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Dev (Colors) 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Munim’s end

Dev (Colors) 6th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dev and Narvekar comes outside farm house. Narvekar says how we will go inside? officer checks from drone and distracts Munim’s men. Dev and Narvekar goes inside. Dev says we cant lose this time, they shake hands to make a pact.

Munim says to his men that we have to leave for airport. Dwani hides and shoots at Munim but he dodges it. Man catches Dwani. Mahek says leave her. Munim says Dev has two women loving him? you both can die together. Mahek says no let her go, Dwani you shouldnt have put your life in danger. Man ties Dwani to chair.
Dev and Narvekar hides and see Munim in den. Munim says we only need Mahek, kill Dwani. Mahek says leave her, please. Dev asks Narvekar to go behind Dwani, Munim’s man takes Dwani from there. Mahek sees Dev hiding behind bushes.

is going behind Dwani but a guard tries to stop him, Narvekar beats him. Men tie Dwani in a room and fills it with gas. Man says Munim was right that Dev and Narvekar will try to save her.

Munim says to Mahek that you have to die now. Dev comes there and points gun at him, he says Mahek has your grandson in her belly, leave her. Munim says I dont care about my son, leave alone my grandson, I am asking you to leave Mahek. Dev says never. Munim’s men catch him.
Men catch Narvekar, Narvekar beats him.
Dev is beating Munim’s men, he shoots them and leaves.
Narvekar comes to Dwani’s room and asks her if she is fine? Dev calls them and says Munim took Mahek, we have to go. They sit in car. Dwani says Mahek didnt kill your mother, he manipulated the video to make you belive that she killed her, we thought she was criminal but she was right, please dont let anything happen to her.

Munim puts Mahek in a truck and shoots his car driver. Dev and others come there, Dev sees car and says he changed it, he checks marks and says its some big vehicle marks, Dwani finds some rubber of a truck. Narvekar says lets go to checkpoint.
Munim’s truck stops at a checkpoint, policeman checks and finds nothing as there is a wall covering Munim and Mahek in truck.

Dev comes to checkpoint and sees truck passing in a CCTV footage. He says Munim must have been hidden in this truck, he notes truck number.

Munim’s man tells him that truck has been caught by police. Dev arrives near truck, he asks Munim to come out.

Scene 2
Apa says to Kinjal that I am worried. They watch news of Mahek and Munim in a truck. Apa says I have to go to Dev, they are in danger. She leaves.

Munim calls Dev from truck and says go back from here, leave Mahek. Dev says person cant forget his love so I cant do it. Munim says I was never caught and will never be. Dev says surrender. Munim says Mahek will take me out of here and then I will kill her. Dev says leave her, she is carrying a baby, you can take me instead of her. Munim says okay come in truck. Dev says I wont let anything happen to Mahek. Dev enters truck and closes door. Apa comes there too. Dev asks Munim to stop all this. Munim asks if he has any weapons? Dev puts his mobile away. Dev says you want to leave this country? you will leave, I am ready to die, leave Mahek. Mahek says no leave from here, Dev says you have to live for yourself and our baby. Munim says you cant die before you take me out of here. Dev says leave Mahek and take me, if you do anything to Mahek then I wont spare you for life. Munim says you are right, if I leave you today then you will find me someday, today a father will kill a son. Mahek says no. Dev says we will do as Munim says. Munim says whole truck is covered in RDX and one button can destroy everything, you come to me and Mahek will move away from me. Mahek starts walking, she hugs Dev, Dev whispers that do as I say, take care of my baby, keep my baby’s name from R, I have thought a name ‘Rudra’, it means Shiv which fights against evil. Dwani hears it from outside and sees R word on truck, she asks Narvekar to look at ‘Anor’ which has R in it, put your snipers in place. Narvekar runs to inform snipers. In truck, Munim asks Dev to move closer. Narvekar runs, takes gun from sniper. Munim grabs Dev and says I will blast bomb if you try anything. Narvekar points at R written on back of truck. Munim says I am not scared of death. Dev says I am not scared too dad. Narvekar shoots from outside on R and screams. Dev hears and puts Munim in place, bullet hits in back of Munim’s head, he dies on spot. Mahek runs to Dev and asks if he is fine? Dev hugs her and says I love you. Flashback shows how Dev saw sniper’s position and where R was written on truck, flashback ends. Dev and Mahek comes out of truck. All reunite. Policemen clap for Dev.

After some time, Apa says to Dev that what happened? I didnt know it will be such a big thing. They see Dwani, Kinjal and Mahek trying to cook biryani. Narvekar says I can order from outside. Dwani is trying to follow recipe but they are testing. Apa asks Dev to do something, she sees Dev’s hands cuffed and says this Mahek fooled me again. Mahek says everything is fair in love and war. Apa says you women are behind my son. Mahek says we are nothing for you? Apa says nothing like that. Kinjal says I think biryani is ready, Narvekar says if you are saying then it must be good. Dwani coughs and says you will like Biryani a lot as Kinjal helped. Apa and Narvekar smiles and leaves. Mahek says to Dev that I can keep you tied. Dev says I dont care, nobody can come between us, she shies away but he pulls her closer and hugs her. Dwani comes there and sees them hugging, she blushes and leaves.

All are having food together, Narvekar gets a call about murder case. Dev says we have to leave to solve it. He smiles at Mahek and leaves.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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