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The reason of my ecstasy Chapter– 43

Chapter :43…” Truth is always bitter “…

Scene 1:

It is shown that Vansh and Angre leaves after the deal and Chang also leaves with his mens. But there was someone who watched them. Who also made a video of their conversation as proof. She was non other than Riddhima.

No one was there. She sats on her knees in disbelief. She was having a pale face. Her eyes were totally moist. She was having lump in her throat. Has she heard right? Her Vansh is an illegal businessman?

She screams loudly. Then she starts to cry. She cups her face by her own hands. She was crying pouring her heart out. She was also screaming in between. No one was there to hear her.

Flashback shows:- Riddhima saw Vansh going out with Angre. She was suspicious seeing them so she took her car and follows them. When she came here, she went and hide near the room where the meeting held. She record all the scene from the window.

Rid:Why Vansh why? You betrayed me. You know that for me my country is more precious. I am an honest officer. Then why you did this for some money. Is money is everything? Anyone can go beyond limits for some money? ( crying). I never thought you like this. When I try to trust my love from the core of my heart, they betray me!! Ved also betrayed me in our marriage day but there was a reason but you? Why!! How I will give answer to others? They will say me that your husband is also an illegal person. A mafia!!

She was screaming so much that she was also having coughs. She fell down on the ground coughing. She kept on crying bitterly. Her love betrayed her. Can any pain be more than this? She got unconscious crying so much.

Scene 2:

Vansh and Angre came back.

Vik:Have you saw Riddhima? She didn’t come to the office today.

Van:I didn’t see her. I went with Angre.

Dadi:Vansh say us truly do you people have any fight? She was behaving odd from yesterday.

Van:Nothing like that Dadi. You know fights are common for married peoples.

Anu:Yes but is anything serious?

Van:No nothing like that.

Sej:Maybe she went for other work. She will come back. She is not a kid after all.

During Evening:-

Van:Vikram I am not getting good vibes. Her phone is also switched off. Where she has gone?

He sat on the sofa with dozens of negative things going in his head.

Vik:I am also thinking the same. Her phone is also switched off.

Sia:We can search her last location.

Sej:Her last location is in our house.

Ang:Then she went switching the phone off from here only.

Ary:But why she will do like this?

Tit:What we will do now?

Kab:Is she is any problem?

Ish:We should not waste our time then dicussing all this.

Vik:She is might be in a problem. We should search her.

Van:We should leave now only. Let’s go.

Scene 3:

Riddhima was walking along the road aimlessly. She can’t believe it now also. She don’t want to go back home also.

While walking she saw a temple. She goes inside it.

Rid:Why god? Why me? Don’t I deserve peace? Don’t I deserve a person who will never betray me? Can’t I trust anyone? Are you taking test of my love. Then listen I am failed in it. Yes. I lost, I lost in my life’s exam. ( crying).

She bows her hand down.

Aahatein kaisi yeh aahatein
Sunta hoon aaj kal, aye dil bataa
Dastake dete hai dastake
Kyun ajnabi se pal, aye dil bataa

Kuch toh hai jo neend aaye kam
Kuch toh hai jo aankhein hai num
Kuch toh hai jo tu kehde toh
Haste haste mar jaaye hum

Mujhse zyada mere jaisa
Koi hai toh hai tu
Phir na jaane dil mera kyun
Tujhko na de saku

Kuch toh hai jo dil ghabraye
Kuch toh hai jo saans na aaye
Kuch toh hai jo hum hotho se
Kehte kehte keh na paaye

(While I was writing this I was hearing this song only.)

Rid:No, I can’t accept my defeat like this. I have to confront with him. I will ask his once. I have to get the answers. Get ready Mr. Vansh Raisinghania to face not your wife but a CBI Officer Miss. Riddhima Chakraborty.

She wipes her tears and went to her car.

Scene 4:

Vansh and Vikram was searching for Riddhima. Vikram told about her missing news to his department also. They are also searching her. Vansh was feeling guilty for his deeds.

Van (in his mind):Chang told me that if I didn’t accpet his proposal then he will kidnap Riddhima. But I accepted him then where did she went? Now where I will search her? God please save her from all dangers. I will never fight with her again.

They didn’t got any news about her so they came back home. When they came back they saw everyone’s face was pale. They are feared from something.

Van:What happened? Any problem?

He was about to go near them when he felt something in his head.

Precap: You are a liar!! You betrayed me. I hate you. 

I am sorry for this short upadte. I am very busy for fewdays as I have some exams. Also I was not well yesterday. So please bear this short update.  In previous episode comments were less again. Please 30 comments kardo. I request. I will post next episode tomorrow again. Bye for now and Love you all. ❤❤

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