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LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within – CHAPTER 84

CHAPTER 84: Still missing

Shivaay: Enough of waiting now, we should just go and talk to those Malhotras; I am so sure they are behind all of this.

Shivaay said getting up from his seat and punching the wall, his patience had been over and now his anger for the Malhotras was overpowering him.

Arjun: No Shivaay, we cannot do that, aise gusse mein kuch bhi karenge, it may not work out well for any of us. (No Shivaay, we cannot do that, if you do anything in anger, it may not work out well for any of us)

Ranbir: Haa Bhai, Arjun Bhai is right, if we confront them and they are really behind any of this, they may harm Prachi and Anika.

Shivaay: But….

Shivaay was about to say something but Rudra came to his room…. The look on Rudra’s face was enough to make Shivaay understand something was not right yet again….

Shivaay: Rudra, kya hua, tu aise pareshan kyu hai? (Rudra, what has happened, why do you look so worried)

Rudra: Bhaiya, woh O….

Shivaay: Om, what about him, Rudra tell me clearly.

Rudra: Bhaiya, O did not come home yesterday and his phone is also switched off, I called his gallery also, and he was not there also.

Arjun and Ranbir looked on surprised….

Shivaay also got worried…. Om was not someone irresponsible…. If Om would get late or was stuck somewhere he would inform someone…. But his phone being switched off and he not returning home only indicated that he was in some problem….

Rudra: Bhaiya let us look for him, I am not getting the right feeling, and something is not right Bhaiya.

Shivaay: Rudra, don’t worry Om ko kuch nahi hua hai, we’ll find him. (Rudra, don’t worry, nothing has happened to Om, we’ll find him)

Arjun: Haa Rudra, you don’t worry.

Ranbir: This is getting more tangled, first Anika and Prachi and now Om Bhaiya, what if the two incidents are linked to one another.

Shivaay: But how, Om doesn’t know anything about Mr. Kapoor’s killer, only Anika and Prachi knew and that got them into some trouble, how can Om also get into the same problem.

Arjun: It may happen, maybe Om found something and went to look for Annie and Prachi, and maybe he also got stuck in the problem.

Rudra: Let us do something, instead of making these assumptions, chalo lets go and talk to those Malhotras.

Ranbir: But how if we go and ask them directly, they won’t reveal anything to us.

Arjun: I have a plan.

Arjun quickly narrated the plan to the other three…. They all agreed to his idea and started with the execution….


Tej: What did you do to Om?

Tej shouted at Shaantanu who was least affected by Tej’s anger…. Shakti and Naren tried to calm down Tej’s anger….

Naren: Relax Tej, nothing will happen to Om.

Shaantanu: Uncle, I did not kill him, just kept him captive, he had found our secret place and would soon find everything, usko toh chup karna hi tha.

Tej: Mind you Shaantanu, if anything happens to my son, I won’t let you in peace, one scratch on Om and it will be the end of you and your plans.

Shaantanu did not react to Tej’s threat and was thinking about the problem they had and how to solve it…. Knowing that now Adhvik would not help him at all, he needed do something by himself….


Arjun and Shivaay disguised themselves as the staff members of Malhotra Mansion and entered the Mansion through the back door…. Rudra and Ranbir were waiting in the car outside…. Arjun and Shivaay had attached cameras and microphones to their dress, while Rudra and Ranbir could see and hear everything that would happen inside Malhotra Mansion….

Arjun and Shivaay were searching the rooms to find the girls or Om…. They were looking around the first floor when Shivaay heard Shakti’s voice and recognized it instantly…. He was surprised not understanding why Shakti would be here, in Malhotra Mansion…. Oberois were not related to the Malhotras, neither professionally nor personally…. Shivaay followed the sound of the voice…. Arjun followed Shivaay’s lead…. They were outside the study when Shivaay recognized Tej’s voice also…. Arjun and Shivaay exchanged looks and moved towards the window of the study…. Arjun opened the window carefully to get a view of what was happening inside…. They were surprised seeing Tej, Shakti, Naren and Shaantanu talking about something….


