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Tujhse Hai Raabta 7th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Trilok’s truth out, gets arrested by Malhar

Tujhse Hai Raabta 7th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Trilok coming to the secret room and calls Divya. The lady turns and he is shock to see Kalyani. He sits and asks Kalyani where is Divya? He says he can do anything for Divya. Kalyani says who is Kalyani, I am Divya. Trilok shouts and asks do you think I am a fool and tells that he had kept her photo instead of Divya’s photo, as he wanted to take revenge from Malhar and want them to be separated for forever. He asks her not to take him lightly and says if anything happens to Divya then you, Malhar and Moksh will be finished. Malhar brings Divya there and says surprise. He says you have brought Divya in this condition, I have recorded your statement and now nobody can stop you from going to jail. He says one last thing, signs him to smile and says it is over. Divya tells Malhar that she never did drugs dealing? Trilok had hidden drugs in her jeep and did business. She says she caught him red handed one day, and she was about to tell Police, but he stopped her taking Suhana’s name. She tells that she kept quiet for Suhana and came to Aurangabad from Nasik. She tells that she was restless as she had hidden this truth from the department. Trilok says shall I say now. He says you was not restless as you was hiding the truth from the dept, but because Malhar caught the drugs in her jeep and went after her like a hungry wolf. He tells that Divya was terrorized with the fear that she got addicted to take drugs. She didn’t get better after going to Rehab. Divya says he is lying and tells that he used to give him sleeping injections and I got addicted to drugs because of him. Trilok tells that he was strict to Suhana and threatened her to lie. He even raised his hand on her, just because of Malhar Rane. Malhar says all your crimes are proved, now nobody can stop you from going to jail, it is all over. Trilok points gun at Malhar. Kalyani shouts. Trilok says time to go. Kalyani finds a piece of chair handle and takes it. Trilok shoots her inorder to stop her. Malhar gets angry and beats Trilok. Trilok takes the glass bottle and hits on Malhar’s hand. Malhar pushes him down and says your game is over.

The Commissioner appreciates Malhar for catching Trilok. Trilok laughs and tells that they have forgotten that Moksh’s life depends on his favor, tells that he refuses to be the donor and congratulates them for their son’s death. Kalyani laughs and shows the papers to Trilok. She says they are the same papers which I made you sign as competition papers. Trilok recalls and a fb is shown. Trilok tells that he will tell in the hospital that they made him sign forcibly without his consent. Malhar says I will say that you have signed infront of me. Commissioner and Pawar tell that even they are witness. Malhar tells Trilok that they have to twist their fingers to catch the criminals like him, else Divya like innocent girls will be ruined. He tells that he has worn this uniform to catch such criminals. He asks Pawar to lock him in jail and says they will take him to hospital tomorrow. Kalyani welcomes Divya to her new life and tells that Suhana is waiting for her. Divya meets Suhana and hugs her. Malhar tells that Pawar will drop Suhana to her Nana’s house. He asks Divya to stay in Police quarters until the case ends, as there is a danger to her life. Suhana hugs Kalyani and leaves.

Kalyani tells Anupriya that she has to run behind Billu holding plate once he is back. Anupriya says he will be fine and happiness will return. She says then we have to get their marriage done again. She says legally you are divorced, so you both have to get married again. Sarthak says we shall get them married soon. Aao Saheb tells that everything will be fine as tomorrow is naag panchami. Kalyani tells that she will keep fast for her Billu. Aao Saheb says then you have to sit for Puja here. Malhar says I will be with Moksh in the hospital and will inform you everything. He assures her. Kalyani smiles. Trilok asks Pawar to open his handcuff and insists to meet Suhana. Pawar asks him to be quiet and says you can’t meet Suhana until the operation.

Kalyani searches marriage mantras for herself and Malhar’s marriage. Malhar comes and asks what is she searching? Kalyani tells that she is searching proper mantras as Moksh is worried about our marriage rituals. Malhar lights the fire and tells that he is witnessing Moksh and promising to be with her all life, for 7 births. Kalyani asks if we are rehearsing for marriage. He keeps finger on her hand. Zinda hun main tere liye……plays….

Precap: Kalyani asks Malhar about Moksh’s operation. Malhar tells her that Trilok haven’t come till now. Kalyani gets tensed and says if he had eloped. Malhar gets tensed too.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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