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Chandrashekhar 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra regrets for Malka’s arrest

Chandrashekhar 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Durga getting a woman to HSRA. Chandra says there is no dilemma as Durga got you here, she knows people’s heart well. He tells her the dangers in their path. He tells her that he doesn’t take women in HSRA for their respect and name. The woman says I m ready to walk on this path. Durga says this woman will also give the test to prove herself. They all say its not needed, as they trust Durga. The woman requests Chandra to test her. Chandra says fine, you have to make CID police engaged, so that we get Bhagat freed from jail, police shouldn’t know about it, you are welcome in HSRA. The woman thanks him. Tasduk asks Jai not to worry as he is with them. Jai says we are in open, I feel scared. Tikaram asks him not to stay afraid. Malka and Mahor see Jai and get angry on his

cheat. Malka says he is laughing with policemen, I will not leave them. He angrily shoots at Jai and misses shot. Tasduk and cops try to catch Malka and Mahor. Police surrounds them. They get caught and shout on Jai.

Rajguru sees Jai in the jail and attacks on him angrily. Bimal hits him on his head and faints him. Sukhdev gets angry seeing Rajguru’s state. Genda says I want you all to beg for food, you won’t get any food or water now, you will starve here. Bhagat stops Genda and sings an emotional song. He shouts Inqelaab zindabaad…..Genda goes and asks Bimal to beat all of them. Bimal says they are prepared to bear the tortures, they won’t break, what if we break them and make them doubt each other. Genda says yes, we can break their unity. He praises Bimal and says we will start this after few days so that they don’t know our plan. The woman tells Chandra that police arrested Malka and Mahor, Malka shot at Jai angrily and got caught. Chandra gets angry hearing the bad news. He says what happened to them, why are they behaving this way. The woman says I have won the police’s trust and told them about this place. Durga says then we should leave from there soon, police may reach here any time. Vesham says there is one way, I will get myself arrested, you all leave.

Chandra asks him is he mad, if everyone gets arrested, how will HSRA manage, just prepare to leave. People reaches there and attacks. They enter the place and doesn’t see anyone. The policeman gets hurt by a bomb blast there. John says how could you risk our lives by relying on a woman, its a trap. Tikaram says our info was right, maybe someone informed them in last minute. Tasduk says Tikaram is right, we have to trust that woman, Azad won’t get any woman in his team. John asks them to collect evidence. Chandra and everyone come to other place.

Chandra regrets for Mahor and Malka’s arrest. He says everyone is getting arrested slowly, how will we succeed. Durga sees him sorrowful. Chandra says Jai has shut all ways for Bhagat and Rajguru’s freedom. He shares his concern that problems are increasing, not getting less. Sukhdev asks why did you get me here, where are others. Genda makes him against Bhagat. Sukhdev says I won’t get trapped in your plan, I know Bhagat since childhood, he can never cheat the country, he won’t get against us. Genda says I got you here to clear this misunderstanding. Sukhdev says I know you are lying. Genda asks him to check the paper and understand. Bimal asks him to read and then tell them as well. Sukhdev reads the newspaper.

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