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Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Soorapadman is fighting with kartik but fails.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with soorapadman comes to face kartik for war while soorasahi is thinking about soorapadman doing wrong without any plans has gone on battlefield.
The unknown woman is trying to touch the statue of kartik while devsena holds her hand.
Soorapadman is thinking of taking revenge of his sons watching kartik & challenging of bloodshed of all of you telling kartik too. Kartik is warning soorapadman as well as giving knowledge about of war how to fight with ethics but he is ignoring kartik & cursing him saying lot of heard of your name so you’ll face me now so kartik tells him if you also have taken my name then I’ll give my darshan to you too but soorapadman says not you but I’ll give you my darshan & ganesh is watching how soorapadman is challenging.
Devsena is telling the woman I won’t allow you to do this but the woman is telling her nobody can stop me & not even you too.
Kartik is explaining soorapadman for taking care while attacking & soorapadman responds saying you do not have to teach me.
Soorapadman’s brother is wondering how to stop soorapadman to not to go ahead with this war.
Soorapadman is showing his weapons to kartik while ganesh is thinking brother kartik has to show him is ability while kartik is taking blessings from the weapon given to him by mahadev on his hand as it’s brightening & soorapadman is watching shockingly while ganesh praises kartik as he is taking the form of bright god.
Soorasahi is in confusion while soorapadman is attacking his weapon towards kartik but kartik breaks his weapon into pieces & he is wondering what kind of powers he has then kartik shoots his weapon & he destroys it & happily soorapadman answers him see how I am saved which your weapon could not do anything to me.
Ganesh & veerbhau is wondering & veerbhau tries to go but ganesh stops him which is against kartik’s wishes.
Soorapadman is shooting his strong weapon & it seems like hitting kartik but kartik stops & soorapadman is shocked as kartik breaks the weapon into pieces so soorasahi is also restless as all are praising kartik & soorapdaman says this is impossible.
Devsena is discussing with the woman why you are doing this & she tells her I too come here to pour flowers but I always find you putting it before me so I thought to take this away & she asks who is he who looks so great & powerful & devsena introduces kartik who is none other than mahadev’s son itself who is ultimate powerful god of this world & my swami.
Soorapadman thinks saying he has destroyed all my weapons so what I should do now while his brother is thinking of helping soorapadman & gives him the powerful gadha weapon which he throws towards him & he holds very tightly as it seems slipping from his hands but then he throws towards kartik saying now this will end you & kartik shouts him to stop now & kartik throws his weapons fallen down towards the gadha weapon with his leg powers & soorapadman as well as soorasahi are shocked where my weapons are going & the weapons are moving towards the gadha which throws towards soorasahi & his brother & soorasahi is shocked saying this could had harmed me & kartik is warning that this is your lesson to understand our powers which cannot be destroyed while soorasahi says my one attack can destroy you. Ganesh also says this is lesson to all asoors.
The woman is praying kartik’s statue & devsena is praising kartik telling her the history of kartik.
Soorasahi is telling army that I want to kill this kartik & need his blood but the army is running towards bhawan while soorapadman is also challenging kartik that I will show what I’ll do now but he is also trying to run away & ganesh understands this so he says we have to stop him so ganesh & veerbhau jump in front of soorapadman while kartik shoots his arrows towards the army. Soorapadman brings a giant demon in front of them & he jumps behind the demon as demon challenges both of them so ganesh is confused as the demon is challenging ganesh so veerbhau tells ganesh to do something & ganesh uses his powers telling him that I’ll make you move from here & ganesh uses his powers to throw the demon on the other side making him fall down & hurts him.

Precap : Ganesh tells soorapadman why are you running away as you think you are a biggest warrior so to come out of the den or I’ll break open this while soorasahi is thinking why these crows are flying here so much on our heads.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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