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A night unforgettable- IMM2 audience OS

A night unforgettable- IMM2 audience OS

Hi guys. It’s really heart breaking that our loved show and couple ended yesterday. I don’t have much to say  but I hope you all like this.

@Priyu di had requested this and I’m here with it and a gratitude towards everyone here.


Riddhima: Vansh!!! (shouting)

Vansh held her in his arms and looked on shocked. Someone had just saved him from a bullet, Riddhima had saved him. He pat her cheeks in order for her to gain consciousness but it was too late. He had just decided to act as if he’s hurting so that he could catch the master who sent her here but instead it actually happened. On the other hand Kabir was shocked with the happenings. His Riddhima was shot that too according to him because of Vansh. He hid himself behind the pillar as he saw Vansh approaching with Riddhima in his arms to the main door. He ran towards the door to escape however it was too late, it was an automatic door and it shut immediately Vansh left with Riddhima, trapping Kabir. Kabir sat down on the floor devastated. The yellow gloves person went to him and he got up laughing.

All this was shown on a screen, where a whole lot of people were watching. This was one of the most loved episode for the entire audience, the entire family of IMM2 on Telly updates. They had met each other due to this show on a forum where they discussed how the episode went and their extraordinary theories towards the mysteries the show had. All of them had become like a mini family with more than a 100 people, everyday meeting on the forum and discussing, sending jokes and laughing along and all the craziness.

They were the ones who build up the entire fandom of IMM2. They came up with their own masterpieces towards the show also known as fan fictions and posted for everyone to read. Commenting on each and every post after reading is their special talent, passing 100 comments in a fan fiction episode! They had all finally met at one place, all in Maldives. (how I wish it was true)

It was the night time, near the beach and the calming blue waters, everyone glued at their spots, their eyes fixed on the screens watching their most favourite episode of the entire series (presumably) Episode 54, where Riddhima took the bullet for Vansh. Each and every one of them had a bucket of popcorn or a packet of crisps, or some had tissues in their hands and some had sticks ready to mimic beating some of the cast in the show. (that was me) (i.e Kabir for his betrayal)

The forum was open to all, accepting everyone wholeheartedly. Whether listening to everyone’s opinions and views on a particular topic from the series or showing their talents by jokes or reviews of the episodes in summaries.

And personally this is what made me enter the first time in this forum. I made many friends on this forum, and I’m so glad to make them. As I’m the only child, I got many sisters and brothers too in this forum. I loved reading these stories that they wrote, they gave me a better viewpoint to look at things. This made me start to write my own and I got a lot of support of which I’m really thankful of.

Our show ended yesterday however our journey with each other will never end…we will support each and everyone here. We will stay in touch here! Together here! Even though I know the story I put above; them meeting in Maldives might not ever come true but if destiny wants we will meet some day, I hope. Anyway before I get too emotional about all our memories here I’ll go back to the story.

So they all enjoyed with each other, the unforgettable night. They watched their favourite couple with pure affection and again made their theories sharing with everyone. They enjoyed all their time together, talking and knowing each other better and bonding well. Riansh and Rrahel lived inside them, they were link to their online unknown but true and lovely friendship.

Forever Rrahel and Forever Riansh fans!

So guys this was just a short story I wrote to acknowledge everyone here, I hope @Priyu di this was fine, I added my touch.

Pls do comment and let me know how it is.


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