Shaantanu: Bhai is not going to help us anymore, so we only have to do something about those girls and the proofs they have against us.

Tej: Do whatever you want to those girls, but nothing should happen to Om.

Naren: Tej, I am assuring you, nothing will happen to Om.

Shakti: Already there were so many problems, that this one also got added. With great difficulty Tia’s case had been closed and Pankhuri got arrested. God knows when all this will get over.

Shaantanu: Don’t worry uncle, very soon we’ll end this for once and all.

Naren: Socha tha Tia ke marne ke baad sab kuch khatam ho jayega, but hamari problems toh aur hi badh gayi hai. (I had thought with Tia’s death, all our problems will be solved, but here our problems have increased more than before)

Tej: Anyways, jo hona tha wo toh ab ho gaya, ab ek baar ka sab kuch khatam kar dena. (Anyways, what had to happen has happened, now we have to finish everything for once and all)


Arjun and Shivaay who were hearing everything looked at each other shocked…. Rudra and Ranbir were also hearing everything carefully and were equally shocked….

Arjun and Shivaay heard someone’s footsteps approaching towards the study…. They quickly hid themselves in one of the corners nearby…. Shivaay peeped out and saw Adhvik entering the study…. Adhvik looked very angry about something….

Once Adhvik was inside, Arjun and Shivaay again came out and stood near the window….


Tej was about to say something but stopped seeing Adhvik…. Naren and Shaantanu were also surprised seeing him….

Adhvik: Shaan, I am warning you for the last time, let go of them, otherwise….

Shaantanu: Bhai, what has happened to you? Why are you so keen on saving those girls?

Adhvik: Because they have not done anything to us, and we should not bother them. Their problem is the Oberois, why should we get ourselves dragged into any of this.

Shakti and Tej became angry upon hearing Adhvik’s words….

Shakti: What do you mean by it is our problem; even you all are equally involved in all of this?

Adhvik: No Mr. Oberoi, we are not, yes, in the illegal business we are partners, but you also know it very well we have nothing to do with Tia or Mr. Kapoor’s death, you Oberoi brothers have killed both Tia and her father.


Arjun, Shivaay, Rudra and Ranbir who heard this were shocked by the revelation….

Adhvik said the Oberois were responsible for Tia and Mr. Kapoor’s death…. Mr. Kapoor’s case was understandable…. Tia’s death…. Tia was killed by Shaantanu, that is what Pankhuri had told, and even Mallika had heard Shaantanu threatening Tia…. If Shaantanu had not killed Tia, why would the Malhotras make Pankhuri suffer…. Why would Pankhuri get ready to take the blame, if Shaantanu was not involved…. Many questions raised in their minds….

Arjun: Shivaay, there is something we don’t know, we have to meet Pankhu and know the matter.

Shivaay: You are right Arjun, maybe we have misunderstood something and concluded that Shaantanu has killed Tia.

Shivaay took out his phone and dialed Rudra’s number…. He quickly informed Rudra to go to the police station and inform everything to Ranveer and team while Arjun and he would find about Anika, Prachi and Om…. Rudra and Ranbir agreed and left for the police station….


Adhvik: Shaan, I am going to release the girls and Om. Enough of this games, and planning, we are not going to be a part of anything.

Before anyone could stop Adhvik, Adhvik stormed out of the study…. Arjun and Shivaay decided to follow Adhvik to know where the girls were and also know more about the matter….

Shakti: Bhai saab, kuch toh karna padega, Adhvik will spoil all our plans. (Bhaisaab, we have to do something, Adhvik will spoil all our plans)

Tej: You are right Shakti.

Tej and Shakti also walked behind Adhvik…. Shaantanu and Naren also got worried and walked behind them….


Rudra and Ranbir reached the police station and went to Ranveer’s cabin…. Ranveer, Abir and Mishti were talking about something and were surprised seeing Rudra and Ranbir….

Ranbir: We have to tell you all something very important.

Ranveer: What’s the matter Ranbir, why are you both so worried?

