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Love never dies EPI 5 # riansh by akansha

Hey my sweeties am back so let’s starts without my backwas

EPISODE start 

Ridhima hears it and was shocked she looks at vansh who gives a smirk and ragini gives a broad smile others were in tears and shock

Ridhima pov

No no vansh is back but am not happy why why why ? Cause he betrayed me he betrayed he again misunderstood me he didnt trust why why why , he didnt loved me he didnt liked he didnt care for me why . Am so much bad that I can’t deserve some love and care . These ISHQ IS A BETRAYER ISHQ IS A BETRAYER ISHQ WHAT THAT DOES NOT TRUST ANYONE . HUHH I HATE MYSELF 

Ridhima pov ends

Ridhima was stepping back tears were rolling from their cheeks and she ran inside her room and closed the door

VANSH smiles

VANSH: so no one will me welcome

Everybody looked at vansh with anger and ishani went

Ishani : why not joh bhai 1 saal ke liye apne family pani duba ke uska toh hame welcome jarur karna chahiye haina siya? ( gives a tight smile  with anger )

Siya : yes yes do arti

Siya gives the arti thakis to ishani

ishani does the arti

VANSH ignores ishani words and ask dadi can I go to my room

Dadi with anger : vansh abse tum uus room peh NAHI rahoge tum kisi aur room peh raho

VANSH: kiu dadi and tell ridhima to move out from my room

Dadi: no way ridhima will be leaving their

Ragini: why Dadi who is she

Dadi : she she is is

Aryan gets the idea

Aryan: she is my bhabhi

Ragini : but am your bhabhi Aryan u are mistaken

Aryan: u are vansh bhai  s wife but not my bhabhi and that’s clear and that why she will be staying hear am I clear and if any one has a prblm so plz get out

( with anger )

Dadi: I don’t want hear anything vansh and u ( pointing to ragini ) go to other room let’s go ( to others )

Everybody goes by glaring at vansh

VANSH AND ragini smiles and goes from their

Ishani and angre rooms

Angre: how can these possible how can vansh bhai is back and why she is not believing ridhima  bhabhi why and bhabhi is fully broken

Ishani: YESS am very shocked I don’t what is going happen and these ragini how she is back . Am sure vansh bhai and planned something very big .

Aryan enters and says

Aryan: don’t say him vansh bhai he is not our bhai who trust each other who doesn’t misunderstood or hurt each other

Chanchal chachi enters: yes Aryan is correct

Siya enters and say : first see ridhima  bhabhi is fully broken she has again got a hurt . I don’t know what bhabhi is going to do .

Dadi : ab joh hoga dekha jayega

Everybody : yessss

Scene shifts to ridhima rooms

Ridhima room was fully messed up . The mirror was broken all the glasses were mashed up in tiny peices all the photo frames were broken . Ridhima was inside the bathroom she was sitting their her one hand was bleeding she was crying tears were rolling her lips were dried up the shower was on she was fully wet 

Ridhima: why it happens with me God I wanted someone who loved me and who could care first kabir now vansh . Does I don’t deserve love . I ALWAY loved everyone I always helped , cared , loved and conceded for everybody.  I never snatched anybody s love . I never tried that for me anybody eyes tears fall but then never I prayed that I want that he / she would be sad or something bad . I loved vansh from my core of the yes I mean that first I didn’t loved but that time I loved kabir I didn’t knew he will be cheating me but then after i beleived vansh . I tried many times to say vansh but he didnt gave me the chance .THE DAY HE WENT AWAY I ALSO WENT AWAY FROM MY SELF . THEN WHY RAGINI SHE ALSO CHEATED VANSH AND I ALSO CHEATED VANSH BUT I DIDN’T INTENIONALLY BUT RAGINI IS DID IT INTENTIONALYY. BUT NOT NOW EVETYBODY USED ME NOW WAIT AND WATCH WHAT I WILL BE DOING . NOW NO ONE WILL USE NOW NO ONE WILL BE RIGHT ON ME NOW NO ONE WILL DISRESPECT , NOW NO ONE WILL INTERFERE FROM MY AND FROM NOW NO TEARS .



Ridhima wipes the tears and goes 

And smirk

Ridhima: NOW time will work as I want. Get ready for a new ridhima . Who is the queen of her

done !!!!! 

Guys what will ridhima will be doing how will be ridhima handle if u want to soon plz comment and give your views . Don’t forget to tell your views and if their is any spelling mistake so am very sorry . AND note guys : from 17th to 29th I will be not posting as my exams are starting.  But I will be trying to post .

byeee take care 

your author : # akansha 


Guys don’t be sad if immj2 is ending be excited for the next season and get cheered up . 

my request . 


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