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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update : Anita upset over Vibhuti.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori says my letter must be reaching bua,Vibhu says yes go ahead you start flying, Tiwari and Anu watch Vibhu and Angoori fly kites, Vibhu enjoys watching Angoori fly kites. Hapu comes running to catch a kite and meets with an accident, Angoori says oh no my kite,Vibhu says don’t worry message has reached.

Malkan crying for teeka, Tilu says dont worry we will free our Teeka from Micheals trap, Malkan says i hope he is safe, Master walks to them, with a bag full of muli and says my wife wants to have parathas, Malkan says go home and dont bore us, Master leaves, Tilu says look Malkan we have only one way show some strength go to crematory and get our Teeka back.

Vibhu says Anu baby im sorry, Anu says i don’t want to talk to you,Vibhu says look try and understand,Anu

says you disappointed me,Vibhu says i was just trying to help her out,she wanted to fly kite and wants to send her message to god,Anu says and if brids would get hurt,Vibhu says baby i was careful,and if i do it again you fly me as a kite.

Teeka says Micheal uncle leave me, he says why did you wake me, Teeka says i was behind a kite, Micheal says sing a song for me a romantic song, Teeka sings song , Malkan about to attack on Micheal Tilu sneezes and he gets alert, Micheal says you stupid im dead how will you attack me, Tilu says sorry, Malkan says leave our teeka, Micheal says look im hungry,Teeka says i don’t want to die,Malkan says he is not worth eating, Michael says fools i need food,muli parathas get jn half hour,Teeka says go get quickly.

Manju bua visits Angoori again and wakes her, Angoori walks to her, Manju says my back is aching, Angoori says let me massage your back,Let me get oinment,Bua says sit here talk to me, Tiwari walks to Angoori, Angoori shouts you always interrupt my talks with bua,Tiwari says come lets go to bed, Tiwari gets a call, its from Manju bua ,tiwari gets scared Angoori geys excited, Tiwari asks what, Manju says you never meet me now i will take you along with me, Tiwari says no dont,Manju says navin whats wrong with you,Tiwari says wrong number.

Teeka singing songs for Micheal,Malkan and Tilu arrive with parathas, Malkan says can we leave with him now, Michael says why doesn’t he look good here,do a thing go get me manho milkshake and kachoris and take him away tomorrow morning,shutup and go now or else i will even trap you two,Tilu Malkan leave,Teeka says what will i do all nigjt,Micheal says give me yiur mobile and puts music and asks him to dance

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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