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#RIANSH – LOVE, EMOTIONS & RELATIONS – Episode 74 – Kabir’s Anger

Episode starts with….

Riddhima: Kabir (shock)

Kabir (chuckles): Sweetheart…. Cuddles…. Missing….. juicy (laugh)

Riddhima: OMG!!! Kabir just shut up!!!

All were laughing seeing her blushing

Riddhima: This is ridiculous….. am… am leaving

She just stormed out to her room leaving a bunch of laughter echoing from the living area.

Dadi: Awww poor she!!! Enough now

Uma: I just hope that their love blossoms more and more

Anupriya: Exactly Di!!! After all, that happened in the past finally our children are happy and am just thankful to God that he solved all their issues and gave them their happiness

Sejal: Oh God!! You once again became emotional (banging her head)

Ishani: Exactly Sejal! How to turn a funny situation into emotional…. We need to learn from them

Kabir: Guys I think they can write a book on how to convert a situation to centi, a book by Rai Singhania ladies

Youngsters were chuckling while elders were glaring them

Dadi: See Uma, these youngsters are now pulling our legs

Anupriya: Ma, I think only Vansh can get them back to tracks

Ishani: Arrey this is not fair. If you all are spoiling a moment then why can’t we even put our views in front of you too?

Siya: POINT!!!

Dadi: You all are dramebaaz!! Now just go and fresh up dinner will be ready

All chuckled and departed to their respective rooms. Riddhima reached her room and closing the room she saw her reflection in the mirror and a small smile crept on her face and she burst into laughter reminiscing all the incidents which occurred few minutes back in the living room. She went into washroom to fresh up and once done, she changed into night wear and then her eyes then fell on the bouquet which was placed near the window. Her steps automatically took her towards the bouquet, unknowingly her eyes shine, her button nose smells the fragrance, her cheeks turn red with blush, her lips curve into a small curve making her smile. Her fingers were curling over those soft petals feeling them sending her loves love to her (Vansh’s love to her). She sat there reading his letter and inhaling the fragrance of the regal roses, reminiscing their memories. Unknowingly, tears made their way expressing her happiness of the love she got. She was lost in her thoughts which were interrupted by a knock on her door, wiping her tears she made her way towards the door to find D’Souza standing

Riddhima: Yes D’Souza

D’Souza: Ma’am Dadi called you for dinner

Riddhima: Okay I’ll be coming

D’Souza nodded and left followed by Riddhima. All had their dinner having their regular banter and chit-chatting. After dinner elders were in living room having their regular discussion on random topics while Riddhima and Kabir made their way towards lawn as Riddhima wanted to have a talk with Kabir alone. Once into the lawn, they sat on the grass when

Riddhima: Kabir I wanted to have a personal talk with you

Kabir (playfully): Don’t tell me you fell in love with someone else because it’s too late Riddhima and now we can’t even change this relationship that you and bhai share

Riddhima rolled her eyes and Kabir zipped his lips and silence filled the atmosphere before Kabir spoke

Kabir: What happened Riddhima? What did you want to speak with me about?

Riddhima: I wanted to discuss with you about your past

Kabir (expressions changed): Riddhima not again

Riddhima: Till when will you just postpone this discussion, Kabir? Its high time we need to discuss

Kabir: What do you want to speak about that Riddhima? Didn’t we have many discussions in the past when we couldn’t sort that then what do you expect that it’ll be sorted now? (pissed)

Riddhima: Kabir we never had a personal talk on this and I think maybe now we can find a solution

Kabir (sarcasm): There is no solution to something which happened in the past and discussing about that after a year is of no use as nothing is going to change

Riddhima: Kabir!!! I know whatever happened in the past is somewhere related to me and am the reason why you aren’t happy today and your tomorrow isn’t going to be if we don’t sort this out. Whatever happened in the past shouldn’t have happened! Only if I wasn’t there, maybe you both would have been together. Maybe you would be happy with her, maybe you would have been settled and you would have had a family of yourself. She was a great girl but my existence spoiled your life and I repent for it till today. I want to set everything right in your life as its messed because of me and this can be done only if you have moved on from your past. I know I ….. I said it number of times but….. but I want to apologise once again for whatever I did. Am… .am sorry Kabir because of me your life sucked up

“SHUT UP!!!! JUST SHUT UP!!!!” Riddhima turned to see Kabir shouting at her and he stood up in a reflex trying to control his anger.

