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Love or hate – IMMJ2 FF – chapter 8

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Chapter 8

She turned back and lost her balance but “HE” saved her…..
“VANSH” she said loudly . ( mil gyi tasalli? 😂 )
Vansh ( in a low tone) : relax. It’s me.
Riddhima : Is everything okay?
Vansh : Riddhima , I want to tell you something.
Riddhima : I am listening.
Vansh : You know what? Being a bad boy, I have many friends but the thing is they are all fake ones. They are pretending to be my friends for getting nothing but popularity. Even Alisha used me for becoming popular.
Riddhima : I See.
Vansh: I have never been so close to anyone except…
Riddhima : Except ?
Vansh: I had a sister named viddhi.
Riddhima : Had?
Vansh : she’s dead. She was not my actual sister. I found her playing at the footpath . Her parents had died due to some major illness I gave her an ice-cream. Firstly she refused to take it. But then she found a good human being in me , so she accepted the ice-cream. On that day ,I was not feeling well but her small hands, her creative activities cheered me up. And from that day I started meeting her at every single day . But one day when I had gone to meet her, she was very happy and she was coming towards me. I had a bunch of chocolates in my hands. She was excited. But unfortunately….
Riddhima : Unfortunately what vansh?
Tears started falling down from his eyes .
He again said : Unfortunately she got hit by a car when she was coming towards me. Before I could do anything, shh-he ..she was dead.
Riddhima pressed his hand tightly. He continued saying ” I have lost a person who was so close to me. But now I don’t want to lose my life. I-I don’t want to lose you. ”
There was a complete silence for 2 minutes. Suddenly Tara came and said ” what the hell are you both doing here? Harshit is waiting for you in the car. C’mon don’t you want to explore the beauty of mussoorie. ”
Riddhima: We are coming.

When Tara left, she said nothing but ” This discussion is not completed yet. ” and she left him alone at the roof. ( thoda zyada serious kr diya na maine 😂 )

After that they started exploring mussoorie . First they visited kempty falls. ( guys no trip in mussoorie is complete without visiting this scenic beauty. I don’t know. Google says so. 😂 )
Then they went to the Gun hill point . Kabir was capturing the beauty of this place in his DSLR camera. Tara and harshit stopped at the company garden . Forgetting the things for now, riddhima said ” Vansh , I dare you to do paragliding. ”
Vansh : Are you kidding me ?
Riddhima : okay! Looks like someone is scared of heights .
Vansh: Not at all . Why should I go all alone?
Riddhima : kabir will go with you.
Kabir : huh!!
Riddhima : kabir just try na.
Kabir : I am ready.
Vansh took a deep breath and said : mee too.
( Riddhima 1 Vansh 0 )
They went for paragliding. With all safety they paraglided like it’s their last day on earth. ( unke chehron ko imagine krna chahiye tha tumko 😂😂
Dushman with dushman. All thanks to riddhima 😂 )

When they came ,Riddhima showed both of them their photos . They started laughing and started eating together in the garden.
Harshit : kitni beautiful place hai na ye.
Tara : haan
Vansh : itni sundar hai ki Harshit apne honeymoon ke liye yahin ane wala hai
( all of them started laughing)
Harshit : Vansh yaar Shadi to hone de.
Riddhima : *ahem ahem* ( she pointed towards Tara)
Tara : riddhima tum bhi.
Kabir : photos ke liye Mujhe bula Lena.
Vansh whispered : bedroom me?
Kabir : abey shadi me.

After having a few chitchats. They visited a few more places and went back to home as Tara was tired .

Riddhima went to the nearby restaurants. She was enjoying the weather and she was smiling . Probably ,she was thinking of something .

Kabir came and sat on the chair next to her. She even smiled wider and said ” thank you for coming kabir. ” ( don’t kill me. Riddhima ne bulaya maine nhi 😂 )
Riddhima : have some cookies.
Kabir : Sure.
Riddhima : kabir ! I don’t know what is the problem between you and Vansh. But I must tell you that he is important for me and the same goes for you. He is not that bad kabir. Anyways ! Meet me at the mussoorie lake tomorrow .
Kabir : noted. Miss bansal.
He gave her a smile and planted a kiss on her hand and went back to the hotel. ( he is a true gentleman 😂😂 )
Next comes Vansh .
Riddhima : sit
Vansh: hm say.
Riddhima : I feel bad for viddhi’s death. But now I want you to be strong. Getting? let’s meet tomorrow at mussoorie lake.
Vansh : got it. No problem I promise that no matter what, I’ll try to be strong.
Riddhima: good boy.
Vansh then hugged her and went back.
( oh my god riddhima kya kr rhi Hai 😂😂 )

