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Sufferings and taunts in school- Riddhima’s pov os by attractiveuser

This os is a real life experience of mine! I am sorry if I make you all feel bore but I wanted to share my experience with someone but I couldn’t so thought to share it with you all! So let’s start.

Riddhima’s pov:

Hey guys I am Riddhima Sharma. As usual going to my school and get taunted by everyone. I reached my class and sat on my seat. I attended my class and as the teacher left my friend who sits beside me said:

Friend 1: ohh Riddhima.. have you completed your homework?

Friend 2: obviously she would have! She doesn’t have anything to do other than studies.

Friend 1: right but when I ask her to send work she don’t send.

Friend 2: ohh.. selfish.

I am used to there taunts and don’t say anything but my bestfriend answers them.

Bestfriend: shut up! You should do your work yourself!

Friend 1: ohh stop it!

Friend 2: we are habitual of copying.

And they both laugh. Then I came to know that it was games period. Everyone in the class became happy but for me it was like my worst nightmare. I would again get taunted. We all reached downstairs. And everyone decided to play ice and water. They ran but I couldn’t. I am a patient of asthamatic problems (we could not run fast in this problem like me otherwise there is lose of breath). I got out three times and now it was my turn to catch which I couldn’t. Then like everytime they all started taunting me.

Friends: she can’t run like always! See her! Couldn’t catch even one person.

Then they all decided to play kho-kho. I hate that game when we have to sit. But I know they would keep me in sitting team only because I can’t run properly. Like always I was just sitting in that kho-kho position and everyone was playing. They don’t ask me to run because according to them they would lose if I run. Luckily one of my friends passed me the turn and asked me to run and catch. But because I was in that position from a long times so I couldn’t run fast. They all started taunting me again and said- you can’t catch! We lose because of you! She is good and nothing and bla bla. I feel like crying but I am used to it now. I was happy that the class was going to end but I got another bad news that the next is also of games. They all decided to play basketball. They took me in the team but as always took me as invisible. Only one or two times I get the ball and they snatch it. Then another taunt I get- her height is very less! Cant even do the goal! We lose because of her. I just want to run from there and cry but couldn’t. I couldn’t share this with anyone not even my mother and I am not so strong to answer them. We all were back to class and after attending 2-3 classes it was lunch time. I was walking with two of my taunting friends. And at the next moment I got imbalanced and fell on the floor..thud!! I expected them to help me but what I heard was out of mind..they were laughing like maniacs seeing me fallen down. I was trying hard to control my tears. I got up myself and reached downstairs. I ate my lunch with them and went for handwash. When I came back I found both of them laughing hard. I asked what happened! On which they replied- why will we tell you! Mind your own business. They always did this to me! After lunch it was our music class and they two were disturbing me like hell but I couldn’t say anything. Then they both called me “rascal”. I couldn’t take it anymore and informed my class teacher about this. She scolded them and said she would call their parents. They both were very angry on me and started shouting on me. They told that they would frame me in front of the teacher but hopefully they couldn’t. This is my story of everyday and I got used to everything. They would always boycott me like this and in games period especially! While choosing teams I would be the one left at end and they would make faces to add me in the team. They would call me selfish and arrogant everytime. I have a friend named vansh. He is a very good person in my life and he supports me always but I couldn’t share my pain with him too. This pain is always in my heart. He is a supportive friend of mine and would not leave anybody who make me suffer but I couldn’t share it with him too.
In the mid of session class sections got shuffled and a girl from other section came to our class. Teacher made her sit with me. I thought her to be a good girl and shared my things with her but she wasnt. She uses to eat my whole lunch and I remained hungry. Her name was ragini.I thought her to be my good friend but once I came across her senior friends who were gossiping about me. My other friend told to me that the ragini always gossiped about me with her senior friends that my height is less and I am a chashmis(one with spectacles). I am ugly and what not! She always bad mouthed about me to everyone!This broke me! My trust broke! My everything broke! Everyone just uses me as I am a topper in studies. They use me to get work. When they have work they remember me otherwise I am invisible. After a year a new girl came to our class. She wanted me to become her bestfriend and I became. But I just trust people at once. My trust is for breaking only. She used to bully me and twisted my hand and used to beat me too. I don’t know why wasn’t I strong enough to answer back. My story continued like this until one day I got a real friend.

This was my painful story.

.                 THE END!

I am sorry if I made you all feel boring but I just wanted to share . Because sharing lessens the pain. Though I am not a victim of all this now but I was once. Now everyone is there to support me ,my bestfriends and all but i have suffered from this all😭! I am crying like hell while writing this as I am remembering everything that had happened to me.

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