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Qurbaan Hua 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Naveli finally signs the divorce papers against the will of Godambari

Qurbaan Hua 6th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Dua is crying, sitting with Ghazala, she asks Dua to not worry as they cannot change Chahat but she must not worry because one day she would take her away from them all, Ghazala pouring some cow feet soup asks her to see that she has prepared it just like Dua likes, ghazala makes her drink some of it, Godambari while working in the lawn sees them, she smells it and so asks what is that awful smell, Godambari in anger questions asks her what has she done because she brought meat in the house of Brahman, Ghazala exclaims since they have accepted a Muslim daughter in law then what wrong is their in eating some meat, she calls Chahat to come and see what Ghazala has done, Chahat comes with Neel, Godambari asks her to see what has Ghazala brought, she should eat it while also giving some to Neel who has forgot that he is Brahman, Chahat takes the bowl before throwing it out of the house, Dua rushes after her but Chahat doesnot listen, Dua questions what has she done, Ghazala also scolds Chahat saying what can she do for her because her mother is acting like an enemy. Dua insists on eating the cow feet soup, Chahat questions if anyone has ever refused to allow her from eating meat but she knows the rules of the house, if she will not follow them then will be punished, Chahat orders her to go back into her room, Ghazala exclaims she has once again proven what sort of a mother she is, Neel coming says that a bad mother is one whose own son did not like to live with her.

Neel consoles Chahat, Godambari says Chahat would have to perform the cleansing since her mother ruined the house, Neel asks where is it written he will perform the Sudhi Karan, Nele is cleansing the house, Bopho comes and starts teasing the house, Neel also cleanses Godambari, Bopho and Naveli both look at each other, Neel exclaims the house has finally been cleansed, Godambari questions what about Dua because she ate the meat so should take a bath in the water, Chahat questions what is she saying knowing that Dua is not well so cannot perform the ritual, Chahat and Godambari both get in a fight, Naveli blames Godambari saying she is the one who is wrong and should see herself in the mirror because if she cannot bear anything against herself then should also not say anything, Naveli exclaims Chahat has come as Saraswathi di in their house, Godambari threatens her to sign the divorce papers if she desires to be like Chahat, Naveli exclaims she would sign the papers if this is what Godambari desires, Naveli is about to sign the papers when Godambari threatens to kill herself, Naveli exclaims she doesnot have the strength.

Naveli and Godamabri both come face to face when Godambari exclaims that there is nothing in the world for a women who is a divorcee because wherever she would go there would only be rejection for her, Naveli replies what does she need from anyone because she can make a life while living alone, Godambari insists there is nothing in the world for a single women, Naveli replies if this is the case she is also living without her father, Godambari is about to slap her, Neel stops her hand saying that he feels proud that his younger sister has taken such a step, he would always be their for her and find a suitable match for her.

Neel and Chahat are with Vyas je helping him eat the food, Neel replies he knows Vyas je would have scolded him as there has not been a divorce in their family but nothing in their house has been married to someone like Aalekh because they know the hefty price which Saraswathi had to pay after marrying her, he doesnot want Naveli to suffer the same fate as Saraswathi but if he blesses him, he would be able to find a suitable match very easily, Neel turns to leave, Vyas je raises his hand, Chahat calls Neel who immediately comes to Vyas je hugging him.

Naveli is planting the flowers in the garden, Bopho seeing her comes offering his help explaining that if she doesnot make a big hole then the flower would always be green, he takes the shovel asking Naveli what sort of a man does she like for himself, Naveli exclaims he can tell Neel about her preference, Chahat sees how Bopho and Naveli both are enjoying their time together, Neel comes to inform Naveli that Vyas je has given the blessing for her second marriage, Bopho questions what sort of person would he like for his sister, Neel replies Naveli has suffered all the pain that she had to and now he desires to find a person who would make her happy the rest of her life, he can either be a business man or doctor but someone who is wealthy, Bopho and Naveli both get tensed hearing his desires, Chahat gets worried.

Chahat is cleaning the room, she is certain that Bopho likes Naveli but doesnot know how to in from Neel because he would get mad, she calls him from his nickname, he from the back asks if she is saying bad things about him in her heart, Chahat replies she can also say it to him, he questions why is there dirt on his picture when she is cleaning it, he pushes her away, she exclaims he desires to find a suitable match for his sister but is always rude with her.

Neel pulls her closer asking if she also feels the same, Chahat doesnot accept that she has any feelings for him, she tries to make excuses but he exclaims he is not afriard of anyone, she pushes him only to realize that it was just her imagination, she gets frustrated with the feeling.

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