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Meet after breakup. #Riansh OS

Hello guys. Here is a new os of mine. I hope you like it and do tell me your opinion on the comments.
So let’s start.
Vansh’s POV starts:
I miss her.
I do miss her so much.
I miss our endless conversations.
I miss our laughs.
I miss our late night calls.
I miss our hang outs.
I miss her smile.
I miss her cute attitudes.
I miss every single detail related to her.
Even our debates and arguments, I also miss it.
I’m not able to stop thinking about her.
We are almost near to complete a year of our breakup, but still I miss her so much.
Still I go to each and every place we have been on it together.
Still I could smell her fragrance on every side of my house, car and every place she was with me on it.
I miss you so much Riddhima.
I do miss you a lot.
I wasn’t believing that our breakup will be that difficult on me.
I wasn’t believing that I will suffer a lot after you get to be away from me.
I wasn’t believing that my life will be that difficult because you aren’t on it.
I do miss you a lot Riddhima.
I still love you till now.
I’m not able to forget you and I don’t want to forget you.
Please come back.
I really want her to get back in my life.
I can’t live without her.
My life without her is like a hell.
This year has passed as if it is a century.
I can’t complete my life without Riddhima.
She isn’t just my girlfriend, she is my lover, daughter, sister, best friend, mother, and everything in my life.
I can’t say about her that she is my ex.
She isn’t a past and she will never be a past.
I know that getting her back is impossible thing.
I know that she will never return back to me.
I know that what I have done with her will never make her think just for a second to return back to me.
I was so fool.
I was so idiot.
I have lost her by my own hand and I will never be able to get her back to me.
I will just spend my whole life regretting on losing the only girl that I have loved her in my whole life.
Vansh’s POV ends.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
I don’t know how those 11 months have passed on me.
I don’t know how now it is almost a year on my breakup with Vansh.
I have tried to live my life normally.
I have tried to make everyone know that I’m not caring or giving a damn about what has happened between Vansh and I.
I have done my best to make everyone be sure that I have moved on and I have forgotten Vansh.
But I feel that this hasn’t happened.
Yes I’m living my life normally, but I’m feeling that there is a very important thing that I’m missing it in my life.
My life isn’t complete.
I feel that I’m not complete.
This feeling is a very bad feeling.
I don’t want to feel that I need him.
He doesn’t deserve to just think about him for a second.
He is a man who doesn’t trust anyone around him.
He is a man who doesn’t trust his own girlfriend.
He is a very doubtful man.
He has insulted me a lot and bashed me.
He didn’t has given me any trust.
He has questioned my loyalty and he has made his insecurities destroy our romantic relationship.
He didn’t even has give me any chance to say anything.
He has just listened to his own self and has convinced himself that what he has known is the truth.
How he could imagine that I could look to any man other than him?!!
How he could imagine that I could cheat him?!
How he could allow his insecurities to make him think about me in that way?!!!
How dare him to question my loyalty?!!!!!!!
How dare him to insult me and bash me in that way?!!!!
How he could hurt me that much?!!!!
It was a very hard decision on me, but I had to take it for my self respect.
I’m the one who has ended this relationship.
I wasn’t able to tolerate his insult and the pain that he has given it to me.
I wasn’t able to bear that the man that I’m with him is doubting me and questioning my loyalty.
I’m still being hurt from what he has said till now.
I’m able to remember each and every word he has said it as if it has happened just yesterday.
I can’t melt.
I have to always be strong.
I have to forget him completely.
We will never meet again.
Our story got ended from 11 month and it will never return again.
Riddhima’s POV ends.
1 month has passed.
It was 31th May.
It was a normal Monday morning, but for Vansh and Riddhima it wasn’t something like that.
It was a very painful day for them.
This was the same day that they have ended their relationship on it from a year.
Today is the same day that they have left each other on it.
1 year has completed on their breakup.
They were trying to forget that.
They were trying to do anything special that could make them forget this day and don’t think about it.
Each one of them was trying to not go to any place that they have used to go it with each other.
They were doing their best to not think about each other at all.
Their pain was high.
They weren’t able to forget each other.
Each one of them was walking on the street without being in any concentration.
They didn’t have understood how this has happened when they have crushed on each other.
They weren’t expecting that they will meet each other once again at the same day that they ended their relationship on it.
They were very shocked and surprised seeing each other again.
They were just having an eye look without saying a word.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
How this is possible?!
How I could meet him once again after a year of breakup at the same day that we have left each other on it??!
Why destiny is playing with me that rude game?!
I’m not understanding anything.
I’m not able to stop staring at him.
I’m not able to stop sinking on him.
I have missed him so much.
I wasn’t believing that I still miss him and care about him till now.
But when I have seen him, all the feelings that I was owing it to him from a year got back.
I still love you Vansh.
Riddhima’s POV ends.
Vansh’s POV starts:
How life could give us such a shocking stuff??!!!
How I could meet her again?!
Why I could meet her now while I’m doing my best to forget her?!
Why I could meet her at this specific day?!
She is still beautiful like she has used to.
She is still having this cute little face look that makes her look like a young girl.
She is still able to make me sink on her beauty very easily.
How a person could still love a girl in the same way after a breakup of one year???!
Vansh’s POV ends.
Vansh and Riddhima kept staring at each other very much.
They weren’t having anything to say it.
Their shock and surprise was very high.
They weren’t wanting to get away from each other.
Vansh didn’t has felt on himself when he has started to talk.
Vansh: I missed you Riddhima.
He wasn’t expecting that he will say such words when he will meet her after that all time.
She has panicked and got away from him.
He has stopped her by holding her hand.
Vansh: I will not make you leave Riddhima. I feel that this is a sign from God to make us meet once again at the same day that we have breakup on it. Maybe God wants us to get back to each other. Please listen to me. I really regret about what I have said and done from a year. I do love you a lot. I can’t live without you. Please listen to me.
She has removed his hand from her.
Then she has looked at him in a sharp way.
Riddhima: And who tells you that I’m still thinking about you and want anything to be fixed between us? I have moved on Vansh and I don’t want you in my life.
Riddhima’s words have made Vansh very shocked.
Riddhima has said those words and she has left immediately.
Vansh to himself: Does she could really has moved on and has forgotten me?!! Does I’m now to her just a stupid past?!!! Does she is now being with someone else and has completely forgotten me??! Does this day will never give me any good vibes and it will just give me pain?!!! I’m the one who has putted himself on this situation. I’m the one who has lost a girl like Riddhima. I really don’t deserve you Riddhima. You are a previous diamond and I have lost you by my stupid insecurities.
Riddhima to herself: I can’t move on Vansh. I do miss you a lot. I do love you, but you have caused so much hurt to me that will never make me be able to forget it. Even if you started to regret about what you have done, still nothing will return like before. It is too late Vansh. Our meet will never return anything like before. This meet after breakup will never return us together. It is just a painful meet that has made me sure that I will never forget you my love.











The end of the os. I hope you like it. It is a short os. I felt that I want to write something from reality because not all breakups could be fixed. Not all love stories be completed. Sometimes you could love someone so much, but you still can’t be with that person. So here is this os. Actually, I wasn’t thinking to end it in this way. But I felt that a logical and reality end is needed. Maybe on another os I could write about breakup in other way. Anyway, I hope that you have enjoyed and liked my os. Do tell me your opinion on the comments. I will be waiting for all of yours comments. All your comments is what encourages me to write more and more. I will be waiting for so many comments from you all. Your respond here is what will make me know shall I write a new os or not. So please comment so many comments and do break my previous record of comments. Guys please pray for me a lot. My case is very critical. I just hope that I could get up from it and don’t give up. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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