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Simple beautiful Life Kaira episode 5

Hai friends, sry for not updating simple beautiful Life Kaira . The reasons are quite simple , lack of time .

I need your suggestions or ideas toward story , as it is same like marriage story in serial , but just akshara is present and her thought. Hope you all will not be sad by decision as I am skipping marriage parts . Naksh and keerti grew closer too each other .

Episode Starts ,

Next day ,(after 2 days of marriage and all rasam . )

Kartik – Naira , the house which I was going to buy has been sold .

Naira – What ! It means we have to stay here . Kartik , god is also telling you to stay here with your parents and resolve the issues .

Kartik – no naira . I have told you to not talk about this . 

Suddenly ,

Naira – Bhai ‘s phone is coming .

Naksh -hello Naira . This is urgent . Keerti ji is unconscious.

Naira – What happened bhai ? Which hospital .

Naksh – XYZ hospital 

Naira – we are coming .

Naira – Kartik , we need to go , keerti didi is in hospital .

Kartik – what .

They tell the family about it .

They all go.

Aditya fakes tear .

In hospital ,

Doctor – It is due to emotional stress . It can cause high chances of going in trauma . Be careful.

Keerti tell everything to naksh about how Aditya tortured her in her stress and unconscious mood .

Naksh get angry and goes out of a room . 

He calls police and then slap Aditya thrice (3 Times).

Dadi- why are you slapping our damad .

Naksh – He is the reason for keerti ‘s state.

Naksh tell all truth .

Mendak get angry and slaps him . Naira comes forward and give a sherni slap which make him fall down . 

Police comes and catches him .

(Aditya -keerti divorced ho gaye ab)

Aditya – I will come back soon .

Time skip,

Next day,

Keerti is recovering well . Akshara likes her too much .

Dadi – what will samaj say about us . Our respect got ruined . Moreover , who will marry a divorce girl .

Akshara comes .

Akshara – If you don’t mind , can I make keerti my bahu .

Dadi – Ji , Um , Kyu nahi . It is a happy news . We will come tomorrow in Singhanias sadan .


Episode Ends.

Precap – Naksh tell about his past to Goenkas about tara . What will be the reaction . Kaira romantic moment became a nightmare because of interfering bhai and behen .

Hope you like it. Don’t forget to comment your views.

Stay safe



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