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Muskaan 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sujoy rescues Muskaan

Muskaan 6th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone begging to Sir ji to leave Muskaan. Aarti says I will burn you to ashes if you hurt Muskaan. Tabassum slaps her. Sujoy says I will help Muskaan. Aarti runs upstairs and prays for Muskaan. She dances and says I will not stop till you help Muskaan. Sujoy meets the rag picker kid and takes his help to find Muskaan. The kid says I know that place. Sujoy says call your friends fast. They rush together. Sir ji asks the men to show the drama well. Aarti does tandav and cries. Sujoy and kids reach the place. Aarti falls down. Sir ji asks the men to take camera near Muskaan and make the film good. Suzaine, Lumi and everyone cry. Aarti keeps diyas on her hand and dances. Sujoy and kids hide from goons.

Muskaan cries when the goons take the hot iron rods near her eyes to

make her blind. Aarti falls down again. She prays for her daughter and asks Devi Maa to fail the evil by showing her miracle. She says you have to save Muskaan. The goon who is taking the video moves back and falls down. He dies. The other goons stop. The video goes off. Sir ji gets shocked. Aarti hears the sound and goes to see. Sujoy and kids beat the goons and look for Muskaan. Sujoy gets shocked seeing Muskaan in danger. The kids throw stones at Muskaan and her to run. A goon holds her. The kids beat the goon. Sujoy holds Muskaan’s hand and runs with her. The kids ask them to run fast. Sujoy asks Muskaan to find some place and hide. Muskaan thanks them. The kids leave.

Sujoy and Muskaan run away. Sir ji scolds the goon and asks can’t you do the small work. The goon says a man fell down the terrace. Sir ji asks did you make that girl blind. The goon says Sujoy came there with his team and ruined our plan. Aarti, Suzaine, Lumi and Jaya get happy and cry. Aarti thanks Devi Maa. She prays for Muskaan. Rakhi worries. Sir ji says he is your son right, where is he, how did he reach there. She says no, he was with us here. He asks where is he, he has gone there to become hero, will he save Muskaan. Aarti thinks Sujoy would take Muskaan to safe place. Sir ji says just see what I do with Sujoy. Rakhi says no, he is innocent, Muskaan has taught this to him. He says now even his life will be spoiled, you are his mum, couldn’t you explain him. Aarti comes there. Sir ji gets gun and says I will kill Muskaan today. They get shocked.

Aarti says you like to defeat, any ways, you can go and try again, you are foolish. He points gun at her and threatens her. He says I will kill Muskaan first, no one can save her. Aarti says I won’t lose. He says I will break your ego, I rule here. She says Devi Maa rules everywhere, she will protect my daughter. He says don’t worry, you will know it. Tabassum stops Sir ji. Aarti says Muskaan will come back to us soon. Sir ji asks Tabassum to move. She says we can’t let you kill anyone, think with a calm mind, its your profit to leave Muskaan alive, Muskaan will dance on your tunes.

Muskaan sees Aarti coming. Aarti slaps her. Muskaan and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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