Next day , Morning
At mussoorie lake
Both of them came at the lake . They felt a little strange because they came to the lake at the same time. Suddenly kabir slipped but fortunately vansh saved him by holding his hand tightly. Riddhima was looking at them from some distance.
Vansh : tum yahan ?
Kabir: haan bs ghoomne aya tha. Or tum?
Vansh : same.
Kabir : Great.
Suddenly one child came and gave both of them some chocolates . He was at the edge of falling but kabir held his one hand and the vansh held the another hand . He then said ” bhaiya ap dono best friends Ho kya? Ap Dono bhot pyare Ho. ”
The mother of the child started calling his name . So he kissed on the cheeks of both vansh and kabir and left them .

( how sweet! 😂😂 well riddhima ne hi bheja hoga use chocolates dene ke liye )
Kabir : kitna pyara tha na?
Vansh : haan vo bacha tum nhi ho.
( they started laughing. They had a good conversation )
( note : kabir and vansh were best friends in their early schooldays but because of few misunderstandings they had became enemies.)
Vansh : so hum firse friends bn skte hai.
Kabir : haan
( both of them smiled and riddhima came)
Vansh : riddhima
Kabir : ye ldki nhi sudhregi
Vansh laughed and said : haan.
( bingo Riddhima 100 )
( riddhima tum to bhot cute ho. 😂😂 mtlb dono ko fasa liya 😂 )

Next day they took the train for jhansi.
In the train
Vansh : kabir photos bhej dena.
Kabir : bedroom ki?
Vansh : ab kiske bedroom me photo kheechne gya tha?
( they started laughing )
Tara : inko kya hua
Riddhima winked at Tara
Harshit : riddhima se koi jeet skta hai kya?
Tara : true!

After reaching jhansi kabir went to his place and Tara and Harshit went back to their place.
At Singhania’s house
Vansh : riddhuma kahan ja rhi Ho?
Riddhima : shower lene. Bhot headache ho rha hai. Jao kadha lao wine glass me .
Vansh : phle Mai shower lene jaunga or tum dinner bnao
Riddhima : You should’ve booked the flight tickets. Don’t mess with me. Just order something from zomato.
Vansh : Ek minute Ek minute. Vo kaun thi jisne mujhse kaha tha harshit ko bolne ke liye ki train ki tickets book kre.
Riddhima : arey trains have a different vibe. Ab go and order something.
Vansh : No.
Riddhima punched on the back of Vansh .
Vansh : riddhimaaaa you’re dead.
Riddhima smiled and said : I’ve a gift for you.
Vansh : give me then.
Riddhima : First let me use the shower. Pleaseee.
Vansh : fine.

Riddhima went for the shower and vansh ordered some food.
Riddhima : ab achha lg rha hai
Vansh: mera gift
Riddhima : kaunsa gift?
Vansh: riddhima
Riddhima: OK OK
( riddhima handed him a bracelet and ” stupid ” was written in it. )
Vansh : Stu…. Riddhima..
Riddhima: shut up. Let me eat and enjoy.
( riddhima 2 Vansh 0 )
Vansh : you want to enjoy right ? I have different plans for enjoying tonight then.
Riddhima: hey bhagwan utha le Mujhe.
Vansh : bhagwan ka pta nhi mai utha lun riddhima : get lost Vansh singhania. Mujhe sone jana hai .
Vansh : okay miss riddhima bansal jaa rha hun Mai
( they started laughing and went back to their rooms)

At 2 A.M
Riddhima’s phone started ringing..
Riddhima : who is calling me now?
Riddhima picked up the phone call.
Riddhima : Hello !
Tara : hello riddhima.
Riddhima: Tara kya hua?
Tara :bhot bdi gadbad Ho gyi hai. I don’t know what to do.
Riddhima : relax hua kya hai.
Tara : bhot bdi problem ho gyi hai. Mai kal btati hun.
She cut the call..

To be continued….

Why did Tara called riddhima at 2 A.M ? Is everything alright? Is harshit okay? What will happen next? Another problem? Or another Drama? Is riddhima feeling something for Vansh? Will she confess her feelings? Will she tell vansh about Tara’s call ?

P. S. Tum logon ko pta hai kya maine 8 chapters likh diye. Kya mai pura kr paungi? 😂😂

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