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Dil Hi Toh Hai 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritvik finds out about Rishabh and Saanchi’s evil plan

Dil Hi Toh Hai 6th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mrs. Kapoor addresses everyone. My grandkids have prepared a very special performance especially for Palak. Naman’s kids dance on Itti Si Khushi song. Naman and Palak join them. Everyone claps as their performance ends. Everyone goes quiet seeing Ritvik clap. Palak’s eyes well up. Setu calls Rohit and tells him Ritvik is here. What is he doing here? Rohit agrees to come right away.

Rohit tells Aman to call Mamta aunty. Ask her to reach Palak’s house. I will bring car.

Vivek tries to take Ritvik with him but Ritvik walks up to Naman. He compliments Manjeet on finding a handsome and rich guy for her daughter. Why is the sangeet so dull? He bangs stuff there. Setu tries to take him with her but he starts talking to Naman. I wanted to talk to you about respect. Naman recognizes

Ritvik. Is he your friend Palak? Manjeet ji nods. He is her very old friend. Manjeet ji introduces them to each other. She takes Ritvik with him. Have you come here to tell everyone that you love Palak when it isn’t true? Why are you messing things for Palak? Entertain everyone now that you are here. Palak tells her it isn’t needed. She asks Ritvik to go but he agrees with Manjeet ji. I can do this much for her.

Mamta is on her way to Palak’s House.

Ritvik sings Channa Mereya song. Palak wipes her tears. Ritvik keeps his hand around Palak’s shoulder for a moment. She is reminded of their kiss. He dances along. His words echo in her mind (about how she will never cheat him). Ritvik is crying by now but does not stop singing. Palak too is teary eyed. Ritvik compliments Palak in gestures to Naman who nods. Rohit and Aman reach there. Ritvik does not stop. He continues dancing. Manjeet ji stares at him. Ritvik kisses Palak on the forehead before Rohit and Aman finally take him away. Naman looks at Palak. Is everything okay? Are you sure? She nods and excuses herself.

Mamta rushes to Ritvik. She is shocked seeing him thus. He tells her that he only came to see she is happy. I am also happy. Rohit tells her what Ritvik did inside. Mamta asks him why he is trying to ruin everything. Manjeet ji asks Mamta if she is hurt seeing her son thus. Mamta sends Ritvik with Aman and Rohit. Mamta tells Manjeet ji this shouldn’t have happened like this. Manjeet ji asks her if she saw her daughter shedding tears. How many nights have she spent crying? Your son’s pain can be finally seen in his eyes. She gives restraining orders to Mamta. He shouldn’t be seen even near my daughter or I will send him to jail. He has to maintain a said distance from her or I will make sure he is behind bars! Mamta looks at her stunned.

Setu keeps talking to Palak about the stuff she has packed for her but Palak is lost in thoughts. Palak lies to her. Naman comes there. Setu tries to leave but he tells her he hasn’t come here to say anything romantic. He turns to Palak. I saw how sad you are as you are leaving your parents after all. We can postpone the wedding. Setu declines. Naman asks Palak again who replies that the wedding will happen tomorrow itself. He nods and leaves. Setu calls him true gentleman. I am so happy for you.

Mamta begs VP to let Ritvik marry Palak. Please get my son his love. Just let him get what he wants. He comforts her as she cries and keeps talking about Ritvik. VP says we have fought so many times in life. It is just another one. Mamta shakes her head. You don’t understand. Ritvik has never been this weak before. He will die! Palak is getting married tomorrow. Just bring her for Ritvik. She breaks down. He tells her to control herself. You are my strength. He hugs her and thinks how Palak has ruined everything.

Kamlesh is sitting with Palak. I will miss you very much. We used to sit here every night and talk over tea. Palak nods and leans her head on his shoulder. He speaks of all the moments they have shared together. He sees a fallen star but she tells him it is something else. He remembers how she used to ask for so many things on a fallen star. What will you wish for if you see one right now? She wishes for a miracle.

Ritvik is standing in a corner. Reeva, Shivam and Shanaya try to make him smile. We wont go anywhere unless you smile. Ritvik says I dint understand my family. Shivam hugs her. Ritvik asks for Rishabh.

Saanchi and Rishabh are talking about Ritvik. Saanchi says mom told me what Ritvik did at Palak’s house. Rishabh says he made a fool of himself there. She says I was worried what if he read the agreement. We know that the clauses were against Palak. Ritvik stops to hear their conversation. Saanchi says this is why Palak left Ritvik. If he had found about the clauses then he would have found out we are behind it. He is very silly. Rishabh nods. He is very emotional especially when it comes to family. Saanchi nods. He would have read the pre-nup otherwise. He would have then known that the lawyer was out idea. You added the clauses in the agreement. Rishabh thanks him for her help. If you had not instigated Manjeet then this wouldn’t have happened. She instead gives him credit for making Dad understand Palak isn’t the right girl for Ritvik. I am so proud of you. Rishabh says I had to do this to prove to Dad that his favourite son cannot be right always and that his elder son is right too. I had to do this. Ritvik steps inside their room stunned.

Rishabh and Saanchi are shocked to see him. Ritvik asks them why they did this. Did I hurt you in some way? I am very shocked right now. Saanchi acts innocent but Rishabh tells her that he knows everything. Ritvik asks him if this is about that London project. I don’t want it or anything. Rishabh tells him that that project was never his anyways. I have worked hard on that one. Ritvik says you could have told me. I could have given it to you. Rishabh taunts him for thinking he will hand over things to the great Rishabh Noon. My father also left me just the way your mother left you in childhood! When our parents married, you got a mother but I dint get a Dad. In fact my own mother left me alone! Ritvik tells him he is wrong. We love you a lot. What’s happening? I don’t understand anything. Rishabh tells him he was forced to think this way. I got gold medal. Everyone’s parents came except mine. Ritvik reasons that he was in hospital at that time. Mom and Dad were feeling very guilty to miss that event. Rishabh talks about his childhood wound given by Ritvik. Ritvik says it is because you told me that my mom left me for another guy. I will hit you again if you ever say that again. Rishabh hits him. You will hit me? Saanchi tells them to stop. Ritvik tells Rishabh that he just behaved like his mother with him. Rishabh blames him for snatching his parents from him. It is good that all this happened. Dad finally came close to me. Ritvik knows Mom and Dad have loved everyone equally. If you think this way then let mom know about it. She should know how you feel. Rishabh says he wont know. He begins to hit himself. I will tell them you hit me and I protected you to save myself. Ritvik tells him he has broken him. He walks out of the room and wipes his tears.

Precap: Ritvik tells his mom that he cannot let Palak marry someone else. I love her very much. I am going. Shivam is excited. Bhai is going to stop his girlfriend’s wedding! Mamta tells Ritvik against it. He says how I can see her marry someone else. He runs away.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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