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Perfect Pati 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Pushkar likes Vidhi

Perfect Pati 6th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maasa welcoming Rajshri and Meera. Meera says Pushkar had some work. Jiji and Jijusa talk to Rajshri. Rajshri says I want such a girl who understands my son. He asks where did you see my sister. Maasa asks her to have tea. Rajshri praises Vidhi and says I was finding such a girl for Pushkar. Maasa says I told her to participate and told pandit to find alliance for her. Rajshri says I told pandit to talk to you. Maasa says you got the proposal, we don’t have any objection, this relation is fixed from our side. Rajshri says no, children will talk and then we shall talk. Ashwin Jijusa says yes, its necessary. Maasa says they have to keep the marriage relation. Ashwin says I can’t believe you have come here. Rajshri asks Meera to show Pushkar’s pic to them. Suman says I

will go home, the guy looks decent, don’t worry. She asks Pushkar to drop Vidhi home. Pushkar asks Vidhi to come. She holds his hand. Rangeela and his friends see them.

Rangeela says I got beaten up. He asks his friends not to talk foolish. He says we have to find out who is this hero. Maasa likes Pushkar’s pic. She asks Nivedita to call Bela. Bela comes there and smiles. Rajshri and Meera get shocked. Rajshri stops Meera from saying. She thinks where is Vidhi, why are they showing someone else, it won’t be good to refuse to her. Maasa praises Bela. Pushkar takes Vidhi to doctor. Vidhi lies about injury. Doctor asks her to take medicines on time. He asks about studies. Vidhi says I have exams. Doctor says I feel proud seeing you, you topped in exams, I don’t want fees from you, you go now. Pushkar hears them. They leave from hospital. She thanks him for helping her. He says someone said thanks shouldn’t be sad, it ends the relation, come I will drop you home. She says sorry, I can’t go with any stranger, your time got waste because of me. He says our destination is same, I m going home for you, I m Rajshri’s son Pushkar. She thinks I came out to get away from him, he is with me, if Maasa knows this, she will misunderstand, I have to take him home.

Meera asks Bela what do you like. Bela says music, samosa, dance. Bela talks silly. Rajshri and Meera smile. Rajshri asks Ashwin about other family members. Maasa says just this is our family, my husband died, I raised my kids alone, everyone respects Ashwin. Pushkar asks what are you doing here. Vidhi says come home, everyone is waiting for you. She stumbles. He holds her and thinks she is eager to go home now. He says be careful, you are hurt. He holds her. Rangeela and his friends look on. Rangeela says we shall find out where he is taking Vidhi. Pushkar says you should have been at home. Vidhi says I went to get milk. He asks where is the milk. She says milkman sell all milk at diary. He asks isn’t your family worried. She says Suman would have called them.

He says you look tensed. She says no, I m not tensed. She thinks he may feel bad, what shall I do, he is asking questions. Maasa asks about Pushkar. Rajshri says maybe he will need time, we shall leave, let children meet, then we will take talks ahead. Bela greets her and goes. Rajshri says I will tell pandit. Vidhi thinks to do something. She asks Badri to stop the car. She gets down the car. Pushkar asks where is your house. She stumbles again. He holds her and says doctor asked you not to put pressure on foot, I m sorry, I have no option than to do this. He lifts her in arms and takes her. She looks at him. He gets her home. Rajshri, Maasa, Ashwin and everyone get shocked. Meera says finally she has come, we came to see her. Maasa worries. Rajshri signs Pushkar. Pushkar puts Vidhi down. Ashwin asks what happened to you. Vidhi says I m fine, I slipped. Rajshri asks her to come. Maasa gets angry. Rangeela looks on. His friend says Pushkar is Rajshri’s son. Rangeela says Vidhi’s marriage didn’t happen, we have to know about it first.

Meera says you saved mom and fell today, Pushkar took good entry. Ashwin asks did you get alliance for Vidhi, not Bela. Rajshri says yes, I had sent alliance for Vidhi, maybe pandit made a mistake. Pushkar asks any problem. Rajshri says there was a misunderstanding. Ashwin says its good that misunderstanding got cleared. Rangeela tries to look inside the window. He falls down. Vidhi says I will go to my room. Bela also goes. Ashwin says Vidhi is my sister-in-law, she is like Bela for me. Rajshri says I met Vidhi in fair, don’t know how did misunderstanding happen. Maasa says pandit is getting old, I told him about Bela, he made a mistake. Ashwin looks at Maasa. Vidhi says sorry Bela, whatever happened, I had no idea, I swear. Bela says what’s the need to say sorry. She hugs Vidhi. Maasa looks on. Rajshri says Vidhi is lucky to get a family like you, I want to meet Vidhi. Maasa says Vidhi is clever than you, she snatched your prospective groom. She hurts Vidhi. Rajshri comes there.

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