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RadhaKrishn 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna Challenges Narad

RadhaKrishn 6th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Narad thinks its difficult to escape from Krishna’s anger. Radha asks whose anger. Krishna enters with Balram. Narad hides. Krishna asks Radha what is she planning. She says she came here to pray. He asks if she is planning for his birthday. She nervously says no. He says he has planned as surprise for her and seeing Narad hiding behind an idol tells Balram that he can see someone behind. Mahadev and Devi Gauri discuss let them see the drama between a guru/teacher and sishya/student. Balram searches Narad. Narad tries to hide but fails. Krishna tells Radha that whatever she tries, she cannot hide anything from him. She thinks she should divert his attention and calls Narad Muni. Krishna asks if she said Narad Muni. Balram brings Narad muni. Krishna asks what is he doing here. Narad gets nervous thinking he is caught. Krishna says he heard a lot about him and met him today. Narad signals he is having moun vrat. Balram says he spoke just now. Narad says he has moun vrat only for Krishna. Krishna asks if he has angry on him. Narad says how can he be angry on his Aradya and he just follows his orders, he is just helping Krishna in his plan. Krishna asks him to accept his hospitality. Mahadev tells Devi Gauri that nobody can do anything in this situation and only Narad can. Devi Gauri hopes Narad handles the situation well.

Servants wash Narad’s feet and serve him food. Krishna asks him to have food as it is well cooked like a plan. Narad gets tensed. Krishna insists him to tell his plan. Narad says he was wandering to meet him, met Radha on the way who brought him here. Radha says he came to her and wanted to discuss some plan. Narad says he was planning hide and seek. Krishna asks if he came here far away to play hide and seek and thinks he really has some plan. Ulmukh informs Krishna that Rukmini came. Krishna asks Narad if its his plan. Ulmukh says Rukmini brought carts full of gifts as if she came here with some plan. Radha says let us meet and greet Rukmini. Krishna insists Narad to reveal his plan. Narad says Radha invited Rukmini and he just followed her orders. Mahadev tells Devi Gauri that Narad did a lot and is acting well.

Radha greets and welcomes Rukmini. Rukmini says she came here on Krishna’s invitation and will enter palace only if he welcomes her. Krishna walks to them. Radha hopes he says he invited her. Krishna tells Rukmini that he invited her and welcomes her. Rukmini walks in with Radha. Krishna asks Narad that he invited Rukmini for ashwamedh yagna and soon his remining 7 patranis must be coming. Narad denies and says he came here on Radha’s invitation and will stay till yagna without having any food and just chanting Narayan Narayan. Krishna says he knows its his aradhya Mahadev’s plan and when he and other gods couldn’t convince him for ashwamedh yagna, he sent Narad to convince him, but he will not perform yagna whatever Narad tries. Narad accepts his challenge and says he will try his best of force Krishna perform yagna and let Krishna try his best to stop it. Krishna leaves. Narad hopes Radha helps him in his plan. Radha walks to him and asks if he remembered her and seeing yagna’s invitation card asks about it. He informs its yagna invitation card which is sent to all devtas and Rukmini, only 1 is left to invite Krishna remaining patrani; asks if she won’t feel bad if Rukmini performs yagna with Krishna. Radha says she would be happy instead. Narad requests her to convince Krishna for yagna. Radha agrees. On the other side, Balram asks Krishna what if Radha asks him to peform yagna. Krishna says then he has to accept her request. Balram says Narad me requests Radha to convince Krishna for yagna.

Precap: Radha tells Narad just like he convinced Rukmini and invited her for yagna, he has to bring all other 7 patrani, only then yagna can happen. Krishna sees all his 8 wives arriving with Radha.

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