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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh fights the goons

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devina coming to Chandu. She asks him to go to Pushpa, she is traumatized about Ira. She says we can cheer up Pushpa by calling Akhilesh’s new girlfriend Ganga, give me her address. He says fine, note down. She says just say it. He tells the address. She goes. He says you won’t get Ganga there and laughs. He eats betel. He says but if she really reaches there, then I m gone, I have to inform Akhilesh. Ira says you mind your own business. Akhilesh says sorry. Ira says sorry, just take care of dad, inform me about him on call. He gets a call from Chandu.

Akhilesh sees Ira gone. Bhavik sees Akhilesh and smiles. He says don’t worry, Bhoomi told me everything, why is Ira going to US. Akhilesh says to keep promise to Pushpa. Bhavik asks Ira why is she leaving.

Ira says I m getting late. Akhilesh asks her not to go, breaking relation take a second and its tough to keep relations, think about Akhilesh. She asks why, I told him I m going US, did he come to stop me, when he doesn’t worry for me, why shall I think about him, he has accepted that he loves some other girl. She cries and asks was our relation so weak, he doesn’t feel I m dear. Bhavik shouts why would he do this for you if he didn’t regard you dear, you want to know what Akhilesh did for you. Akhilesh stops Bhavik.

He says Akhilesh will answer you, you won’t go anywhere till he comes, I will go and get him here, its my promise to you. He goes out. Ira runs and stops him. Akhilesh says I will teach him a lesson today. A goon hits on his head. Ira gets shocked and asks who are you. The goons catch Akhilesh and take him away. Bhavik comes and asks them to stop. Goon slaps him and goes. Ira asks are you fine. Bhavik says yes, just go and save Maasi. Ira goes on her scooty. Goons gets Akhilesh to don. Akhilesh gets conscious and sees them. Akhilesh says I have real diamonds to your men. The goon says she is lying.

Akhilesh says I m helpless woman, why will I act smart. The goon says you are lying. Don slaps goon and says I want my diamonds. Ira reaches there. She sees the goons. She says how will I fight with them alone, dad and Bhavik won’t help me, just Akhilesh can help me. Akhilesh’s phone rings. Don checks Ira’s call. Akhilesh thinks why is Ira calling me, is she fine. Don asks who is Ira. Akhilesh asks for his phone. They get the phone and tease him. The call gets answered. Ira hears don’s voice and gets mistaken. She says Maasi wanted me to meet him, she doesn’t know that he is romancing someone, I m enough to save Maasi. She gets a rod to break into the door. Akhilesh prays for Ira. Goon says we shall get Ira here. Akhilesh gets angry hearing their nonsense. He breaks the ropes and chairs. He gets up. Don asks them to catch him. Akhilesh beats all of them.

He punches the don. His hair wig falls off. Akhilesh looks for wig. Ira shouts don’t worry Maasi, I m coming to save you. Ira gets inside. She looks on shocked. She sees goons fallen unconscious. Akhilesh removes the saree and gets to his normal avatar. Ira calls out Maasi. She says Maasi will also be here. She hears a sound. He worries that Ira’s love will turn into hatred.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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