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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahadev traps matsasur.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with matsa sur swimming away in the river. Kanha is coming back to vrindavan and says how do I save the people of vrindavan? I cannot kill matsa sura, who can save the people and kill that demon? Kanha then thinks and says yes, mahadev can help me, he will save the people. Kanha comes near the banks of Yamuna river to the shiv ling of mahadev. Kanha says bholenath, mahadev! I pray before you for the lives of my parents and all my people, only you can save them from matsa sura. Kanha starts praying to mahadev and says om namaha shivay! Om namaha shivay!
There balram is with radha in the village and says kanha has not yet come with all people. Radha says yes brother, even I am worried now, what must have happened? Balram says we have to find kanha, come on radha

who knows if he needs our help. Radha says yes brother, lets go.
Kanha prays to mahadev as he says om namaha shivay! Mahadev is on Kailash and he hears kanha praying to him, mahadev says shree hari Narayana has called me for help, I am grateful for this and I shall help prabhu Narayana! Mahadev appears in front of kanha and says prabhu, I am grateful that you have called me for help, what can I do? Kanha says mahadev, as you know, the lives of all the people of vrindavan and my parents are in danger, they are all trapped inside the stomach of the demon matsa sur who is swimming in the Yamuna river somewhere, I cannot kill that demon but only you can help me, you can kill him and save all my people, please help me mahadev. Mahadev says prabhu, I shall help you and save the people from that demon, you don’t need to worry. Mahadev goes.
There mahadev disguises as a fisherman and says matsa sur is in the river and I sense it he is here somewhere, I will trap him in a net. Mahadev takes a huge net and he throws it in the water, he sees matsa sur and then puts it around matsa sur, matsa sur thinks who is that? I will grow my size. Matsa sur becomes huge in size and mahadev pulls him out inside the net trapped. Matsasura sees mahadev and is shocked, he thinks it is mahadev, no one can save me now. mahadev takes and throws matsasura out on the banks of the river. Mahadev says I will cut your stomach matsasura to save all people, leave them right now as I warn now. matsa sura takes his demon form and laughs, he says mahadev don’t you remember me? But I do remember how you and that Vishnu fooled me and cheated me. Mahadev says I remember you matsa sura and also your evil mind.
Narad muni says lord Vishnu, who is matsa sura? Lord Vishnu says he is not any normal demon, he was the disciple of mahadev in the last life and his name was bhasmasur. In flashback, bhasmasur prays to mahadev for years and mahadev appears and says disciple bhasmasur, I am impressed, ask what you want. Bhasmasura says mahadev, I want the amrit. Mahadev says you know that no one can be given the amrit as everyone has to die one day. Bhasmasura says prabhu if not the armit then give me the power to turn anyone into bhasma once I touch them with my hands. Mahadev says bhasmasura, what if you use those same powers on me one day? Bhasma sur says no prabhu, you are my god and I wont go against my prabhu ever, mahadev says okay and gives him the wish as a blessing. Bhasmasur turns evil and says but mahadev I have to try the powers you gave me and I will try it first on you. mahadev is angry and shocked, he says what are you saying? Don’t do that, I am your god. Bhasmasura runs behind mahadev as mahadev runs and says go away bhasmasura, don’t use those powers on me, you are not doing right. Bhasmasura says mahadev, no one can save you from me. Mahadev hides in a cave and bhasmasura says how much time will you hide there? I will use these powers on you.
In present, mahadev says matsa sur, you became egoistic and turned on me, a demon is always evil and for that you were punished in your last life, even now you shall be punished. Matsa sur says no mahadev, I will kill all the people, he puts fire around him and says I will burn the people to their death, save them if you can.
Sudhama is in kashi with his siblings and the rishi brahmanand says this kid is mayavi and he doesn’t deserve to live amongst this community. The brother and sister cry and sudhama is sad and says but rishi, no human has the right to decide who shall live, only god can do that. rishi says don’t teach me sudhama, you shall be given jal Samadhi with your siblings as you are mayavi and dangerous for all people if you are kept alive. Sudhama and his siblings are taken to river ganga and rishi says we have to kill him with jal Samadhi but will all rituals as he is a low caste and he should turn the river unholy.
There balram and radha see kanha praying to mahadev and balram says what are you doing kanha? Kanha gets up and says brother, what are you both doing here? you should have been in vrindavan as if a demon attacks then what will we do? The cows will be in danger and all our friends. Balram says where is matsa sur? If you did not kill him then I would have gone kanha. Kanha says brother it is not easy, he cannot be killed easily as he is no ordinary demon.

Precap: mahadev cuts the body of matsa sur. Kanha’s janmashtami is celebrated by all people.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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