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Shubharambh 6th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja doesn’t take Gunwant’s money

Shubharambh 6th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kirtida says Raja, today is your father’s death anniversary. This is pandit ji. You have to give him mahabhog. Aasha says I didn’t call him. Kirtida says but I did. Gunwant says his apprentices are hungry. Aasha says to Rani, how will he? Let me say no. Rani says but it wouldn’t be okay to say no. Raja won’t like it. Raja nods. Kirtida says Pandit ji rest till the bhog is ready.

Rani says to Aasha don’t worry. I have prepared food for large gatherings before. Raja I made a list, go bring it. Mummy ji you cut the vegetables. Rani checks there’s nothing at home. Aasha says there’s no grocery at home. Kirtida says it’s empty like your lucks. Gunwant says don’t worry I have arranged the cater. He would only need 12k. Aasha says where will we get 12k from? Kirtida throws a bowl and says beg. Rani says we won’t do that. Rani has only a thousand rupees. Raja has only 500 and Aasha has 1000. Rani says it’s just 2500. Where will we have money from? Aasha says let’s say no. Rani says we can borrow money from someone. Let’s not say no.

Raja calls his friends. He comes out of the room and sees money in the same bowl. Kirtida says Raja, take this bowl. Gunwat says cater said first pay, then food. Kirtida says where will you food them from? Raja says God will help us. Gunwant says take it and accept you are nothing without us. Raja says God will show us the way. He knows everyone’s worth. Kirtida says you will have wrath if you don’t feed them.

Scene 2
Raja gives hot water to pandit ji and says let me know if you need more. Pandit ji says your dad must be really happy with you. Raja and Rani try to call people but no one agrees.

Raja says to the cater you haven’t started cooking yet? He says but money. Raja says can I pay you tomorrow? He says we spoke, money first. Raja says I will pay you tomorrow. He says I can’t wait till tomorrow. Raja says okay start cooking, I am bringing the money.

Aasha sees Kirtida counting and keeping money in her closet. Aasha comes to her room and says I am sorry but please help me. She takes out the key and opens the closet. Aasha tries to take the money. Aasha says I am sorry God. Kirtida forgot something and walks back towards her room. Aasha is counting the money. Kirtida comes in. The closet is closed. Rani and Aasha are hidden behind the closet. Kirtida says where is my mobile. She feels like someone is there. She checks but Rani and Aasha hide. Rani says what were you doing? Theft? Thank God I saw you going into the room. Rani says why? Aasha says this is our money. Rani says we gave it to them. They want to hurt our self-respect and we won’t do that. Aasha says I am sorry, I will never think about that. Let’s see outside. Raja is on the door. He heard everything. Raha is in tears. Rani says actually. He leaves..

Scene 3
Gunwant says Raja, pandit ji is here. He says Raja is like my son. He father would always feed people and Raja does it even more. He says Raja, is the food ready? They are all hungry and waiting. Don’t worry. See the bowl is there and take the money from it. You have respect left anyway. You don’t have time. Come on.

Pandit ji washes Rani’s feet as a ritual. Rani and Raja do arti. Rani says we can give my jewelry. Raja says we won’t have to do that. The cook comes in and says Raja where is the money? I will take the food from here. Gunwant says should I pay? Raja says no. I will get you money. Rani says to Raja, we will get this jewelry back. But we need money right now. Gunwant says this bowl is calling you.

Rani comes to Raja and says the jewelry Kirtida and Gunwant gave me on the wedding are fake. Raja says what? Gunwant says Raja, that bowl is calling you. Rani and Raja are worried. Raja looks at the bowl. he looks at his dad’s photo and walks towards the bowl. Raja is about to pick it. He picks the food plate and places it in the temple. Raja says you help everyone. Papa told me you do everything for us when we have faith. Raja does arti. Gunwant says the money won’t fall from the sky. Aasha and Rani pray with him as well. Gunwant says do what you want.

A guy walks in. He says hello Raja. I have here to return your money.

Precap-The guys says my dad told me that when you got to know that I got a scholarship in Dehli University, you paid my hostel fees. This is my first salary. I decided that whenever I earn, I will return your money from my first salary. Gunwant says we have to break their team. Kirtida says how? He looks at Aasha.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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