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It’s not a goodbye! But probably a new beginning! Do read! -Amyra! 🥀

My friend called me and asked ready ho gya!? ( all ready? )


I replied:- not yet!

She:- when will you do!?

I :- tmrw morning (ie today morning 😂😂)


She:- you are great, I have never seen a topper so relaxed before tests, saying will study tmrw!? Pdh le yrr! ( study now!)


Me:- ha pkka, I will

But not now I don’t want to study just now as if I will do then, only wastage of time , my brain is saying it doesn’t want to see books or memorize anything!.



She:- gud! First person who talked to it’s a brain! Incredible! Accha when you will prepare just tell me 😆😆.


Me:- ha ok done!

Call ended



hsi aayi!? Daatna nhi koi! Hindi literature tha😆😆🙂.Accha gya! (Laughing? Don’t scold! It was of hindi literature and it went well)


See there were three reasons!

-I was upset because of off-air!

– new story was revolving, so want connecting it!

– and had hurt in finger 🙂😅😅!

So no scolding!



But did you laughed reading my conversation!? 😂😂😂!





Let’s start!


From where to start!??

No idea, right!?

Feeling low because of the off-air!?

C’mon, it’s rightly said that all good things have to come to an end!

Don’t be sad guys! Many of us were attached but jaane dete h (let it go) .

Change is always needed.

This season went and paved the way for the next one!



So basically, I for the first time Dadi’s love was genuine for vansh.

I mean she loved him truly, whatever she would have to him in anger or Aryan in anger to kill him or anything like that.

But the way she saved him yesterday was just indescribable.



Ishani was also sad for the first time for vansh, whatever she has done in past but she was his sister, so her emotions were justified totally.


Aryan for the time when I saw I was so sure for him to be the most cute, flirting grey character.

Actually I can’t even say that totally grey…. Because many a times he was right too.

But his yesterday’s dialogue while clapping “ooo, that’s calls for a drink! ”

This dialouge was nit in happiness but in pain of loosing his brother.

Whatever feelings Aryan had for vansh… But he truly portrayed that he loved him tooo….

Same with chachi too!




What to say for him!

I will be getting short of words…. For him.

How can he be too perfect!?

Loyal from starting, true love for everyone, faithful and worthy of all respect!

Really zayn potrayed it with alll his might and emotions.

He did justice to angre’s character!

Just loved him from starting!


Sia was same!

What, I mean I admit she went on wrng paths in between but returned back to the innocent sia.



And about Ridhima and vansh then,

They are irreplaceable so! No words to describe! 🙂.

Firing chemistry, bestly potrayed (Bestly invented by me😆😁😂😂😂)

Actually it will be how nicely potrayed!





All the actors fully did justice to their characters!




Now this was the true opinion about my perception after watching yesterday’s episode!

Sorry if I didn’t matched with anyone’s!





Would be thinking why I posted, right!?

Because today toh were my test and I had ready informed you!

But you see the attraction!


Do comment your experiences !


Whatever happens, we writers are here, not going anywhere! So stay tuned!



Now please put up a big smile on faces! 😃.




Love you all!



Actually I want to share that 😆.

I wrote about the last day of the shoot.

Just tried to potray!

But my dear girl! @1234aayu! Had posted so I thought to cut off that part and post the rest!


@aayu dont get guilty or sad that because of you I didn’t posted!

Because as you say you are too emotional 😂!



Would be back soon with my ff! Till then byee!!!!

Love u all!!!



Cover is by me! 😂!



Abhay’s invitation reached 2695 comments!

If not understood, then read it,

It was posted yesterday with the title Important notice.



Thank you,










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