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Chale Na Zor Ishq Pe (Ishqaan – Ishq Par Zor Nahin) Part 26

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“Chalo ab to report bhi aagayi, ab toh tu hi meri bahu banegi” dadi came hugging riya

“Ahaan never said he will marry her” Isqhi tried telling but dadi didn’t listen to her

Isqhi felt sad, her heart was still not ready to believe that the reports were positive. She was shaking from within.  She knew Ahaan well, this couldn’t be true. Maybe she could ask for a retest, but riya will never agree to it.

For the first time she started thinking about their future, will Ahaan still marry her?

“I am going to marry only you” he whispers from behind her and she sees him smiling.

“yahan meri jaan jaa rahi hai, aur tum hass rahe ho” she says irritated

“Ahaan..” riya comes to him with the report “Its positive”

Ahaan starts laughing and everyone thinks he has gone crazy.

“lagta hai sidhe sar par asar hua hai bhai ke” Karthik whispers to his mother

“Ahaan aise kyun has raha hai” dadi questions him

“If that report is positive then why is this report negative” Ahaan asks showing a report on his mobile.

Everyone is surprised and Riya gasps

He comes near Riya “Did you really think you will just come to my home and say that the report is positive, and I will believe you? I had given the dna samples to my doctor as well and this is the report from him”

“Are you saying my report is fake” Riya shouts

“Truth doesn’t need shouting. And yes, your report is fake” he says calmly

“Even your report can be fake” she challenges him” you have all reason to create a fake one as you don’t want to take responsibility of this child. You don’t want to marry me”

“I will not marry you even if the child is mine, which I know is not”

The doorbell rings and Ahaan signals Karthik to open it. Karthik comes in with some papers

“So, one report can be fake, what about two” Ahaan asks Riya “I had given the samples to two more doctors. And they are all negative”

Riya pales, Ahaan had outwitted her

“What are you saying Ahaan, why will she create a fake report” dadi intervenes

“So that you can get me married to her dadi, what else. I knew you could fall low, but never thought to this extent Riya. Is your child a burden to you that you cannot bring it up yourself? You are a intelligent and independent woman, use your intelligence to bring up your child” he says to her. Though he was angry that riya had tried to trap him, but he understood the reason. A single woman bearing and looking after a child is very difficult, especially in a society like ours.

A tear slipped from Riya ‘eyes and she seriously though what Ahaan said to her. Yes, she was an independent woman, so why did she need Ahaan. Her father was rich and had a successful business.

Isqhi felt bad for her, after all she was a woman and pregnant at that. She needed people near her, she comes and places her hand on Riya’ shoulder

“We will help you with whatever you need Riya. Don’t think your alone. Even if your parents don’t support you we will” she says

And just like that Riya starts crying more and Ishqi hugs her. She waits till riya has calmed down

“Its not good for you to be crying” Ishqi consoles her

“I did so much bad to you and you are still thinking good for me” Riya says wiping her tears

“A woman should support a woman, and moreover you did all this for your child. A woman may not be very strong, but a mother always is. So be strong for your child. You will always be a part of our family”

“thank you and sorry” Riya says to Isqhaan and goes from there.

Ahaan comes to Isqhi, He was about to say something to her when Karthik comes

“bhai apki life bohat interesting hai.. har roz drama hota hai. But how did you know Riya was lying” he asks Ahaan

“I can never forget what she has done with Isqhi. A woman who can fall to that level can do anything. And I don’t remember ever loving her to have that kind of intimacy” he explains

“thanks Ishqi.. for supporting me and being such a good human” Ahaan thanks her and she smiles.

“Ahaan mere saar main bohat dard ho raha hai, mere room main baam hai, leke aao” dadi orders as she hated seeing them together.

Ahaan goes to her room, and Isqhi goes back to hers. They were all staying in Malhotra house because of the wedding.

Ahaan comes to dadi room and starts searching for the balm. He opens every drawer in a hurry to find it quickly so he can go back to Isqhi. It was their mehandi tomorrow and he wanted to spend time with her.

He finally got the balm, and some slips fell along with that. He opened the slips to check and they were some medical bills. “was dadi sick” he got worried but once he read the bills, he was shocked

The bills read “Sharada mental hospital”, he remembers the anonymous phone call which he had got few days back. The call also mentioned the same hospital. What does dadi have to do with this hospital he thought. He kept one bill in his pocket and went and gave dadi the balm.


“I am sorry na Shefali,forgive me” Karthik said

“I am not forgiving you, you called me fat” Shefali said smiling. It was just a joke and she was teasing him “ I am going to keep the phone now” she said

“Wait don’t be angry” he said but she had already cut the call

He picked his car keys and went out

Sheafli was trying to sleep but all the excitement happening in her life was keeping sleep away from her.

She heard some noises and some faint calling of her name. She came to her balcony to see Karthik coming up from there. She got worried that he might get hurt.

“Karthik what are you doing” she whispered

“I came to ask your forgiveness” he whispered too

“I was joking karthik , I am not angry on you, now get down and go back”

But instead of going down he climbed and came on top

“Nice trekking it was “he said holding her hand and coming up

“It was dangerous” she said worried

“I like seeing you worried for me. Please forgive me, the situation it just happened. I never meant you are heavy; in fact you are perfect the way you are” he tried to convince her

She smiled “Thank god you’re not angry” he said and fell on her bed

“what are you doing, go home” she started pushing him

“I never thought you are so old fashioned Shefali” he said to her

“I am not old fashioned” she tried to tell him, but he pulled her to him” then are you scared” he whispered in her ears and her breath hitched

Just then there was knock on the door and Shefali panicked, it must be her mom. She pulled karthik and put him in the bathroom and opened the door

“I heard some noises, are you fine beta” her mom asked concerned

“Ye..s.. yess maa..its all fine”Shefali stuttered

“OK then I will get going” her mom said and as Shefali was about to close the door… her mom turned back and came inside and Shefali panicked

“All your pillows are fallen down” her mom picks them up and puts them on the bed and Shefali just comes to her”Its ok mom, I will do it, you should go and rest” She tries to push her mom out but her mom sits on the bed

“What do you think of Karthik” her mom asks randomly

“What!!!” Shefali’s eyes widen

“Did I ask how to launch a missile?? I am asking you what you think of Karthik”

“I like him, and he likes me” she says shyly

“Do you want to spend your life with him” her mother asks seriously

“I haven’t thought about it” she says

“then think about it, because it looks like your lover boy can’t stay away from you even for a minute” her mom laughed and started walking towards the door “tell him we do have doors, next time he can always come through that” she went out laughing

Shefali covered her face with embarrassment.

“that why I love your mom she is supercool”

Karthik came out and she hit him “she came to know you were here”

“That’s good right, we don’t need to convince them”

“About what”

About this, he says and goes on one knee, he opens a box and proposed to her “Will you marry me” and Shefali just stares at him


Will shefali says yes?

Will Ahaan find the truth

I got so many comments to remove Riya out in the nxt chapter.. so finally Riya chapter closed.





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