Kabir (shout) (anger): Why the hell do you blame yourself for whatever happened in the past? I told you a number of times to just stop blaming but I don’t understand why you are adamant about not considering my request! I told you a number of times and am saying it once again, it better be the last time. YOU AREN’T RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PAST!!!! She isn’t as she seemed to be. She just blamed you and left and you being a stupid girl believed it and have been blaming yourself even after I told you a number of times. Why don’t you understand that you need not be guilty of the past! Just stop it yaar I can’t take this. Stop blaming yourself for something of which you are nowhere concerned. Am…. Am done with this stupidity. I don’t want to take this anymore. Am leaving and please I request you not to show me your so-called guilty face again. GOOD BYE!!!!!!

Riddhima (shock): Kabir!!! Kabir, please listen to me once….

But no!!! He left!!! He stormed out of the place in anger without even looking back. Riddhima had tears in her eyes as to the way he spoke and stormed without listening to her POV. Just then all the youngsters came to her after seeing Kabir storming into his room in full of anger mode. They understood something definitely happened and so went out to find Riddhima shedding tears. They were concerned and Ishani ran to her to provide support

Sejal: Riddhima what happened? Why was bhai in anger and why are you crying?

Ishani: Riddhima will you just speak up!!

Riddhima narrated the conversation she had with Kabir a few moments back, everyone’s expressions changed as if all are about to burst

Ishani: Riddhima Kabir is right! He tried to explain you many times but why don’t you understand that nothing happened because of you! You aren’t responsible for whatever happened

Sejal: Yes! You need to stop yourself from blaming yourself and for god sake why don’t you stop bringing this topic every day!!!

Siya: Bhabhi you know bhai gets hurt whenever he thinks of that then why did you get this topic today?

Ishani: Riddhima for once and for all stop this guilty feeling for which you are nowhere concerned or even connected

Riddhima: Am connected Ishani isliye toh am guilty

Sejal: Riddhima she just blamed you to make you feel guilty but the truth was you aren’t responsible. Please understand this. It’s been a year and you are still on that

Ishani: But first tell me why did you get this topic today?

Riddhima: I… I don’t know but during our daily banter in the office today evening, we were having the discussion of partners and guess what Kabir was discussing about the qualities he wishes for in his partner so I got thought ki isn’t it time he gets his happiness back and maybe he gets a girl in his life who can complete him

Sejal (shock): Bhai was talking about qualities?

Siya (shock): OMG!!! Finally, bhai has moved on???

Riddhima: NO!!! That’s the issue. I feel like he still is stuck in his past.

Ishani: No Riddhima! I don’t think Kabir is stuck in past. Because if he is then we know him, he would stay depressed even after a year but he is not. In fact, he is back to normal, that chirpy, lovely, lively Kabir. We know him, if at all he is hurt then he does take a lot of time to come out of that but he is back and perfect. He is fine and out of his past long back but definitely he is not in to and he doesn’t want to get into a relationship now. Or maybe he is afraid that his heart may break once again.

Riddhima: Then he needs a girl who’d break that shell he created around himself. A girl who’d bring life in his life. A girl who’ll understand him and who’ll give him solace

Siya: Most importantly a girl who’ll understand and love his family and friends. A girl who’d not blame a girl for her inability to handle a relationship. A girl who’ll love him the way he deserves.

Riddhima: I think you all are right! But where do we find such a girl!!

Ishani: I think now we need to start a mission

All in unison: MISSION KABIR!!!!!

All discussed that from the next day they’d be on this mission to search a girl for him. They had some normal chat before departing into their respective rooms


Planning for a double update by tonight!!! If possible!!!!

Hope you like it.

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