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If you allow me to ..( Short story) Episode 1

Episode starts with Riddhima sitting in the hall,and looking all aoud,she was scared,her panic was shown visible on her face,she was breathing deeply,trying to calm her down,she laid back on sofa,ent her knees,and put her earpods,started istening music,closing her eyes she was trying to distract her mind,but to her amazement,msic which brought her out of every miserable condition,was not working today.
She kept her mobile away and started moving to her room,she entered,and as she hoped,her bhabhi ,and mother,were busy,in assembling her dress,She sat on bed ,gazing at them ,silently.Her bhabhi turned and from her eyes it was clear that she was telling her to get ready fast as it is getting late,Riddhima looked down,before her bhabhi could say anything,her mother started ,
Uma: Riddhima,I am not getting ,that how stubborn you can be? Will you sit in front of them,in these ...these tshirt lower set? Will you look too good?
Riddhima : Ma...I ,
Her bhabhi smiled and sat near her.
Shikha: Riddhi,listen bacha,its not a big deal.Every girl has to go through this phase.Just relax and get ready fast.
Riddhima nodded hardly.
Her mother left,saying contnously,that this girl won;t ever change and how long I will handle this situation.
Shikha: Why are you so sad?Aree...alliance is not yet fixed.It's not your vidayijust they are coming to see you.
Riddhima: I know bhabhi,but I don't know,I am not yet ready.To come in front of them,I know,when I will face off them,I will drop the tea on the boy,you know how much I shiver in front of anyone,I know my hands will ,,,
Saying so her eyes got filled in panic ,her bhabhi hugged her to make her calm.
Shikha: Riddhi..we all will be there.Its not a interview,its just an alliance,both families will be present there,you just keep calm sweet child.
Riddhima: But bhai,I won't go in alone with the boy,bhabhi I know I won't be able to talk properly...
Shikha:Shh..its fine.Relax,we will see the situation,now go and wear this dress fast,they would be coming anytime soon.
Riddhima could see her bhabhi going,she heard her father ,downstairs,instructing all her family members as howto behave in front of the family,and how big alliance it is.She coul hear all the rustle downstairs,everyne were busy in their own preprations,only she was the one,who was just given the responsibility to sit bak and get ready only.But she was the most scared one,because she was going to be the epicenter for all.
She laid back and covered her ears with the pillow,closing her eyes,her heart was beating so fast,she was getting red,feeling as if she is going to get a panic attack.

Precap: Riddhima is given the tea tray by her mother,she was shivering.

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