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Love after being bestie!! #Riansh OS



So this OS was requested by stuti..hope you like this…




I am given my best….I don’t know it was upto your expectations or not.. cause I am burning with fever..I have started this to thought to complete..so pls forgive me if it is not upto you…


This story is in the form of narration which is done by Grandmother of Vanya


Author’s pov…


Vanya:- dadi pls countinue na!!


Grandmother:- okay so listen..


Around 23 years ago…your mom and dad..met in a grocery shop…

I was with your mom and your papa with your grandfather (Vansh’s dad)

And they came there to buy the same candy..

But it was only one left..

Both were stubborn they want from that shop only..

They start fighting…

Somehow your grandfather and I stop them..

They decided to decide who will get this through a race..

We were so excited to see what will happen now..so we took them to the garden..

They start the race but in between your mother fall and hurt her knee…it was bleeding very much..

And your father being kind hearted

He helped her did her first aid and gave that candy also..but your mother was not less..


They share it..this was there first meet…they become so good friend at a very nick of time Vansh’s father got transferred so he had to go..it was very difficult for them to forgot each other but u know time is the best Healer they forgot each other..


After 4 years everything was going fine your mom was really doing well…they again met..and you know at the same candy shop..

Vansh’s father get addmission for vansh in same school and luckily they were in same class…they once agin become besties but you know they don’t know that they see the same best friends…


After 2 years..they got to know that they are same….her Cupcake and his Sweetheart…


They were best friends…they did everything together..there bond was so strong..no one could break it…


And when they fell in love..they didn’t know that…


And it become at the same day they met…


It was there 4th year of college….


Flashback starts….


Riddhima:- Vansh Where are you lost..???


Vansh:- No where!


Riddhima:- Accha listen are you coming today at sejal’s engagement!


Vansh:- yes! Ofcourse afterall it’s my best friend’s friend’s engagement..


Riddhima:- okay! Waise bhi without you I will be bored..


Vansh:- okay! Bye I have to go..


Riddhima:- okay!!


He left..


Riddhima:- Something for sure there is…he is definitely hidding something from me..


Shrugging all the thoughts she went to her house…


At evening!


Sejal’s engagement..


Riddhima pov..

Don’t know where the hell he is waiting for him from past 1 hour…

Anne do isko..


When she saw Siya (Vansh’s sister)


Riddhima:- Siya where is Vansh..


Siya:- I saw him with Kabir..


Riddhima:- okay!


Riddhima’s pov.

What he is doing with that Kabir..I told him not to hang out with him..


Author’s pov..

I was searching him but couldn’t find him..when I spotted Kabir with his so called girlfriend..Ahana


Riddhima:- Kabir where is Vansh..


Kabir:- Vo.h.I don’t know..


Ahana:- I saw him in going upstairs..


Riddhima immidiately left..


Kabir:- why you told her..if she will know what I have done she will screw me..


Ahana:- let it be…


Here Riddhima was on the way..


Riddhima:- I am sure Kabir has done something that’s why he was stammering..


Riddhima saw Vansh was there in terrace..


Terrace was beautifully decorated..


Riddhima:- Vansh!!


Vansh turn to face Riddhima..


Vansh:- toh tum finally aa gayi?


Riddhima:- Hmm..what are you doing here…and why you were with Kabir..


Vansh:- What I am doing here is a secret and Kabir he was just irritating me as usual..


Vansh was swinging..


Riddhima:- Vansh what happened?


Vansh:- love!!


Riddhima:- huh??


Vansh:- Aree I am in love!


Riddhima was shocked..


Riddhima:- Vansh what are you saying are you in your senses!!


Vansh:- No I am in love.


Vansh was walking here and there with stamping..


Riddhima went towards him..


Riddhima:- Vansh are you drunk..??


Vansh:- No..you don’t know me…I don’t drink!!


Riddhima:- Kabir!!!

Vansh chalo let’s go..


Vansh:- I have done so much for you.decorated this place and you are saying let’s go?

Very bad!!


Riddhima:- Vansh you are not in your senses..

And why you have decorated this for me…


Vansh kneel down..


Vansh:- I am in my senses…Riddhima yes for u

I love you don’t know when and why but I love you

I love you!! Will you being my soul partner..will you always being my side?


Riddhima:- Vansh what are you saying..


Vansh:- I am saying Right… Riddhima it’s love only..


Riddhima slap Vansh and ran from there…


She reached home and directly went towards her room….


Flashback ends…


Vanya:- then dadi what happened??


Grandmother:- Nothing.. destiny!!


They got married!!


Vanya:- But how??


Grandmother:- This is still unknown to me…


Vanya:- But I want to know….


Grandmother:- So only one solution ask your mom and dad..


Vanya:- You know..then also..jao I am katti with you 😒


Grandmother:- When they will come you can ask..


Vanya:- but I have to wait


Grandmother:- sabar ka fal mittha hota h


Vanya:- okay!! With a heavy heart she closed her eyes and drift to sleep…


To be countinued…


As I said I am having fever so could write till here only..

Will try to post soon..


Want to know how they get married..

Stay tuned…


Sorry for grammatical mistakes if any…🤧🤒



Take care..

Don’t be careless like me..



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