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Qurbaan Hua 6th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat and Neil fulfill the rituals

Qurbaan Hua 6th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neil and Chahat perform the GrehPerwash while Godambari is performing the Arti she thinks of how can it be the foolishness of her eyes as she saw Chahat standing there, Viyas stops her saying that she should take care of the rest of the rituals because it would take a lot of time, Baleq goes to Godambari mentioning that he is relived of not believing her as then Viyas jee would think he is the only one against the wedding,
Chahat is standing there wondering how she will perform the rituals because she doesnot have any idea however Neil takes a phone from Bophar explaining that he will send her the photos of the Rasam so she can do them in sequence, he however he makes a mistake by sending her a photo of a footballer because Jamuna called him from behind, Godambari forces Chahat to perform the GrehPerwash and she is about to hit it with all her might but Neil seeing this stops her kneeling down hinting towards that she should hit it a gentle as possible,
Godambari then places a cloth mentioning seeing which Neil sends her a photo and she fulfils the Rasam, Chahat is really worried that what she would do if there is any other Rasam then Godambari calls her to stay there and brings bowl. Neil gets a call from Meera, Bophar inquires what he will say to her Neil responds that he has nothing to say to her.
Godambari brings a bowl and asks Chahat to [put her hands in it she dips her finger but then Godambari mentions that she has to put both of her finger, jamuna exclaims that she cannot as she has a phone in her hands and so takes it from her even when she is hesitant, Neil texts her the photo but she mentions that it is with jamuna he gets worried and tries to instruct her from standing there, she thinks that she might have to put it on Viyas and then Neil takes her hands to put it on the wall, he mentions to Viyas that she wanted to take the blessings of Saraswati, Viyas also mentions that he is happy to see that they both are really happy.
Neil asks if she has not seen these rituals to which Chahat exclaims that she had to study a lot and so was not able to see the movies or anything involved with excitement, Neil asks that he knows that these rituals are not In her religion which is why she is worried, then he gets amazed and happy to hear that he has inflicted something worthwhile to her, she asks if there is any ritual left, he exclaims that he also doesnot know as it is also his first wedding.
She mentions that she has to wash the Alta and so heads to the bathroom but Naveli is in there with Baleq which Chahat doesnot know, she asks her to come out, then jamuna comes exclaiming that everyone is waiting for her, he shows her the other bathroom.
They are performing the ceremonies in which they have to find the rings, Chahat is able to find the rings and so thinks that she would always be more relaxed and patient, then they play a game where Chahat and Neil both have to take a bite from the sweets and the one who takes the larger bite will be the winner, she thinks of how she would not have to come closer to Neil, she drops a glass of water and then eats the sweets, Godamabari is not able to see it and leaves when Chahat doesnot feel okay and heads out to have water.
Baleq and Godambari are standing there, she asks him to see Chahat informing that the girl who was in the truck had her Mang filled with Sindoor but she doesnot have any in her forehead which proves that she was right and it was not Chahat in the truck,
She hands her the glass of water asking her where her Sindoor it, Chahat explains that it might be in the dupatta, Neil comes informing that they have been married so what is the need to keep the proof, Godambari says that it is not auspicious that the Sindoor wears off from the girl, so she brings the pot of it asking Neil to fill her Mang once again.

Update Credit to: Sona

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