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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Naira learns Kartik’s finding

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying shall I meet him or not. Naira cries and sees him. He doesn’t see her and burns the chit. Dadi asks where did Naira go suddenly. Naira prays. She says Kartik and I share everything, why didn’t he tell me, I would have not known what’s in his heart, he wants his daughter, he should have told me, I m thinking of this since Gayu told me, wow, Kartik and I are wishing the same thing. She prays that his wish gets true. Naira and everyone make Gayu wear the crown. Dadi asks everyone to wear it. Suwarna and Surekha think of Dadi’s choice. Surekha says I also like Naira, but we are elders. Suwarna thinks I should get the keys. Akhilesh says you didn’t call us in baby shower. Samarth says I m Gayu’s husband, I should come. Surekha says no means no.

Naira says fine, we will invite them. Kunal calls Kartik and thinks to go to his house. Samarth says Naira would have thought of many surprises. Naira changes her dress and comes. She dresses as Madhuri. She dances on didi tera devar….. Everyone dances. Naira sees Gayu. She thinks of having a child. Mere laadle….plays… Kartik sees someone at the door. He asks what are you doing here, I told you not to come. Manish says he got the papers. Kartik says I told him to send papers to Sita’s house. Manish says we had to recheck and get print outs, you go and give it to Sita. Kartik asks now? Manish asks him to go with Prashant. He says I m asking you since I will be satisfied. Kartik says I m here, don’t worry. Everyone asks him to come back soon. Manish says call me when she asks for changes, call your father. Kartik says yes. Naira smiles seeing them.

Naira says we will give the gifts when Kartik comes. Everyone gives gifts to Gayu. Suwarna and Surekha talk of a game. Naira says its a fancy game, you have to break a walnut, if its two pieces, then its a boy, else a girl. Samarth says fine, we will do it. Gayu says I will do it first. They argue. Naira misses Kartik and thinks I can do it even if he isn’t here. She throws the walnut and breaks into pieces. She says Kairav’s sister will come, Kartik’s wish will turn true. Samarth and Gayu break the walnut. Everyone say it will be a girl. Naira says congratulations, it will be a girl. Samarth says we can’t think this is final, its silly game. He gets angry. Gayu asks him why is he angry. Naira says we will have food and then continue. They go. Gayu argues with Samarth. Naira says there is still tension between Gayu and Samarth. She gets Kartik’s phone. She switches on the phone and gets Kunal’s call. She answers. Kunal tells something. She gets shocked. Gayu says be it a boy or girl, it will be ours, we already have a son. Samarth says I regard him mine, why do you make me feel guilty. They argue. Gayu faints down. Everyone comes and gets shocked.

Naira recalls Kunal’s words and goes to meet him. She says why did Kartik do this, I will meet that guy and find out, is Kartik in trouble. Kunal comes there and sees her. Kartik comes home. He sees doctor checking Gayu. Samarth says we were talking and Gayu fainted. Doctor says its BP problem, its okay. Manish says its their old story. Kartik asks where is Naira. He gets a call on landline. Surekha passes him the phone. Kunal says don’t disconnect the call, your wife is here in front of me, he doesn’t know that I m talking to you. Kartik asks what. Kunal says I came to meet you, maybe she received, else how can she come. Kartik says where is my phone. Kunal says maybe she has it. Kartik says Naira shouldn’t know anything. Kunal says I have solid proof, come fast. Kartik worries. Naira says how did that man know about our daughter, did Kartik write the chit about this, I thought he moved on, I have to find out. Kartik says no, this can’t happen. Dadi stops Kartik from going. Naira calls Kunal. She turns and sees him. He hides from her. Dadi calls her. Naira says I m coming. Dadi says Gayu needs you, come fast. Naira sees Kunal.

Naira sees Kartik’s call. She hears Kunal and Kartik’s talk. Kartik says I told you to shut this case. He sees Naira crying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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