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Feelings- RraHel OS by Parita

Feelings- RraHel OS

Heyy guys so this is the first time I’m writing a Rrahel OS, I’m not sure how it’ll be but I hope you’ll like it.

It’s purely fiction, so I hope I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings with this. I’m posting this during my free period in school😅😜

So this starts when the Sara-Riddhima past track came and when they were shooting for it.

At the hotel

Everyone was seated in a circle, discussing the new script they were handed over by the director. There was slight change so therefore like always, before shooting the scene they all discussed about their parts so their scenes and parts would look natural. Rrahul was seated near Helly who both had their heads hung down, focusing on the script while the rest of the cast members looked at them, smiling.

Zayn: they have similar habits right? (whispering to Chandni)

Chandni: Absolutely….made for each other. (smiling, whispering back)

Ankit: Did you all read the next scene…I’m sure Rrahul is going to get extremely mad! (chuckling, whispering)

Nikita: Why what’s there? (flipping the pages)

Zayn: Oh bhai, you’re right! Shit man, it’s going to be fun.

Meenakshi: Riddhima to be molested by her professor as her past with Gayatri. (reading) Why would he be angry? It’s Riddhima na? Not Helly, but yes if it was Vansh then definitely.

Before anyone else could say anything, Rrahul shouted in anger after reading the script. All the crew and the cast including Helly looked at him, confused. Helly raised her eyebrows in question, deep inside worrying about him.

Helly: Is everything good? (slightly tensed)

Rrahul: Did you read the script? (slightly pissed)

Helly: I’m reading but what happened?

Zayn: Exactly bro, what happened? (teasing)

Rrahul: They….they put (closing his eyes, sighing) Nothing!

Rrahul’s POV

I read the script, and on page 9 I shrieked. Like seriously….they had to add this scene! Why! Why couldn’t the writers think of anything better than a molestation scene as the past? How can I let any guy come and touch Riddhima….uhh leave alone Riddhima, get out of character Rrahul….right, Helly?

How can someone just come and touch Helly? Not that she hasn’t been touched by anyone else but like this is just going to be a random guy shooting, what if he’s not trustworthy! I can’t let that happen, my Helly can’t act this scene!

Keeping my thoughts aside I looked up and saw everyone staring at me. Right they will….why not? I shrieked out loud! And Zayn very well knowing my condition still decides to tease me!

Rrahul’s POV Ends.

The cast understanding the situation tried stifling their laughter while Helly was left completely confused. She went through the pages and read carefully, trying to find out what made her Rrahul shriek out.

Director: Both have feelings for each other but don’t want to express! (whispering to Meenakshi)

Meenakshi: Things take time, and so will their relation. Reading the script itself brought tension to Rrahul and seeing that brought tension to Helly, they connect with each other but they don’t understand. (explaining)

Manasvi: Wow…..Meenu, experienced ho aap! Devi Meenu! (bowing down to her)

Manasvi: Wow….Meenu, you’re experienced! Goddess Meenu! (bowing down to her)

Meenakshi: Shut up! (chuckling)

Helly’s POV

Rrahul shrieking out, very well shrieked me out as well. Anything happening to him, I sort of feel it…..friends you know. Well reading the script again, trying to identify what made Rrahul so tensed, I tried decoding everything. Everyone is talking within themselves, what’s going on?

Ahhh…..there I found it! Is it because of the molestation scene? Realizing what made him shriek out, I looked at him with tears in my eyes, and I’ve never felt that special before. I rubbed my tears before anyone could notice and kept a straight face, trying not to blush at the thought that Rrahul cares for me.

Helly’s POV Ends

Helly: Rrahul are you talking about this scene? The molestation one?

Rrahul: Umm (rubbing the back of the neck) yea actually it felt a bit weird but anyway.

Rrahul tried diverting his eyes along with the topic, trying to sound less insecure, but his heart couldn’t help being it. Getting up from there, he went back to his room to relax himself. He stood in front of the mirror and pinched his forehead.

