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RIAANSH : LOVE AND BETRAYAL . Episode 42 . Night Mystery


Hey guys,  hello . Thanks for the support you have shown . So your comments have inspired me to write next episode. I wish you will  all enjoy.

Episode  41– Read Here

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Episode 42  :

Night Mystery

The episode starts

Scene – 1 .

It is night time in viridian forest…at Camp where ragini and vansh were sleeping. 

Ragini  : Vansh has slept..I think it’s right time for me to complete this deal forever . And then move from here ….i am sorry vansh.. inorder to help you..i have to cheat you .

Ragini removes a Temazepam drugs (sleep medicine) put in in injection 💉and injected it in Vansh’s neck. 

Ragini  :  Vansh this medicine will make you sleep till next morning….And i will complete my deal with Shahnawaz and move away from here …

Ragini goes to her deal location with shahnawaz….

Vaaz comes there and stops her .

Ragini  : What are you doing here  ? You said you are one of Vansh’s enemy. You are the one who came in disguise and tried to took that silver suitcase from me  ( episode 34 , scene 4 ) 

Vaaz : Yes,  you are right …i am here to stop vansh. 

Ragini  : Why do you want those rifles and gold bricks  ?

Vaaz  : I want those things to destroy him , to take revenge from him because of his family..i with many other children became orphan and we were trained to become stone hearted assassin . They took us to an assassin school in the name  of an orphanage.  

Ragini  : Under whose saying you are doing it all ?

Vaaz  : I had dealt with Vansh’s enemy…who sent drone in Vansh’s house..tried to kill vansh and kabir by car accident. And he ordered me to steal this rifles and gold bricks . But who did Attack on us that day ? ( episode 34 , scene 4 ) .

Ragini  : The person whom i had dealt with is Shahnawaz..and those were Shahnawaz’s men.  So you wanted those rifles to make vansh weak.  

Vaaz : Yes..i want those rifles to defeat him.  

Vaaz goes from there….

Ragini  : I have to complete this deal with Shahnawaz…so that he will leave me and Vansh..

Ragini goes to Shahnawaz’s hideout…

Shahnawaz  : So , here you are Ragini  ?

Ragini  : Yes , i have brought what you wanted …this are the illegal rifles and gold bricks that i have stole from Vansh.  Take this and complete this deal and let vansh and me..leave peacefully…

Shahnawaz  : Deal is ok…but i won’t let you go so easily ….

Shahnawaz catches ragini..put her down and forced her physically  …. ” 

FLASHBACK ENDS ) ( To the readers  -the precap in previous episode was a part of flashback..again tricked you all..trick or treat 🤣🤣🤣) 

Ragini  : This is what happened that night ..

Vansh  : So you stole all the rifles and gold bricks from VR mansion so that you could deal with Shahnawaz and end his enemity .

Ragini  : yes , it was my plan..but Shahnawaz didn’t stand in his words and then molested me .

Vansh  : Atleast shahnawaz is dead now and i have got my rifles and gold bricks..

But I don’t understand….you said that vaaz wanted to deal with you so that he could take revenge against me…but when i went to find you…vaaz fought with me..so that he could distract me from finding you  ( episode 38 , scene 3 )  . And if he really wanted your help..then he would not have stopped me..

Ragini  : It means Vaaz tried to slow you down..so that you can’t find me . I think that in that night when I went to deal with Shahnawaz..before the deal …someone might put vaaz in Shahnawaz’s team by giving money…but who could be that third person  ?

Vansh  : Yes , you even said that when you and vaaz were talking then Shahnawaz’s men attacked you both  ( episode 34 , scene 4) . It means that shahnawaz and Vaaz didn’t knew each other untill that night..but some 3rd person..made vaaz to help shahnawaz…but who could that 3rd person be.. ?

Ragini  : When i was in Shahnawaz’s hideout then that night..i saw some silhouetted figure of a woman .

Angre : Silhouetted figure of a woman…i think she could be the 3rd person

Vansh  : We will find out . Ragini..you take rest ..i am going.

Vansh and Angre goes from there…

Ragini  : I didn’t thought about that…but who could be the 3rd person who helped Ragini and shahnawaz  ?

Scene  – 2

Riddhima comes at Ishani’s room….Riddhima knocks the door 🚪

Ishani  : Bhabhi come na…

Riddhima  : Can you tell me …what did Ragini done…that betrayed vansh….

Ishani  : Vansh bhai..has collected many things ..so that he could deal and sell it . One night…Ragini took that rifles and gold bricks with her and left vansh bhai alone…from that day Vansh bhai wanted to find Ragini.

Riddhima  : After she stole that rifles..she was running when my friend noor saw her..then ragini killed noor.

Ishani  : Ragini killed noor…I think you should kill that Ragini . It is killing someone for good only . I will not leave this Ragini.

Riddhima  : Let it be Ishani…She is correcting her mistake so i should give her a chance.

Riddhima goes from there .

Scene  – 3

Angre and Vansh are discussing.

Vansh :  , we have to find that 3rd person..who made Vaaz to work with Shahnawaz…

Angre : Yes , but how could we find out …because only Shahnawaz and Vaaz knew about that person..so what we could .

Vansh  : I have a plan to catch that 3rd person.  Angre isn’t strange …Vaaz is orphan and in this world he only knew Riddhima…and that person whom he dealt with . Still whose order could vaaz follow…my enemy will never let vaaz work with prince Akeel…then only one person is left .

Angre : Boss , you want to say Riddhima is behind all this …

Vansh  : I don’t know.

Vansh goes from there ..

Scene  – 4

Vansh enters his room .

Vansh  : What happened sweetheart  ?

Riddhima  : Nothing …

Vansh  : Your eyes are telling me something else .

Riddhima  : I am getting feared about us..As Ragini has returned so …you will leave me .

Vansh  : Ragini was my past…but only you are my present and my future …no one could take your place…..

Ishq Mein marjawan…ishq main marjawaan kuch bhi KASAMSAY KARJAWAN Oh oh oh .

Riddhima  : Then when shall we Marry ?

Vansh  : Ragini is not healthy now …Once she becomes healthy ..I will divorce her..then we will be together …

Riddhima  : Either you choose your promise for me or choose your responsibility towards Ragini…you have just 36 hours to choose your choices…Ragini or Riddhima..what’s your choice..your promise or your responsibility  ?

Precap  : Riddhima gets a message and a video …that video contains ” Riddhima and Shahnawaz’s conversations against Ragini  ” . And a message was there ” You are the 3rd person…you have 36hrs left to save yourself..or else …i will tell truth to Vansh  ” 

Episode ends.

So how was today’s episode.  So Ragini wanted to deal with Shahnawaz so that shahnawaz will leave Vansh and therefore she stole Vansh’s rifles as well . So the 3rd person is riddhima..but Vansh and Ragini don’t know about it… ?

1) Who wad the person who send that message and video to Riddhima  ?

2) What will Vansh choose between Riddhima’s promise or Ragini’s responsibility  ?

3) Will riddhima be able to save herself  ?

4) Are you feeling thrilled  ?

Both Vansh and Riddhima have 36hrs to proof their love towards each other

Bye , thanks and take care

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