Main Pyaasa Hoon Mujhe Bhar Le Apni Baahon Mein

Yuhi Garaj Garaj Kaali Ghata Barse,

(Recalling the day when both of them were drenched in rain.)

Hum Yaar Bheeg Jaayein Is Chaahat Ki Baarish,

(He wishes to do that again but this time it’s his desire;  first one was just a happenstance if you all remember)

Mein Teri Khuli Khuli Laton Ko Suljhaaun Main Apni Ungliyon Se Main To Hoon Iss Khwaahish Mein

(Wants to dress her tresses with his fingers in the rain, again recalling the incident.)

Sardi Ki Raaton Mein Hum Soye Rahe Ek Chaadar Mein Hum Dono Tanha Ho Na Koi Bhi Rahe Is Ghar Mein

(Wants some time to spent with her alone and wants to be in her embrace in the months of winter, wanna feel her.)

Zara Zara Bahekta Hain Mehekta Hain Aaj To Mera Tan Badan Main Pyaasa Hoon Mujhe Bhar Le Apni Baahon Mein

(This is one of favorite song and I find solace whenever I listen to it. Do listen it. It’s “Zara Zara” by JalRaj and I can say that it’s the best version of this song, other versions are also available but the one which I used is by JalRaj.)

As soon as Ranbir finishes his song, everyone claps for him, Prachi’s eyes we’re moist as she clearly understood what Ranbir meant by singing this song.She wipes her moist eyes. Rhea notices it and gets little sad. After this everyone sings a song and now it was Ishaan’s turn. Rhea looks at him when he starts singing.

Kyun na hum hi ye bol de..

(If anyone knows this song do comment it’s name; it’s my one of favorite song.)

Everyone was mesmerized hearing his voice, he was singing even better then Ranbir, Rhea was all lost in his voice but interrupts him in between.

“Ishaan kuch bhi, how do you know what she wants to say? says Rhea.

Rhea and Ishaan chuckle a little but Ishaan gets a little serious.

” Dumbo it’s a song. ” says Ishaan while slightly hitting her head.

“Dii I am done and I am saying I will die laughing after hearing Ishaan’s song.” says Rhea while looking at Ishaan.

Ishaan glares at her.

“Okay I won’t sing. ” says Ishaan.

“No Ishaan just leave Rhea, you sing not this song some other and Rhea you get some snacks for us till the time he sings. ” says Kiara to which Ishaan and Rhea agree.

Rhea goes to kitchen to get some snacks while Ishaan starts singing (you choose any song of your choice😂) While Ishaan was singing Rhea was secretly listening to him and a smile crept on her face, she was lost in his voice. After that she immediately rushes to the kitchen to arrange the snacks. After sometimes she enters with snacks in her hand and serves it everyone. They all have a fun chit chat and a great time together forgetting their all differences.

Precap- Kiara slaps Aliya 😂😂.. Aliya exposed.
(Tell me do you want me to kill Aliya or send her to prison? My personal opinion is to kill that witch.)

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