Rudra quickly began narrating all the events…. Om’s absence…. Arjun’s plan…. Arjun and Shivaay sneaking into Malhotra Mansion…. Conversation between Shaantanu, Adhvik, Naren, Shakti and Tej…. Shaantanu not being Tia’s killer….

Ranveer, Abir and Mishti were also shocked knowing this new piece of information….

Ranveer: How is this possible, Pankhuri ne toh….

Rudra: That is what is confusing us, if the Malhotras were not involved in Tia’s death, why did they make Pankhuri Bhabhi take the blame in place of Shaantanu?

Mishti: Only Pankhuri can give us the answers, now.

Ranveer and others nodded and walked out towards the interrogation room…. Abir asked one of the lady constables to bring Pankhuri….

Pankhuri came with the constable and was surprised seeing Rudra and Ranbir….

Pankhuri: What happened, why did you call me, is everything okay, is Arjun fine?

Rudra: Arjun Bhaiya is fine Bhabhi, but some things are not.

Pankhuri was confused hearing Rudra…. Mishti quickly narrated the conversation that happened at Malhotra Mansion some time ago between Shaantanu, Adhvik, Naren, Shakti and Tej…. Shaantanu not being Tia’s killer…. Pankhuri was also shocked by this new revelation…. She herself remembered Shaan threatening Tia that he would kill her….

Pankhuri: How is this possible, Shaan had himself threatened Tia in front of me, he had clearly said he would kill her before the wedding?

Ranveer: Pankhuri, Shaan had threatened Tia in front of you, but have you seen him killing Tia?

Pankhuri got into thinking hearing Ranveer’s question…. He was right…. She had only been there when Shaan had threatened Tia but not when he had killed her….

Pankhuri: No, I was not there when he did it.

Abir: So, it is possible that Shaan did not kill Tia, but because he threatened her, you thought he did it.

Ranbir: Even if something like this happened, when Bhabhi took the blame, why didn’t Adhvik and Shaantanu tell her the truth?

Mishti: Yes, it makes no sense that they let her take the blame when they knew that it wasn’t their family’s fault.

Pankhuri was lost in her thoughts…. Had Shaantanu and Adhvik lied to her…. Had they lied to her so that she would take the blame and could get away from their path…. Were her brothers so selfish that they let her take the punishment for something she was not even responsible, just in the name of family and relations…. She had understood Shaantanu was always selfish, but Adhvik, how could her Adhvik Bhai to this with her….

Mishti saw Pankhuri lost in her thoughts and kept her hand on her shoulder…. Pankhuri came out of her thoughts and looked at Mishti…. Tears filled Pankhuri’s eyes…. Pankhuri hugged Mishti and let her tears flow…. Mishti could understand Pankhuri’s state and caressed her back…. Others also felt bad seeing Pankhuri….

Pankhuri: How could they do this with me, they did not even think about me once, I was ready to be in prison for him and he did not even think of telling me the truth, how could Adhvik Bhai do this to me?

Mishti: Calm down Pankhuri, I know this isn’t easy for you to handle, but you have to be strong, we still have to fight. I know they are your brothers, your family and when family betrays you, it leaves wounds forever in our heart, but we have to hold our self together.

Mishti calmed down Pankhuri….

Hearing Mishti’s words Abir was reminded about what Kuhu had told him about Kunal…. Mishti was right, betrayal, when comes from our own family, kills you from inside…. However he had to keep himself strong, he had to get his answers from all of them…. Once this case was over, he would solve his personal matters also….


The game that had started was now bringing harsh truths in front of everyone, leaving them shocked….

What more was yet to be discovered, no one knew….


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So, Shaantanu has not killed Tia, and her killers are Tej and Shakti, and if it is so why would Shaantanu and Adhvik let Pankhuri take the blame and let her go to the prison? Will Arjun and the others are able to find Anika, Prachi, and Om on time, or will Shaantanu succeed in his evil motives? Will Adhvik become the reason for the failure of Tej, Shakti, Naren, and Shaantanu’s evil deeds?

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