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Balika Vadhu Season 2 6th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Ratan scolds Anandi

Balika Vadhu Season 2 6th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavan calling Khim ji and tells him that he brought Kalpesh to Dr. Sharda’s dispensary. Khim ji asks what happened to him? Bhavan says I don’t know, he had fainted. They rush to the hospital. Dr. Sharda informs him that Kalpesh fainted due to excessive drinking of alcohol. She says he will be fine, but make him understand that the wine habit is bad. Khim ji says it is good that Bhavan and Leela brought him to hospital else don’t know what would have happen. Bhavan says he thinks of them as his own child. Anandi cries. Dr. Sharda says he will be happy. Anandi says although I tease him a lot, but I love him so much. Later Khim ji asks Bhavan where he found Kalpesh? Bhavan recalls Leela calling him and informing about Kalpesh drinking wine and fainted. He cooks up a fake story and says he found Kalpesh under the tree when they were going to hospital from temple and that’s why they took him to hospital, seeing the wine bottle. Khim ji says Police will interrogate and I will get the guilty punished for selling the illegal wine.

Anandi tells Ratan that Kalpesh slept for an house and seesm to be fine now. Ratan says they shall go and see him. Kalpesh gets up. Khim ji apologizes to him and says whatever we tell you, is for your betterment and asks when and where you found that bad thing. Bhavan gets tensed. Kalpesh says I was going to school, when my cycle punctured. He tells that when he started walking, he met a man who asked for the panchayat office, and he offered him the juice. Khim ji asks about his looks? Kalpesh says he looks like you. Khim ji gets upset. Bhavan asks him to forgive Kalpesh and tells Khim ji that he will leave. Khim ji hugs Bhavan and thanks him and says you have done a big favour on me.

Later in the morning, Anandi tells Kalpesh that she has kept all his books in the bags, but haven’t done the home work, as she can’t do hers. They leave for the school. Later in the school, Anandi takes permission from her teacher and goes to check Kalpesh. Kalpesh gets angry seeing her. Later during the lunch break, Dhingli asks Anandi why she is keeping eye on Kalpesh. Anandi says she has promised Maa and Bapu as he drank the sherbet. Dhingli says even we drink it. Anandi says it was bad juice and his mouth was stinking. Dhingli asks which sherbet. Anandi finds Kalpesh missing and runs to search him. Kalpesh comes infront of her.

Dr. Sharda sees Khimji coming out of the PS and asks him. Khim ji says he has filed case to save other children from wine. Dr. Sharda reminds him that when she brought Anandi home, she was with Bhavan and he was drinking wine with his friends. She asks him to talk to Bhavan and shares her doubt with him. Kalpesh comes home and complains to Ratan about Anandi, keeping eye on him in the school. Ratan sends Kalpesh and asks Anandi ifv he said right. Anandi says yes. Ratan tells that she shall not keep eye on him like this. Anandi asks her to make sherbet and tells that Dhingli was not believing when I told about bad sherbet. Ratan scolds her and asks what Dhingli will feel about Kalpesh. Anandi says you asks us to say truth. Ratan says we have to hide few things and says if she tells others, then what they will think. Anandi says you didn’t scold him when he drank that bad juice, but scolding me. Ratan is about to slap her, but Khim ji comes and stops Ratan. Anandi tells him the truth. Khim ji asks her to go to her room. Khim ji tells Ratan that Dhingli is her friend and she told while talking. Ratan says what if anyone else knows about it. Khim ji says everyone in the hospital knows about it and asks her not to beat Anandi for Kalpesh’s mistakes. Later Khim ji tells Ratan that he met Inspector and when he came out of PS, he saw Dr. Sharda. Ratan says if she accused my brother, and says he saved him. Khim ji says she apologized to me and then told that they can nap the wine seller with Bhavan’s help. Ratan asks how? Khim ji says don’t tell that you don’t know that your brother drinks. Ratan gets angry on him. Later Kalpesh is about to slap Anandi, Ratan stops him. Anandi asks him to slap her.

Voiceover: Raising children is a challenge. Parents should not blindly believe even the very close relatives in this matter.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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