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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Swati gets upset with Sunaina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sameer, Munna, Pandit, Kamya finish making posters. Munna and Pandit are tired and sleep right away. Sameer says they still have to go to college and put posters. Munna and Pandit say they will do tomorrow. Sameer says no and wakes them up.

Mamaji tells Mami that he thinks Sameer likes Sunaina… the way he was making posters for her. Mami says it’s good for both children and himself too. He will get more work orders from Sunaina’s dad. Mamaji says he’s going to him tomorrow.. should he talk about their rishta? Mami says not now. She will tell him when it’s right time.

Sameer, Munna, Pandit come to college. They plan how to sneak in by distracting the guard. Munna doesn’t like the plan. Sameer emotionally blackmails him that he used to say

he would do anything. Munna agrees. He puts on a veil and goes to guard, acting as a girl. He keeps guard busy and Sameer and Pandit go inside and put posters on wall.

Female narrator says she’s lucky to get Sameer as her life partner. He worked so hard for her election campaign as if he was the candidate himself.

In morning, whole gang meets. Pandit teases Munna for becoming girl last night. Sameer hugs Munna and says they would not have been able to get in college if Munna was not there. Kartik comes and praises their hard work and courage to make so many posters and putting them all over the college. Munna tells Naina even enemies are praising them now. They walk in the lobby and see all posters have “Su” written in front of “Naina”. They all get upset. Sunaina comes and says she did all that and that idea came from Naina only as she used to erase “Su”. Munna and Naina’s friends think Pandit told that secret to a girl in Sunaina’s group. Naina says she trusts all her friends. They would never do such thing. Swati feels guilty. Naina says they will make more posters. Sameer says today they spoiled their posters, tomorrow it might be something else. They will have to keep an eye on them.

Female narrator says true friendship is stronger than blood relationship. If you have any friend with whom you had fight in college, then call that friend immediately. Being a true friend, he/she must be waiting for your call and will forget everything and become your friend again.

Swati meets Sunaina and asks her what was the need to do this? She was calling Naina selfish, then what is she? Sunaina says she did this for her. Naina has hurt them both and she thought she wants to see Naina losing as well. Swati says Naina is not like that.. it might be people around them. Sunaina says Naina is their leader. They just haven’t seen her true face yet. Sameer sees Swati with Sunaina.

Kartik sees Munna coming. He purposely talks to his friends about bribing students by giving them free lunch and some money, so they vote for Sunaina. Munna comes and tells this to Sameer and Pandit. Sameer says they will do that before Kartik does.

They come to cafe and give free samosa and soda to students. Naina comes and asks Sameer what’s going on. Sameer says this is the best way to get votes. Kartik and Sunaina were going to use this way, but he did before them. Naina says there is no need to do that. Her speech is enough. Others can do whatever they want, but they won’t do anything wrong. She asks everyone to return money. Sameer and his friends were playing a prank on them. Sunaina’s gang brings JBR there and says they are buying votes. JBR looks at Naina with money in her hands.

Precap: Election fight continues…

Update Credit to: Simmy

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