Rrahul: Gosh what is this? It’s just a scene….why am I getting so affected? But I still don’t like it, even when she had scenes with Ankit, I just couldn’t help but be jealous. I’m just a co-actor for her nothing much but I realize that she’s more than a co-actress to me. Maybe more than a friend. Being so comfortable around her during scenes and all, isn’t what I felt with others.

Rrahul confessing his confusion, sat on his bed grabbing his phone from the side table. His phone pinged, alerting him of a video call that had started amongst his friend’s group. Taking a slight break from the happenings, he joined it where, Nia (Sharma), Rheyna (Pandit), Shivin (Narang) were present.  Smiling slightly, he greeted them and stayed quiet, his mind still occupied with his confusion of feelings.

Noticing him quiet and complete opposite than he usually is, Nia decided of calling him separately. After hanging up the call, he received on from Nia.

Nia: Rrahul…what’s wrong with you? Why are so quiet? Anything bothering you?

Rrahul: Don’t worry, nothing much. Just some exhaustion of the shoots.

Nia: I guess it’s more than that. I know you’ve been keeping to yourself lately but I’ve been noticing your changes after this project of yours. You’re in love?

Rrahul: Nia…what nonsense!

Nia: With Helly?

Rrahul: Nia! Nothing like that

Nia: Then what like?

Rrahul: just some insecurities of her, that’s all.

Nia: That’s for now but what about you enjoying with her, feeling comfortable with her, your special friendship with her? Directing yourself to fall in love with her? I see! (teasing)

Rrahul: Nia, stop it! Bye!

Nia: Arre, listen there’s more….listen!

Rrahul hung up the call leaving Nia laughing, seemed like she had done her part of instigating his feelings. Leaving the room, he went to the area where he had left the rest to find them preparing for the shot. According to the scenario he figured out they were shooting for the same scene, the professor molesting Riddhima in her college days with Sara, saving her.

As the director signed for them to start, seeing the random actor who acted as the professor going to molest Riddhima his anger boiled up. He fisted his hands and looked angrily at the guy. Helly doing her part of crying for someone to save her played it perfectly and naturally. When the professor was about to touch Helly, Rrahul interrupted.

Rrahul: Where’s Sara? Where’s Gayu? She’s supposed to be here….why isn’t she still there? (panicking)

Director: Cut! (to Helly and the rest) Rrahul, relax, she’s just behind there, she’ll come when its her time.

Rrahul: But (interrupted by Kristina)

Kristina: Rrahul, come on, chill! I’ll be here but why are you panicking so much?

Meenakshi: Rrahul, relax. Go sit there

Rrahul: But what if…Fine! (giving up)

Helly stood there silent, spectating Rrahul’s behavior. He went and sat down, scrolling through his phone and trying to be patient. Not looking at the shot at all, he became calm thinking about their moments they spent together on their trip to Goa and Siliguri.


Rrahul’s POV

It’s been two months since our show ended, feels some type of strange. I’ve never felt this with any other series of course not denying the fact that in this one we were closer than any ever. We all were like a family, and still are just that interactions between us have lessened. Zayn, Manasvi are in constant contact with me however one person whom I dearly miss…we haven’t talked in a while, about 2 weeks.

I realize how much different things have become. I’ve been doing lives, interviews, keeping myself busy with the memories. Helly has been busy with a music video….I’m not getting possessive about her working with Paras. (chuckling) Staying away from Helly has now become a sort of pain, I did realize, I’m actually interested in her….probably I love her now.

I don’t know what she feels for me though, but I definitely do feel for her, I remember all our off screen pranks, jokes I used crack on which she used to laugh heartily, me teasing her all the time while she showing off her anger. Her mood swings, her everything had become the reason of my happiness from an angle.


I read that as it pinged on my phone as a reminder. Right, it’s tomorrow! Will Helly come? Why not, I’m sure she’ll be getting an award and (thinking) I’ll tell her my feelings tomorrow. I’ll confess, I can’t hold it any longer to myself.

Rrahul’s POV Ends.


Helly’s POV

I’ve been so busy with my work that I never got time to check my messages and also message Rrahul. It feels strange whenever I mention or think about him, half the times his thoughts occupies my mind. I do secretly admire him, I mean I feel for him but I’ve never been able to show it out. This distance between us has provoked more of them.

