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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shamsher takes a step forward to make Roop as a man

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Himani and Jigna setting the dinning table. Bua checks the food items and says she likes it. Roop asks where is Maa? Himani says she is doing puja. Roop goes to terrace and tells that she keeps fast for Shamsher’s prosperity and is doing moon’s puja. She asks him to go. Roop comes to Shamsher and asks him not to eat and says you are fasting. Shamsher says I am not fasting and tells that men don’t keep fast. Roop asks why? He says when mummy can fast for you and then why can’t you fast for her. Shamsher says it is a woman’s work. Kamla asks him to sit and have food. Roop tells that he will keep fast for his wife and will keep karwachauth ritual also. Bua and Shamsher are upset. Kamla asks him to have food. Shamsher says it is a woman work and asks him to

leave that ritual for woman. Kamla says your papa is right and asks him to have food. Roop says yes, Papa is right and says men can’t bear hunger and that’s why eat food first. He says that’s why women are more stronger than men. Shamsher gets angry and hits glass on the table. He refuses to eat and goes. Roop smiles. Himani tells Roop that Shamsher is hungry for the first time because of you.

Roop asks him if his wife is born? Himani smiles and says she must be sleeping now. Roop says I will not disturb my wife’s sleep and hugs Himani. Shamsher makes Roop and Ranvir exercise. Kamla brings almond milk. Shamsher asks Roop to drink two glasses. Roop says today he has unit test and he will have to spend maximum time in toilet. Shamsher asks him to drink just one glass then. Roop says ok and drinks. Bua stops Kamla from packing imli ki chutney in Roop’s tiffin. Roop gets upset. Kamla combs Himani’s hairs. Himani tells what Roop had said and tells that she wants a husband to have Roop qualities. Shamsher thinks how to make Roop as a strong man.

In the school, Palak asks Roop to have tiffin. Roop says I don’t want. Palak asks what happened? Roop tells her everything and tells that Shamsher is not letting him do or eat what is written in his sisters’ list. Palak says your Papa is unique and asks him to tell what he would like to eat. Roop tells her. Palak goes to friends and brings dhokla, aloo paratha and imli ki chutney. Roop gets happy and eats it. Ranvir eats dry fruits and thinks nobody cares for him. He thinks he will become so much stronger to beat Roop. Bua hears him. Ranvir asks did you hear what I told. Bua pats on his head and says I heard everything. She tells him that both are special to her and asks him to become strong for the world and not to beat Roop. Palak asks Roop to tell what he wants to have and says she will bring that next day. Roop says you are Jeannie for me and says I am seeing everywhere. Palak sees Shamsher coming and says even me. Roop gets tensed and checks his eyes. He says Papa will set a new rule now. Shamsher gets down from his bike and asks Palak to go with Himani in auto and tells Roop that he will take him to police station. He asks Palak to inform Himani. Palak nods. Shamsher says daily you will come with me to Police station and stay there, smiles.

Precap: Himani informs Kamla that Shamsher took Roop to Police station. Kamla calls Shamsher and asks about Roop. Shamsher gets angry on her. The thieves in the lockup tell that Shamsher’s wife is stupid to stay with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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