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Sayi and Virat – An Epic Love story (Chapter 17)

Recap – Virat confesses.

Chapter 17

It’s morning, Sayi and Virat happily are sleeping. There was a knock on the door which made Virat wake up.

Virat (checks the time) – Who can come this early?

He goes and opens the door and finds Paakhi outside.

Virat (rubbing his eyes) – Paakhi, why are you here this early?

Paakhi (peeks into the room and finds Sayi sleeping) – Virat, I can’t be like this anymore.

Virat – What happened?

Paakhi – For your sake I’m telling you again, leave Sayi.

Virat (irritated) – If you are here to tell this early morning, then leave. Let me go sleep. And I will not leave Sayi.

Paakhi – Come out, I need to talk to you.

Virat – Come in, we’ll talk.

Paakhi – Though Sayi knows this, I don’t want her to know it again.

Virat (suspicious) – what is it that you want to tell?

Sayi wakes up and smiles. She then hears Paakhi’s voice and frowns.

Paakhi – I don’t want to see Sayi’s face in the morning itself.

Virat – Tell what you want and leave.

Paakhi – Recently, I have been noticing the relationship between Sayi and Advay. They have a special bond. They seems to like each other.

Virat (confused) – What are you trying to say?

Paakhi – You marriage is anyway a deal na. Why don’t you leave her now itself? If you leave her now, it’ll be safe and fine, Advay will also take care of her.

Virat – Enough! I love her. For God’s sake, register this in your mind. I love her whole heartedly. Even if I wasn’t given a responsibility, I would have fallen for her.

Paakhi (jealous) – Oh, really? But I think, Sayi doesn’t deserve you.

Virat – Who decides that? Do you deserve me?

Paakhi – Ofcourse yes, only I deserve you.

Virat – Look at you! You are now married, your mangalsutra has some other person’s name, and still you are behind me. Aren’t you ashamed?

Paakhi – I am ashamed? Really Virat?

Virat (about to close the door) – Sayi will wake up now. And I need to stay next to my wife.

Paakhi – “My wife”?

Virat – Leave Paakhi.

Paakhi – I’m telling you again, Sayi and Advay has an illegitimate relationship!

‘Thapad’ on Paakhi’s face.

Virat – How dare you Paakhi?

Paakhi – How dare you slap me?

Virat – I love Sayi and she loves me. That’s enough for us.

Paakhi (shouting) – Mr. Virat Chavan, you betrayed me.

Saying that Paakhi leaves crying.

Virat keeps his head down and closes the door. He found Sayi awake and was shocked.

Virat – Sayi, when did you wake up?

Sayi – When Paakhi didi came, I was already awake.

Virat keeps his head down.

Virat – I’m sorry for making you feel down.

Sayi – Thank you.

Virat – For?

Sayi – For taking my side.

Virat – I would always take your side.

Sayi smiled. Both of them freshened up.

After having their breakfast, there was a knock.

Virat opened and saw Advay standing with few other doctors.

Virat smiled and welcomed them.

Meghna and Advay sit near Sayi.

Sayi – Good to see you back after a very long time Meghna didi.

Meghna (smiling) – Same here.

Advay – How do you feel now?

Sayi – Better.

Advay and Meghna does a routine check up.

Advay – Sayi, there’s a news for you.

Sayi looks on.

Meghna – I’ll leave then.

Advay nodded, Meghna left.

Advay – Dadu wants his baby girl to be back in Rathore’s.

Sayi looked confused.

Advay (happily) – You are getting discharged girl.

Sayi – Wow, really?

Advay nods in happiness.

Sayi – No problem with my memory right?

Advay – No problem.

Sayi – Yayyyyy.

In happiness, she hugs Virat very tightly and reciprocates. She then hugs Advay.

Sayi – Finally, I can leave this place.

Advay – Yes. But after few years, you’ll be back here.

Sayi – Coming to hospital as a doctor or coming to hospital as a patient! Which sounds better?

Advay – Doctor.

Virat – When can we leave?

Advay – Today or tomorrow.

Virat – we’ll leave tomorrow then.

Sayi – No today!

Virat – Tomorrow

Sayi – Today.

Advay – No fights. Sayi, you can leave tomorrow.

Sayi – Advay, not fair.

Virat goes closer to her whispers.

Virat – This time I’ll hug you more and more tightly. You’ll be breathless.

Sayi – We’ll see that.

Advay – Virat can you come out for a min?

Virat – Sure.

They both go out. Quite far from Sayi’s room.

Advay – Who’s Patralekha?

Virat – My friend, she’s also my bhabhi. Why?

Advay – Did something happen today morning?

