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Santoshi Maa 6th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati is tied in her in-laws house by indresh’s father.

Santoshi Maa 6th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with swati’s mother forcing police to search for her daughter & indresh’s father is telling police my house is not purse to take search any how & also warns police inspector that if she is not found then to leave your cap & belt here only as you’ll receive the transfer orders within a hour but swati’s mother also says see how he is scaring you but I’ll too make this public if you do not search as I know she’ll be found here itself. The inspector goes to search & swati is tied & locked in a trunk as inspector is searching calling her name & swati is feeling pained thinking parent’s must be wondering about me as her mouth is also tied. Indresh’s father signals his mother to hide swati immediately & she tells him I have done what I have to which will make you happy. Inspector does not find as indresh’s sister misleads him with help of indresh’s uncle & he leaves telling swati’s parents that she is not here & inspector keeps his cap & belt on the table while leaving.
Swati’s parents are cursing indresh’s father saying you may be strong but you are doing crime but he shouts him to shut up & leave & they too leave.
Swati is released from the trunk & indresh’s mother warns her to not to act smart for meeting indresh & she obeys her.
Devi polomi becomes delighted watching all this & all her helpers are happy with devi polomi’s tricks & now she is thinking about santoshi’s conditions too.
Demons have clutched santoshi & dev rishi & they tell them that they have to fight with us to get released so dev rishi asks santoshi mata how can we fight without our powers then santoshi mata tells him I have kept this condition with them & it has to happen. The demon is steering santoshi mata emotionally towards belief in her & thinking I am helpless but forgive me.
Nidhi is praying devi polimi in her temple & polomi immerges for her asking what you wish you can ask me & she asks her for indresh but polomi refuses as he is already of someone else’s but nidhi forces her saying I only wish indresh & nothing so she puts one condition to her telling her do what I say & nidhi is banging her head on a huge stone to achieve indresh & polomi is happily watching nidhi banging her head saying I wished you should also suffer.
Indresh while sleeping feels about nidhi banging so goes to see & he finds her near the statue of polomi so he runs to stop her asking what are you doing this & she is happy disclosing her feelings towards him but he is shocked telling her first let’s go from here & we’ll talk about it but nidhi is forcing her to also say that you too love me or I won’t come & kill myself here itself so he feels confused & fishy but watches polomi’s statue & he is also instigated by polomi’s powers making him utter about he too loves her & swati wakes up shockingly from her sleep feeling about indresh’s words to nidhi. Swati is in shock what is this happening?

Precap : Indresh along with nidhi comes to his father giving him papers as swati is clutched & his father asks him what is this so he tells him these papers are of divorce of myself & swati & also me & nidhi are getting married so his father gets very delighted telling him you have done this good work while swati is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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