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Mariam Khan Reporting Live 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam ties Rakhi to Jibraan

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 6th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mariam getting Rakhi plate to Jibraan. She tells him about Rakhi rituals. Rifat asks Meher and Mahira to tie Rakhi to Rihaan. She says Madiha, neighbors talk a lot, as a young guy is living here, young girls are here. Madiha says its not needed. Rifat says its needed, Rihaan sit here. She asks Mahira to tie Rakhi to Rihaan. Mahira gets shocked. Mariam says a brother promises to protect sister when she ties him rakhi. He asks do I need to protect you. She says I will protect myself. He says I have no gift. She says its fine. He says you are good, I will give you a special gift. Wasim and Majaaz ask Rifat to leave it, if Mahira doesn’t want to. Rifat insists Mahira. Aijaz comes and asks them to stop this drama. He says I don’t want to keep relations with Sarfaraz.

Zain says relations are made by heart, not by force. Rifat says we have to think of neighbors. Majaaz says we don’t care. Mahira says I will tie rakhi to Fawad. Fawad asks what will I gift you. Mahira says this chocolate is my gift. Majaaz misses Mariam and says she would be sad there.

Mariam ties rakhi to Jibraan. They play. Aayat comes and gets shocked. She angrily takes Mariam. Jibraan stops Aayat and protects Mariam. He asks why do you punish and scold Mariam. Aayat says you were troubled because of her. He says I troubled her, I thought you are getting her in my place, she saved my life from honey bees, I m standing on my feet because of Mariam, why do you hate her so much, Mariam is my sister, she tied Rakhi to me. Aayat gets angry. She says you cheated me, why. He says how shall I tell you, you were angry on Mariam, she helps us, she saved my life. Hamdam and Junaid looks on. Aayat says stop it, I don’t want to hear about my illegitimate…. you will stay away from Mariam. He says no, I won’t leave her alone, I will play with her and protect her. He coughs. Aayat gives him water. Mariam says we should take him to hospital. Aayat hurts her hand and says I will never scold Mariam, just stay happy. She goes. Jibraan says I protected you like a good brother. Hamdam gets glad. Junaid asks her to be careful of their friendship.

Wasim and family come home. Rifat asks Zain and Mahira to finish packing, they have to go on honeymoon. Mahira gets shocked. Zain says maybe Mahira forgot. Rifat says strange, you have no excitement Mahira, go and do the packing. Zain asks do you have any problem. Rifat laughs and asks them to go. Rifat thinks how shall I tell the matter, I will see that Rihaan. Mariam and Jibraan come to her room. Mariam shows her pics with Majaaz. She says he is coming soon to take me. They realize its Dada’s birthday. He says he is my grandpa. She says he is my grandpa, he came here for me. He says he always stays here. They argue. Zain gifts Mahira. She sees the nightie.

He says no, don’t take me wrong, the shopkeeper gave wrong box, I got jacket for you, it will be cold there, box was wrong, have the jacket. She says I like cold weather. He thinks what are her expectations from our relation, I will talk to her clearly on honeymoon. Mariam shows Aijaz’s pic to Jibraan he asks how is this possible, my grandpa was partying in your sister’s marriage. She says if he is any superhero…. She imagines Aijaz flying to both countries. Jibraan says no. She says every superhero’s dress is different. Servant says your grandpa went out. Mariam says he didn’t take me, he knows I miss my dad. He says we will call him.

Mariam and Jibraan hide and go to get Aayat’s phone. Aayat comes from washroom.

Update Credit to: Amena

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