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#RIANSH – LOVE, EMOTIONS & RELATIONS – Episode 75 – Angry Sweetheart

Episode starts with….

Its 11:45 pm, VRS Mansion,

Riddhima reached her room and took a deep breath relaxing herself. She wore Vansh’s shirt, and hugging the teddy, she pounced on bed twisting around frequently staring at her phone waiting for something, in fact, a call from Vansh.

Riddhima (speaking to Vansh’s pic on her phone wallpaper): Vansh!!!! Why didn’t you call yet? Should I call? What if you are still in the meeting? But which meeting happens this late night! If the meeting is wrapped up, why didn’t he call me yet! (pouting) First of all, he left without me, and now he is not even calling or messaging me. It’s been hours since I spoke to him. He informed me that he’d call me once his meeting is done but he didn’t ping me yet. What did he think he’ll send me those beautiful roses and I’ll melt! NO!! Now I won’t even answer his call or message! He should understand that his wife is all alone here waiting desperately for his one call or message….

She didn’t even complete her sentence, she received a message, it was from Vansh. Her eyes widened in happiness and she instantly opened the message

Vansh: Is my sweetheart awake?

Her lips curved to a cute little smile and as if he could see her, she nodded her head indicating that she is awake… she was about to reply yes but then she realized he didn’t ping her for a long time and she is upset with him so she deleted her typed message and just put her phone on the side and made an upset face hugging the teddy.

After few seconds she heard her phone ringing and as she is aware of who it was she didn’t even think of turning around towards her phone. She was pouting and couldn’t take it any longer and with the same pout she answered the face time, Vansh was laughing seeing her that pout

Vansh: Sweetheart you are so cute (laugh)

She didn’t reply, instead was making some angry faces

Vansh (as if thinking): Umm… So, my sweetheart is angry

Riddhima just gave him a glare indicating yes

Vansh: Okay! I get it so… why is my sweetheart a cute little angry bird today?

Riddhima rolled her eyes as if asking doesn’t he know!!!

Vansh: So, I know it right?

Riddhima didn’t utter anything

Vansh: I get it!!! I get it that my Riddhu is an angry bird now as …..

Riddhima eyes widened expecting him to guess the reason

Vansh: …. As I didn’t ping my sweetheart from morning right!!!

Riddhima’s eyes were gloomy and she just nodded her head in approval

Vansh (smiling): Sorry sweetheart! I know am not worth forgiveness but please…. (pouting)

Riddhima: Stop pouting! I want to pull those cute bearded rough cheeks (making a face)

Vansh: Ufff!!! Finally!!! Finally, you spoke… Am sorry I couldn’t call or message as I was engaged in the meetings which were lined up one after the other.

Riddhima: It’s okay! I forgave you. But why are you having many meetings?

Vansh: Actually, after a year am here so didn’t have yearly meet and also thought I have come so why not wind up the postponed and delayed meetings so had to attend all together so that I can reach my sweetheart whom am missing a lot (wink)

Riddhima (smiling): Stop buttering and why are you stressing yourself on a single day! It’ll affect your health Vansh (worried)

Vansh: Sweetheart am fine!

Riddhima (rolling eyes): Yeaa it’s clearly visible how fine you are… sweating, pale eyes, messed up totally….. just look at yourself Vansh how tired and exhausted you are (concerned)

Vansh (biting his tongue): Sweetheart it’s just that am a bit tired that’s it. Alas am totally fine.

Riddhima gave him a death glare

Vansh: Acha okay!! I accept am a lot of exhausted but see am now fine as I have finally saw you and spoke to you so am just perfect!!! (wink)

Riddhima: Stop this stupidity Vansh! What if something happens to you because of this work! You just can’t exhaust yourself just because you paid a visit to that branch after a year. Why don’t you just focus on the work for which you went there and come back completing that!! Other meets can wait or you could do it virtually after coming home from here. (anger)

Vansh: Arrey!!! Arrey, sweetheart relax! Okay! Don’t worry I’ll postpone all the meetings which are scheduled tomorrow so that I can attend them virtually. Okay? Now give a small smile Riddhu!

Riddhima (smile): That’s better. Varna I’d come there to kill those who are giving stress to you (warn)

Vansh: Arrey!! Arrey my lioness is back (wink)

Riddhima (blush): Acha had your dinner?

Vansh: Ha baba done with dinner and am about to retire to bed and what about you? By the way all this while you didn’t speak anything about my surprise (naughtiness in eyes)

Riddhima: It was as usual marvelous. You know I was just astonished when I found a person with those roses in your office for me (twinkle in her eyes). I felt like…. Like, am special… am a princess or queen of a kingdom…. I was delighted when I realized it was you who sent and you …. (blush) your that letter made me miss you a lot (tears forming). You know I felt like just run to you leaving everything and hide myself in your those strong arms where I feel safe and protected. I… I miss you Vansh (tears rolled)

Vansh (happy and emotional): Riddhu you are special for me from ever to forever. You are indeed the queen of my kingdom my heart where you are treasured forever. And that letter, in fact, while penning that I felt like just rush to you and preserve you in myself so that you could never leave me never ever. I miss you too sweetheart!!!

Riddhima smiled in her tears so did Vansh.

Riddhima: When will you come? (pout)

Vansh (smile): ASAP Sweetheart even I can’t live away from you more. I’ll try to windup all the meeting asap and reach home, reach you

Riddhima: Come asap!!!

Vansh: Till then assume my letter, my shirt, and my heartbeat in the teddy as me.

Riddhima: I forgot to tell you something which happened in the evening (chuckling)

Vansh (raising eyebrows): Why do I feel something funny happened in my absence!!!

Riddhima (giggling): Indeed…

Vansh: Ab batá bhi do na

Riddhima narrated him of the bouquet confusion with family and Vansh was amused seeing how crazy his family was and was laughing along Riddhima.

Riddhima: After a lot of struggle and confusions finally the truth of the bouquet was out and you should have seen Kabir’s face when dadi and chachi were speaking of a boy in his life (laughing)

Vansh: So, technically this crazy confusion was because of my bouquet for you

Riddhima: Absolutely!!! (smiling) But still, you know how happy everyone was when they felt Kabir has a person in his life…. (serious expression)

Riddhima: Acha Vansh you know I had a complaint against …. (making a face)

Vansh (rolling eyes): Obviously Kabir right

Riddhima (shock): How do you know? Did he tell you anything? (raising eyebrows)



Hope you like it.

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