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Mere Sai 6th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna Reunites With Her Family

Mere Sai 6th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Krishna offers her mother’s jewelry to bail out Vidyadhar from police. Vidyadhar apologizes Krishna for being mum seeing her being troubled by Vaishnavi and emotionally hugs her. Adi brings his parents and Aaji to police station. Vidyadhar’s colleague enters next and informs that Vidyadhar wasn’t present in office when the scam happened, he didn’t visit office for 2 days when dacoits attacked him; Ashok had come in his office and did a scam using Vidyadhar’s seal; he was afraid of losing job, but is not afraid now and will give evidence against Ashok. Inspector frees Vidyadhar and returns Krishna’s jewelry. Aaji asks Krishna that god always protected her even when she hated god; he saved her from marrying Ashok, Sai always protected her.

Krishna runs to Dwarkamayi and calls Sai. She sees her mother there and emotionally hugs her, says if this is Sai’s magic/leela, she doesn’t want to lose her mother again; she misunderstood Sai. Mother says it was Sai’s leela and she will find her mother’s love in Sai always. She disappears. Krishna sees Sai standing in front who walks in saying god is great and gives her moral gyaan that she should always trust god and do good, etc. Sumitra with others enters and says Sai asked her to help Krishna and always protected her. Krishna asks Sai why did he send her out of Dwarkamayi then. Sai says he wanted her to become atheist and doesn’t trust god; because of this, she got a better faith in god now; incomplete trust and incomplete disbelief is not good, now after disconnecting with god and reconnecting again, she will never lose her faith. Krishna agrees. Sai asks if she will marry trusting god.

Sumitra says she wanted to leave her house, she can go. Adi tries to speak, but Sumitra stops her and says good she took her bag along. Vaishnavi apologizes and says she is the culprit who always troubled Krishna and made her disbelieve god, but now she believes god and is a true devotee, so she should accept her as bahu. Sumitra says Krishna will go to Vaishnavi’s house and then will come to my house as bahu. Vaishnavi requests to bring baarat after 1-2 months. Sumitra says she doesn’t need anything and just wants Krishna to be her bahu soon. Vaishnavi says she wants to pamper Vaishnavi and give her the love she deserves. Vidyadhar says even he didn’t love his niece and was always worried about false image, he needs some time to make arrangements for his elder daughter’s wedding. Vaishnavi calling Krishna her daughter says let us go home. Krishna touches Sai’s feet and takes her blessings, then touches Vaishnavi’s feet and hugs her followed by Sumitra and Aaji’s. They all then seek Sai’s blessings. Sai chants Ramji Bhala Kare, Allah Malik.

Precap: Sai asks boy Tullu why he lies. Tullu says he doesn’t know how he lies subconsciously. Sai holds tree and pleads it to leave him. A man watches this from a distance.

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