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Chapter 5 : finding clues

the chapter starts with at mihir’s office,

At Mihir’s Office

Mihir : Pls have a seat Abir

Abir : Thank you…

Mihir: Abir you told me there are some clients to meet me after our meeting call them now

Abir: yes sure

Abir called Mishti and Vedika

Mishti: Hello Mr.Kappor

Vedika: Nice to meet you…I have been following your styles from a long time and honestly I love them

Mihir: My pleasure…but how should I help you all ???

Abir: Mihir Kapoor…I hope you remember your ex Mithali…that evil wicked lady

Mihir: ohh yes that b*t*h!!! How can I forget her….she spoilt my life…

Mishti: yess!! So now can you please tell us what was the situation between you and Mithali that led to the break up.

Vedika: How was she related to Naira…

Mihir: Naira!! Naira Goenka??

Abir: yes

Mihir: Mithali and I broke up because she thought I was with Naira and I and Naira made out many a  times….Chee…

Vedika: what??? Mithali had this doubt???

Mihir: yes but why do you all want to know and who am I related to it even if you want to know

Mishti: Naira diii-

Before she could complete Vedika spoke trying to cover up

Vedika : No sir it’s nothing actually we love your work and even Naira dii does so we got to meet you so just asked you about it

Abir:okay then we will leave Mr. Kapoor

Mihir: ohh it’s completely fine.

  Vedika ,Abir and Mishti left and were sure that Mithali is the Spot they were Missing on!!!

They came back home only to witness a suspicious Naira

Naira: See I know you all are hiding something and there is no reason why you are doing that…. Don’t make me have a adrenaline rush just say it out naa…plssss….I am not part of the family why don’t you people share your problems

Mishti: Do you share  your sadness with us di…have you ever cried in front of us..have you told anyone how much You are suffering alone

Naira: I have a reason you know I am not just sad or angry I am even guilty I never understood kartik’s insecurities…I never gave him a  chance to explain….I have just got this in my head that he will not hear me but did I do that…no…right…you know Mishti the same thing happened year’s back in mumbai I thought Kartik is ready to marry aashi he did not let me speak and we drifted apart…and there is term called history repeats itself and that’s what’s happening..this is the reason I don’t share it…I am confused…I so want to go to him…but the point comes to that question…

Vedika: Naira calm down we were just on the beach with each other these two lover birds romancing and I was clicking picture

Abir could not see Naira breaking down he went to her and hugged her tightly after 10 mins she calmed down…..

Abir: Naira don’t cry I know neither you were at fault nor kartik it was just a situation that made him do it but yes he should have thought on it he should have trusted you…on the same side Naira before coming here you should have given him a chance to speak….

Naira went to her room silently and sat down

Naira: Kartik I miss you so.much I wish we were together I wish it was all a bad dream I miss you so much I wish god sends you to me again…how much I love you…Kartik you did wrong to me but now it’s high time you have to meet your son…he even wants to meet his super dad…I can never forgive you but I don’t want my child to suffer… Kartik you were a chapter of my life which I wanted to be a story but yeah God has not made me to be happy…!!! I love you and I ALWAYS will it’s just that I will not show it anymore…I hope after knowing the truth Singhania’s ,my brother trust’s me I can never forgive anyone but kairav will not suffer… he will get what he deserves….be it at any cost….

At Udaipur

Kartik: why am I feeling that something good will happen…this feeling i never had from the past 5 year’s why do I feel that someone is coming to me with a bundle of happiness…!!!!


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