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Shakti 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kinnars to help Soumya and Harman

Shakti 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saya telling Soumya that she can help her with her money, but can’t give other kinnars’ money. Soumya requests for help and assures them that they will return their money. All kinnars clap. Saya says they mean that they will help you. Harman tells that he can’t give him salary now. They agree to work in his factory. Harman gets thankful. Chameli asks him to get Pulao made by Soumya sometimes. Chintu asks Harak Singh about the litter thrown at Harman and Soumya’s side. Shanno comes and makes an excuse. Harak singh asks Chintu to clean the floor with a broom. Chintu thinks to teach them a lesson. Harman and Soumya are walking on the road. He tells that the factory will start now and then they will buy a car. Soumya says our health will be good if we walk. Her slipper tears,

Harman takes it in his hand. They continue walking. Chintu eats bananas and throws its peel to Harak Singh’s side. Shanno comes and falls down stepping on it. Chintu says I threw it that day, maybe it came there flying. Harak Singh and Veeran come there. He asks him to be in his limits. Shanno is about to Chintu’s side, but he stops her. Preeto taunts her.

Maninder tells Bebe that he is getting locket for Surbhi. Bebe says she prays for Varun and Surbhi’s union. Varun acts to convince Maninder to agree for their union. Maninder is upset. Varun thinks he has to act so that Surbhi stop divorce. Harman and Soumya come home. Harak Singh taunts him for holding her slipper. Harman says he wants to open a shoe shop so that he can make his wife wear new sandal daily. Jeet asks how you will make food. Soumya says she will make food on Chula. Harman helps Soumya to make food. Soumya says she will do. Harman admires her. tera ishq plays……

Suddenly the Chula lights up and her pallu catches fire. Harak Singh sees fire and thinks I didn’t see anything. Soumya shouts calling Harman. Harman brings a bucket of water and puts her burning pallu in the bucket. Preeto, Jeet, and others come there. Soumya tells them that it was accidental. Preeto sees Harak Singh drinking wine and scolds him. Harak Singh gives his reasoning that why to interfere in neighbors’ house. Harman tells Soumya that their neighbors can attempt to kill her. He asks her to change her saree. Harak Singh asks Veeran to ask Shanno to serve food. He asks Preeto to sit and says nothing has happened to anyone. Soumya and Harman try to light the Chula. Harak Singh sees smoke and goes to their side. He puts water on the Chula.

Soumya and Harman romance while doing house work.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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