Sayi peeked from the door and found those two talking seriously. There was a banner behind Advay, Sayi slowly walked and stood behind that.

Virat tells him what happened in the morning.

Advay – How do you know Patralekha?

Virat narrates everything.

Virat – I did give her my word saying there won’t be any girl in my life other than her. But..

There was ‘Thud’. Advay and Virat turned and saw Sayi standing behind them in tears.

Virat – Sayi..When did you come?

Sayi (glares coldly at him) – When you started narrating. You shouldn’t have lied yesterday.

Virat – When did I lie Sayi?

Sayi – You said, you loved me.

Without hearing Virat’s response, she left to her room.

Advay – This shouldn’t have happened.

Virat goes to the room and see Sayi crying.

Virat – Why are you crying?

Sayi – Shouldn’t I cry?

Virat – But why?

Sayi – You betrayed me.

Virat – I didn’t.

Sayi – You gave Paakhi didi a promise of not loving anyother girl other than her. And yesterday, you just said that.

Virat – To what I said to Paakhi, leave that. Regarding you, no matter what happens, we’ll be together. Okay?

Sayi doesn’t respond. She just moves away from him.

They didn’t talk for the rest of the day.

Next morning, Sayi woke up very early and started packing her bag. Virat woke up after sometime.

Virat – You woke up so early?

Sayi (not turning to Virat) – Yes

Virat – You even finished packing?

Sayi – Yes.

Virat – The discharge bill?

Sayi – Advay paid it.

Virat (irritated) – Why did he pay it? You should have called me right.

Sayi – Advay wanted to pay, and I let him do it.

Virat – I didn’t sleep well.

Sayi – You’ll sleep well today.

Virat – Yes. After all, you’ll be next to me.

Sayi – How do I look?

Virat – Mast hai Mast.

Sayi – Do I look sick? Tired?

Virat – You look tired! Didn’t you sleep well?

Sayi – I couldn’t sleep last night

Virat – You even changed your dress, give me 10min. I’ll also get ready.

Sayi sat down with head down.

Just then, Advay came in.

Advay – All set?

Sayi – All set?

Advay – Yes.

Sayi – Yes.

Advay – We’ll leave?

Sayi – He asked me to wait for 10min.

Advay – Okay. Did you tell him?

Sayi – Not yet. I wanted you to be there.

Advay – I’ll always be there.

Virat comes out and saw these two close. He coughed.

Advay – Good to see again, Virat.

Virat – Same here.

Advay – Sayi..

Sayi looks on.

Paakhi comes just then.

Paakhi – Woah, Sayi, I never thought you would be this fast to step again in Chavan Niwas.

Sayi and Advay ignored her.

Advay picked the bags, and was about to leave.

Virat – Advay, I’ll take her. Pass me the bags, I’ll take it.

Advay – It’s okay Virat. Sayi prefers..

Sayi doesn’t let him talk.

Sayi – Can we leave!?

Virat – Come, let’s go.

Sayi goes. Paakhi felt very bad because none of them bothered to look at her.

They reach the parking area.

Sayi – Virat sir, I’m leaving.

Virat – Yes, we’ll leave together.

Sayi – No. Not with you. I’ll leave with Advay.

Virat – You can’t leave me like that!

Sayi – I can.

Paakhi stands next to Virat and grins seeing the situation worsen.

Sayi – Virat sir, I’m going to hostel.

Virat – Sayi, no. Please. We did discuss right.

Sayi – Yes. But now I feel like I shouldn’t come to Chavan Niwas.

Paakhi – Good that you realised that it, though it’s late.

Virat – Paakhi, don’t talk in between.

Sayi (faintly smiles) – I shouldn’t have come to your lives in the beginning. And I knew that long back.

Sayi turns to leave.

Virat (holds her) Sayi, please, don’t.

Sayi – Virat sir, keep your hand on your heart and take a decision. Both of us will agree to it. Once the decision is taken, come to me. Else, just send a legal notice.

Paakhi – Don’t worry Sayi, very soon you’ll receive the legal notice.

Sayi – It’s not you who decide that, Mrs. Patralekha Samrat Chavan. And yes, Virat sir, till then Samrat dada will stay with me.

Paakhi gloomy and then shocked.

Virat – Sayi, please. Let’s talk it out.

Sayi – I told you my decision.

Virat – I’ll come to you very soon.

Sayi (nods) – Advay, we’ll leave.

Sayi leaves and doesn’t turn back.

Sayi cries and gets into the car and leaves.

Virat looked devastated.

Precap –

Sayi – dada, you knew everything from the beginning?

Samrat – No. I got to know it, after our wedding.

Sayi – Will you tell it to your family?

Samrat looked tensed.

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