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INTEQAAM – RiAnsh / RiHaan / RakSh + Kabutar FF : Episode #1 – REVELATION

Hey guys , I am with another story as I completed my previous SS , I posted 104 posts ,I am way too much happy for it and if you need money or party ask in the comment section 🙃🙃😏😏😏


There , now the story of this FF , is when , kabir told whole truth that riddima cane to spy on him , and vansh , jumps off the cliff, but , destiny and got wants him to live , so he got hanged up by the Cliff’s edge , just then he saw a blur figure , running and coming towards him , as the blurry figure came too much near him , he got shocked ,
and a tear rolled down from his eyes to cheeks , the face of the blurry person is , as you all thought , it’s riddima , he reminisced all his moments with her , from starting , while ishq mein marjawan 2 title song is playing in the background , their first meet , their fight at the cruise party , her attitude towards him , their dance in the episode 4 of the serial , and when he lifted her in his arms , their fights before the marriage , when he said , oops , announced their marriage , their engagement , sangeet , haldi , mehendi , and marriage , pheras they done , vansh’s plan confession after their marriage to riddima , his antics for the few days after the marriage , he dancing with her when he sended everyone to picnic , when she took the bullet , dadi’s words about riddima that she is ‘ SAVITRI ‘ , his care for her , helping her in wearing the mangal sutra and sindoor , tying her saree , hus care towards her when the chandelier was about to fall on her , he saying the word ‘ you are a magnet to problems’ , he getting more closer too her , both of them grinding the haldi , she getting in to the suitcase , and he , saving her , and hugging her and getting worried , dadi , making him realise his love , he , then making her getting ready for ishangre’s sangeet , after that , for ishangre’s marriage rituals , pandit saying to riddima to wear vermilion and nuptial chain , vansh again taking the words and making her wear the nuptial chain and vermilion by his hands once again , she , getting drunk , he , taking care of a childish riddima , her dupatta falling on both of her , he getting attracted to her , her legs getting burned by the coal , and he , caring for her , when he got poisoned , she , taking care of him , sleeping beside him hugging him , then saying her that he loves her in open hair , their karva chauth , and then once again doubting her , and breaking down in front her , then everything is fine , and his expressions changed to anger , pain , hatred , betrayed feeling ,

” Why do you came ?? , to kill me or to see me getting killed ?? ” he spoke sarcastically.

” vansh , listen to me once …….” she spoke while tears rolling continuously from her eyes .

” what should I listen riddima , I listened everything , now no more ” he spoke in a angry tone .

” vansh , I don’t know who said to you , but I wanted to say you my past before than them to you , I don’t know what they said to you , but I will say you everything now ” she spoke while controlling her flowing tears.

After taking a huge breath , she started speaking , but not before getting him up on the cliff ,

” I loved kabir before almost 1month , I proposed him , but , don’t know what’s in store for me , I wanted to live a simple life that too with kabir , but destiny played it’s card , I then , when I am going to propose him , came in front of your car , strange , that no persons , who are destined to be together , will meet that tragically , I nearly experienced my death , and I proposed him,
he said to me , that I will get all my answers today evening , I agreed to him , but as god wanted , when kabir left , I got a call from sejal , my best friend , as she is a part planner , she has to arrange parties , and that day , she said that , she has to arrange two parties on that day , and she said me to arrange your cruise party , as she said , I can’t deny , I somehow arranged your party , and , I think that day is the most important and special day of my life , after proposing him , after meeting you for two times , I got one more jolt , when he revealed himself as a police officer , I am awestruck , but still I understood his situation , again he gave another jolt by paying that could I help him in finding evidences against you , I agreed as I can’t say no to my love , I entered your life once again , and yes , you taught me as a spy , and tried hard to find out who is my partner
But still , you can’t , later , I started trusting you and I declared to kabir , that you are innocent , but still his proofs made me again doubt you , so what I does those mistakes , but , later ,……

Kabir came near them before she could speak further .

Riddima got angry and just slapped him .

” hmm , so you forgot me soo easily ?? ” kabir spoke .

” you liar , just your blo*dy mouth , consisting of f**king words ” she spoke in anger .

” you cheater , you betrayed me , now speaking soo innocently ?? , what are you thinking off yourself ?? ” she spoke in anger.

” I am soo foolish right ?? , that I trusted you to the core , I loved you whole-heartedly , that is what the biggest mistake of my life , hmm , let me understand why you came here , yeah , because you want to destroy my life , you want to make me lose my true love right ??,
you see , now you will start your drama , you will create a fake story for sure ” she spoke sarcastically .

” hmm , seems like you are in the verge to errupt like a volcano in anger ” kabir spoke.

” Dare you to touch my husband , as I am not in a condition to speak , don’t even think to break our relationship , now no more , I will not even give a chance to you to atleast make even your shadow fall on him ” she said giving him dagger looks

” hmm , if you are alive , my work will not be done , my wish will not be fulfilled” kabir said so , and immediately took a knife from his pocket .

Riddima doesn’t understand what he is up to ,

” What do you mean ” Vansh spoke breaking the ice of silence .

” I mean , ………….. ” kabir said ,

And the very next moment , he stabbed riddima , riddima is left startled , she took some time realize that she is stabbed , vansh is shocked by kabir’s sudden move ,
he holded riddima in his arms , he took her into his lap , for which riddima craved for , just then tears rolled down from riddima and vansh’s eyes .

PRECAP : Breakdown 

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