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chapter 6 : back to udaipur ?

the chapter starts with naira sitting in her room , crying

naira : i won’t let kairav suffer more, he doesn’t deserve it .i can’t commit a sin by separating a father and a child for more time. i have already done it for 5 years . i know that kartik will be angry, sad and even guilty , even i am but not anymore. i will make you meet your son kartik. the family may not accept me or trusts me , but i just hope you still love me . i am coming kartik , to you and our family !

i am coming kartik , to you and our family !
naira heards kairav’s voice from behind. she wipes her tears and make herself calm. she goes to the hall . mishti,abir and vedika and kairav too were there.

kairav: mumma , app kahaan thei? i was kabse calling you

naira : main kaam kar rahi thi baby. voh ek patient ka call aaya tha

kairav: oh accha , voh mumma is week father’s day hain , aur voh mere sab friends ke papa school aa rahe hain event ke liye, voh i wanted to ask you will papa come this time ?

this sentence makes naira teary eyed

naira: nahi baby, this time he will not come but…we will go to meet him and your dadu-dadi , mamu and all of the family

mishti , abir and vedika were shocked as they did not expect this move by naira . they all knew she is feeling guilty of separating a father and a son , but the fact they were determined about was that they will support naira in udaipur and won’t break her trust on them.

mishti: di app aise achanak

naira: haan mishti we are going to udaipur and vaise bhi kairav misses his father a lot and it’s high time now

naira told them to pack their bags and told her that they will leave tomorrow for udaipur . mishti and vedika took leave for few days fro their office , while naira resigned from her resignation in the clinic because she somewhere was sure that she won’t come back to goa anymore . while abir started preparing for their journey.

while in goenka villa,

kartik: why am i feeling so happy from inside, this never happened from the last 5 years then why now ? naira where are you ? i am searching for you , i have hired a detective also , i will find you soon and ask for your forgiveness . i know people here won’t accept you that fast because they think you betrayed me . but i will make all of this fine . i promise.

in singhania sadan,

naksh: come back naira . i am missing you badly, here people are against you but i will be with you , please come back . i need you my 007 !

choti dadi: kyun intezaar kar rahe ho us larki ka ? she feels happy living leaving us here and moreover she betrayed kartik. how chea..

before choti dadi could complete

naksh: dadi… its not true . naira can’t do that . she is my sister and i know that she can’t do it and i am sure of it . it is kartik’s fault she left us !

choti dadi : but naksh .. if it kartik’s fault why did she leave us ? for 5 long years?? she running away shows that she is at fault , it shows that she did betray kartik

naksh : for how long will you keep blaming her ? do we even know the reality? literally at some point of time i am ashamed that my family is thinking about this about their own daughter ! over there in goenka villa , gayu’s hatred towards naira is increasing day by day and over here , you guys also are hating her !! see if she comes back na , then i dont care, i will be there with her beacuse i trust her !

choti dadi: naksh yeh kaise baat kar rahe ho mujhse

naksh : see dadi i am sorry but this time its actually your guys ka fault and not hers.

naksh is in dilemma , wether to hate naira or not . his heart says that he shouldn’t because it’s not her fault but his heart is aslo acared that what if it is true ? he is trying everyday very hard to pacify the singhania’s about naira .

the next day, in goa . abir , mishti and vedika are all set to go to udaipur. while naira was hoping for good and kairav was very excited. naira talked to the udaipur clinic , and got a post there as a nutritionist. their flight took off , while naira thinking about what will happen today while in udaipur kartik was feeling a unknown happiness inside his heart .

Precap: naira in goenka villa !! kairav and kartik meet!!


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