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CHAPTER 4 : opening the closed book…

Bright sunny Morning birds chirping and silence everywhere but there was one person who was sitting and plotting plans

Mithali pov

I know that My and Mihir’s relationship would never last but it did not last because of Naira…yess she is the one.. Mihir ALWAYS had to talk about her only..Now I created such a rift that even God cannot come down and tell kartik where is Naira…Huh!! That gayatri Singhania was such a easy target…she fell in my words and went against her sister her very own blood bound sister…This family is a dumbo I can say that.. they never contacted the police or led any efforts in finding her they are just waiting for the day she comes by herself…hahahaa…what a funny idiotic family Naira got….I feel pity for her…the whole family leaving kartik fell in the trap of those morphed photos…kartik even accepted it once but then I don’t know why he regrets asking that question…..????

mithali pov ends

whereas in goa,

naira : kairav utho , get up baby

kairav: mumma bas thodi der aur

naira : kairav mujhe pata hain ki tumhara thodi der is 1 hour , ab chalo utho varna i won’t let you eat.

kairav: nahi mumma aur aage mat bolo , i am awake , i don’t wanna miss kachori .

naira : good baby!

kairav: mumma let's go downstairs

kairav: mumma let’s go downstairs

naira : ya first let’s go and brush and bathe

while downstairs,

abir : mishti my meeting with mihir is at 6 pm ,  and luckily he is coming in goa for the meeting.

mishti : oh wow , then that’s great .there won’t be any need to go to udaipur

while naira from behind ,

naira : what udaipur ?

abir : umm nothing di

naira : there is something . tell me right now i  am sure there is something you guys are hiding from me . kartik  he is fine right ? speak up both of you

mishti : aree di mr. goenka is fine but we were talking about udaipur because pehle it was the case that abir had to go to a meeting but luckily the client is coming here .

abir: haan di

naira(still not assured): hmm..ok

mishti pov

still she cares about him . why di why can’t you forget about that man and that family. they hurted you so much , they did not trust you then why ? when you heard udaipur the first thought came in your mind is always if mr goenka  is alright but di are you alright ? you never cry in front of us , you hide your pain and tears but we know you are strong , bringing kairav to this world was a difficult task for you but it made you strong and gave you a reason to live . i just hope after meeting Mr. Kapoor , we get some hope and can reunite kartik goenka and kairav especially.

mishti pov ends

mishti pov ends

naira pov

i bet there is something they are hiding . i don’t know why but i can feel that something is gonna happen . i just hope everything goes on as it is going for these  five years. my little world containing kairav, vedika , mishti and abir , they should be fine god . and kartik yes i still care about him , i will never be able to forget it because he taught me many things and i also hope he moves on because now we can’t be together. there are many wounds which will never heal .

naira pov ends

naira pov ends

the whole day kairav and naira spent together playing football , eating cupcakes and kachori , dancing, singing and chuckling. in the evening mishti , vedika and abir left telling naira a lie that they are going with abir but abir will drop them in the market as they have to buy stuff. while naira was still not assured but allowed them to go .

outside mihir’s office in goa,

vedika: i just hope we get the truth and some hope

mishti: yaa

abir : and we will for sure find something


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