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Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 6th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Devendra apologizes to Bharti and scolds Bheema

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 6th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bharti and Shullu playing with prasad happily. Prasad tells them that he will show their magic like mata rani. Bharti pulls his ears and asks him not to compare himself to Mata Rani. He says ok and asks them to see how the mango vanishes suddenly from his hands, and closes his eyes. Bheema and his men kidnap Bharti and Shullu and take them from there. Prasad opens his eyes and finds them missing. He hears Bharti asking him to run. He runs from there. A lady comes to Suguna’s house and asks her to sell if she has any old stuff. Suguna says she has nothing. The lady tells that she buys even old coins. Suguna says it is useless. The lady says what is useless is priceless and asks her to show coins. Suguna gets happy. Bheema brings Bharti and Shullu to the jungle and tie them. He tells that he will punish them for thinking to make Mandhari give against him. He says you will become the food of hungry animals now and leaves. Bharti asks Vaishnavi Devi to protect them. Suguna shows the coins to the lady. The lady says she will give only one coin in return of these coins. Suguna thinks the coins are useless like my hand. Prasad brings Bhakti to the jungle. The lady gives gold coin to Suguna and leaves. Suguna sees the coin and gets surprised. She shows the coin to her husband and tells that they will go to Mata Rani’s darshan tomorrow. Her husband agrees.

Prasad and Bhakti come inside the jungle and search them. Bharti and Shullu hear the lion roaring sound and gets scared. They see lion jumping and coming there. Bhakti sits down in shock and prays to Mata Rani. The lion looks at them. Vaishnavi asks Bhakti not to worry and tells that it is her duty to protect her devotees. She shows her hand and the lion calms down. Shullu says how did the lion calm down? Bharti says it is Mata Rani’s magic. They all come to Devendra. Devendra asks how dare you to come here. Bharti tells him everything.

Devendra shouts calling Bheema and asks why this girl is accusing you again and again. Bheema says why you are trusting this girl? Devendra says I trusted you so much and slaps him hard. He says until when you will lie, I thought you as my son and you lowered my head with shame infront of everyone. He beats him and asks him to apologize to Bharti. He apologizes to Bharti and tells that he will help her to clear their name and asks her to take Bheema to panchayat and get him punished. He folds his hands and apologizes to her. He apologizes to Bhakti as well. Bhakti asks him not to make them feel ashamed by apologizing to them. Devendra asks Jyoti to take Narendra out of the kaal kothri. Bharti says truth came infront of you, now we don’t want justice. They leave. Narendra thinks everything is fine now.

Suguna tells her husband that her paralyzed hand is paining badly. Her husband says you have fever too and tells that they will go some other day. Suguna says they will go today itself. Bheema gets doubtful about Devendra’s behavior. Jyoti serves food to Devendra. Devendra asks her about Narendra and regrets for beating him. Jyoti says don’t feel bad. Bheema hears them and thinks how did he has a change of heart?

Precap: Jyoti brings Narendra’s marriage proposal for Bharti. Meanwhile Suguna’s husband falls down in the trap. Suguna faints.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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