Tomorrow the awards are taking place…..I wonder if he’d actually come. His recent story is about Dehradun, will he come? Why won’t he come? After all Riansh Jodi have been nominated! (pouting cutely) If he comes, I can talk to him about my feelings, perhaps it’ll make me feel better.

Helly’s POV Ends

Time skips to the night of the awards.  

Helly enters looking adorable and graceful in a black gown, matching with the theme of the night; Black and Red. Her hair done well and open, with minimal make up, she stepped in to the limelight of the reporters. She smiled and took some poses for the camera, turning back and in different sides. As she turned towards her right, the sight brought a different glow on her face.

The reporters capturing each and every stage of her entry, spotted her gaze on Rrahul. Them, being all crazy for the Jodi Riansh as well as Rrahel, very well knowing of the popularity these two held amongst the fandom, screamed in joy. No doubt Rrahul was captured earlier than Helly but it was a different joy of seeing them together.

Calling him forward to join Helly, he took his steps and came closer to her. She went closer to him and gave him a side hug while they both passed smiles to each other.

Rrahul: (whispering in her ear) Gorgeous!

Helly: (blushing) Looking dashing huh!

Tugging her slightly, he put his arm around her shoulder as the reporters requested for a picture of both of them together. Taking a pose together, they won all their fans hearts, they indeed were a beautiful couple. Calling them forward to the stand, for a short interview, Rrahul let Helly go first. Her dress got caught under his foot and she turned to him indicating it. He got off it and apologized in his normal and funny way making Helly giggle.

Following her, they both stood near the stand as the questions started pouring in for them.

Reporters: If you both were to go to Bigg Boss then would you go for it?

Helly: Umm No

Rrahul: To go to Bigg boss and stay with Helly…that would mean I’d have to fight with her! Which I cant afford. (smiling)

Helly: Yup, I can’t too!

Reporters: Which awards will you be getting?

Helly: I guess we’ll let you know after we get them!

Rrahul chuckled at her reply while she gently looked at him from the nook of her eye.

Reporter: Which ones have you been nominated for?

Helly: I think best Jodi (looking towards Rrahul) right?

Rrahul: (whispering) that we are (winking)

Helly: (giggling) I think I’m nominated for best actress

Reporters: All the best

Rrahel: Thank you!

Reporters: Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Rrahul: Well taking this opportunity I’d like to thank and appreciate all the love we’ve got from you all, it’s been a blessing to us to have got your immense love, I guess Helly would also agree with me. And also taking this opportunity I would like to do something special. Umm Helly

Rrahul took her hand and gently pulled her over, away from the stand. He looked at her curiosity filled eyes and knelt down on his knee. Still holding her hand, he finally decide to confess his feelings.

Rrahul: Umm Helly…..working with you has been a different feeling for me, it’s not the usual but a complete special one. Talking to you, teasing you, irritating you, eating with you, acting with you, dancing with you, I never realized when all this became so much part of my life that when we left each other’s company I felt completely lonely. You make me a whole….this Rrahul wouldn’t be the same if you hadn’t come. Taking this time, I confess my feelings to you that I hold deep down in my heart. I really love you and I want to be with you forever and ever.

Completing his words, a sort of relief flashed across his heart and face. Now all his heart raced faster for was her answer. The reporters hooted and cheered for them along with the other celebrities who waited there. Helly was rendered speechless, she was amazed at the audacity of this guy; he dared to propose her in front of the world without caring if her response would be a no…..or did her already get an instinct that her answer would be a yes.

Having a few tears in her eyes, she got emotional at his confession. All she could do was accept her feelings for him.

Helly: Yes! I love you too Rrahul!

Rrahul smiling, pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her forehead softly. All the couples, celebrities and reporters watched them, adoring their bond. The looked at each other intensely, pouring out all their love for each other through their eyes. They both went inside, as a new couple in town to receive their awards that they deserved.

Officially revealing about their relationship on their media handles, they celebrated their love. The cast and their close friends celebrated their relationship too. Roping in for another series together as a couple, they worked side by side, hand in hand living up their relationship.

The End

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