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Kasam 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir tells truth to Kritika

Kasam 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranbir coming to Kitchen and taps on Kritika’s shoulder. She asks what are you doing here? Ranbir tells that he came to wash his hands with tap and tells that he liked tea made by her. Kritika tells herself that her destiny has become bright as he liked tea made by her. He asks what is your problem, I am giving you compliment. Kritika says you would have give compliment to many girls all day and think he lied to her. She says you are spontaneous to lie, and says you lied seeing Ishani. Ranbir says what would I tell, that I came to met Kittu. Kritika asks him not to call her kittu. Ranbir says you also lied. Kritika asks when did I lie? Ranbir says you said that you came to take selfie with Ishani. Kritika says she is not accustomed to lie and doesn’t know how to lie. Ranbir calls

her cute. She asks her to go. Ranbir says I am innocent and tells that he didn’t do anything. Kritika looks at her. Akki and Jiana come to the hall. Jiana says she showed him home. Akki says it is cosy and sweet home. He asks Ishani to show her room. Ishani takes him. Pummy asks Jiana why Ranbir is taking too much time to wash his hand. Jiana thinks Kritika and Ranbir are in kitchen and get happy. Pummy says Kritika will wash his mind and says she will call him. Jiana says if you go behind him then he will think you are doing check on him. She says she will call him. She prays to God to make Kritika fall for Ranbir.

Kritika says why are you telling me as I am not the judge. Ranbir says because you matters to me a lot and your thinking matters. He tells that he was restless at home, and tells that he doesn’t care about the world, but cares for her. He says I don’t want to hide anything from you and that’s why came to tell you. He asks if she trusts him. Ishani shows her room to Akki and tells that she hugs her teddy and sleep. Akki tells that his teddy is Ranbir Kapoor. Ishani laughs. Ranbir says if you trust me then I will get strength to fight. Pummy calls her. Ranbir asks her to tell that she trust him. Kritika asks him to leave her hand and says she trust him. Ishani asks Akki about his girl friend. Akki says she is fine and says Isha. Ishani asks him to show her pic. Akki says he don’t have her pic now and asks why she is showing interest in his girl friend. Ishani says I knew that you have no girlfriend and asks can we go for a coffee. Akki gets happy. Kritika comes out. Pummy asks what you were doing in the kitchen. Ranbir comes out and says he will leave now.

Pummy asks ranbir to take a selfie with them and tells Kritika that Poor man is waiting to take selfie with her. They all pose for the selfie. Ranbir takes his selfie with kritika while others also pose. He asks her to smile and clicks selfie. He then asks Akki to take selfie with others. He pulls Kritika closer to him. Kritika looks on. Kritika signs him to leave her hand. Akki takes selfies. Pummy asks him to send pics to her. Akki says I will send to Ishani and asks for her number.

Mahima tells that she is upset that such a thing happened with Malishka, but why did she blame Ranbir as he is innocent. Balraj asks her to trust God and says nothing can happen to him. Malishka comes to Batra and wakes him up. She says we have to do important work and says if you sleep like this, then our work will be pending. She says anything can happen in a night. She says hit hammer on the iron when it is hot. Ranbir says we shall go now. Arun says I felt happy meeting you. Arun says I will send you all. Ranbir asks him to chill and says they will go. Arun says I love you. Ranbir says I love you all. Kritika also waves him bye. Everyone look at the pic sent by Akki.

Malishka asks Balraj and Mahima to leave the house and return to Canada. She tells that will take back the case if they leave. Ranbir comes and slaps her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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